He walked into the clean store, apprehensive on what to expect. It’s his first time on such a fetish store, on vacations away from home, and finally, expecting to indulge on his fetish after a lifetime of shame and self-prejudice.

“Hello, can I help you?”, the clerk said in a welcoming smile, of someone way too used to this situation for her taste. She could spot a closeted rubberist a mile away, and they all said the same…  wait, wait… ah, here it comes: “I’m just browsing”, he said. She smile and decided to give him some room to pick whatever he wanted, pay, and rush out before she could say goodbye.

Nervous, he started to wander into the deepest corridors, the ones with a stronger smell of raw industrial rubber items. Full body catsuits, doll suits, torpedo tits, everything made his mind race, and his cock harden inside his pants. Without noticing, his progress was being followed by a hidden camera on the ceiling, and inside the manager’s office by the owner himself. He smiled; following the visitor first, to make sure this is a good candidate for the training.

He kept roaming the cabinets and hangers, until stopping on a dark metal cabinet, with some of the most extreme items on the shop inside. Kept apart from the rest, in a implicit warning to take care with what you wish for. A full doll suit, with electric stimulation devices, fake pussy and sheathed anal openings. Extreme ballet heeled boots, locked over the legs. A very strict, bizarre looking corset, with mechanical, clockwork-like devices that seemed to have been designed to lock, but never unlock, and keep pressing. None of the items had a price tag, they were all in display, for anyone to touch and feel. His hands caressed it all, on a dream-like state, rubbing the fingers in and out of every shiny wet hole. The owner decided it was time to come down from His room, and he told the clerk she could take the rest of the day out. When the visitor came back with a few simple inexpensive items, it was the owner who greeted him, a tall slim guy, dressed in a very androgynous way in rubber.

“I’m happy you have made your selection. Was there anything you’d like that you couldn’t find?”, the owner asked in a sweet but dominating voice.

“Uh… no”, was the reply, as a shaking hand was offering a credit card, in a sign he didn’t want this contact to last any further.

The owner proceeded with the payment, and placed all items inside a simple box, without any signs if came from the fetish store, but he also added a bonus gift, knowing someone like that would never resist trying it on… and that’s all he needed to happen. And then, he would have his doll candidate. Or better yet, Madame Felicia would. The visitor barely noticed the perverted nature of the smile, but couldn’t help feeling turned on by it.


He got back to his hotel room without trouble. He jumped in the first cab, and just passed on the address and asks the driver to hurry. The driver, knowing better than anyone, just drove to the hotel, knowing there was another pervert who was dying to try on something he did just buy. He just paid the driver twice what he asked, without looking, and rushed into his hotel room, as if everyone could see what was inside the plain, brown box he was just carrying. After that, he threw the box on his bed, and stripped naked. He closed all windows and curtains, and made sure the door was locked, and no one would come in. He was alone now, finally, for the most waited moment.

He opened the box, and took out the items he got on the shop. He got a pair of gloves, a tube of silicone lube, a latex hood and panties with a bra. All in simple, black rubber. But, there was an additional item in the box. A special set of pussy panties, made from very thick rubber, in skin tone. Inside, there was a rubber cock sheath for his cock and balls to go in, along with a rubber tube-like plug, which would go in his anus. Inside, the lining was all red rubber, outside, skin tone, with a very pink pussy, which, he imagined, would caress his cock, once penetrated by someone. His cock, which was already straining with excitement, almost jumped from touching it. He took this item before any other one, and lubed it profusely. Then, he stopped for a second; this is just like the same rubberdoll outfit he saw on the shop. What if a clerk got fired from that mistake? This looks like something very expensive. “Well, I can always use it for a bit, and return it later saying it was a mistake. After I wash, who’s going to know?” he said to himself. He proceeded lubing it, and slide it between his legs, guiding every bit to his well fucked ass, already fit by years of lonely dildo play, and his cock and balls into the sheath, which brought him so close to an orgasm, he had to stop for a second, before finishing. This was a dream. He looked at himself on the mirror, and smiled at his smooth clearance. Carelessly, he put on the bra and the gloves, forgetting about the boring, regular panties, really giving room to the idea of keeping those, this is not harming anyone, and it’s their problem if they mistakenly placed extra things on his order. It’s a big fetish line of stores all over the world anyway. Who’s going to miss these panties anyway?

The idea of traveling with these on, of not taking them of, was starting to set in, and turn him on even further. He needed these on… it felt so right and delicious. He finished dressing in a hurry, and started to stroke his new pussy with one of his favorite vibrating dildoes. The vibration started to play its way on his hard cock, which was soaking the cock sheath with his precum, which oozed down from the pussy lips, revealing there is a connection between both. He was morning louder and louder, wanting someone was there to dominate him, to make him into a bitch, a slut. His hands crawled into his toy bag, and retrieved another dildo, which she shoved into his new rubber ass. The dildo did slid in, as the first one, and he started riding both like a whore in heat. His nipples, sensitive to the new latex around them, were adding to his pleasure, as his cock grew closer and closer to an orgasm, that didn’t come now, because something on these wonderful panties, was managing to slow it down. Whenever he was close to an orgasm, his cock went a bit numb and tight, only to give him room to start riding again, a higher ladder.

Back on the office, the shop owner was smiling at a small remote on his hands, playing with two levers and watching the numbers appear on the liquid crystal screen. He smiled at the invisible game being played. He was having way too much fun with this. So, why not go all the way? With that in mind, and a wicked smile, he pressed a 8 digit code on the console and entered the numbers with a sounding beep.

He was growing closer and closer to a climax, but again, he was frustrated at that. His body was drenched in sweat, after almost an hour of effort; ramming the fat dildoes in and out his new love holes. He never felt so good, and so much pleasure in his entire life, loving every second of his new rubber life. His moans were echoing down the hall, but in lower season, there was no one to complain about it. He was like a complete rubber slut now, wishing there was someone to fuck her like this, and use her like in all the rubber stories she reads, and all the virtual Doms and Dommes she has. Somewhere in the pleasure, she starts seeing her as a girl, with a mouth, an ass and a sweet rubber pussy to be fucked relentlessly by these rubber invaders. She was so close, SO CLOSE…. Suddenly, an intense wave of pleasure started to fill her, her whole pelvis, her cock, her ass, were burning with a steaming hot pleasure. She shot her cum inside her rubber sheath, and it started drooling out her pussy lips, feeling like a man was fucking her and was now leaving his juices in her. Her screams were audible all over the building, but ceased right after, as she collapsed, a girlish guttural scream, made from the unique pleasure rubber can give. As she passes out on the floor, she fails to realize the panties are really warming up, and some faint sounds can be heard from inside of it, as well as a faint chemical smell in the air. Madame Felicia smiles joyfully, on the other side of the city.

The slut woke up completely spent from the orgasm. She cleaned the drool over her lips, and got a glass of water to drink. She looked down at the mess she made, the furs from the carpet floor sticking to her sweaty body. She should take a shower, and clean up, but a sudden desire to pee flooded her body. She ran to the toilet faster than she could think, and tried to remove the panties, but even if she could clearly see the color difference between the rubber and her skin, she couldn’t find the opening. She felt with her fingernails, hunting for a slack to pull the panties of, but one couldn’t be found. Before she could even think about it, she just knew she HAD to pee, and let go of the thick stream of yellow liquid, that came down from between her legs. She smiled, somewhat thanking the fact the cock sheath had a connection to the rubber pussy. But it was weird that she couldn’t find their opening. She stripped of the gloves and panties, and stepped into the shower, again, looking for the opening, but she gave up as the warm water was just too good, and she couldn’t help but caress the slick rubber pussy lips under the stream of soapy water. She was marveled at how good the pink rubber pussy lips looked on her skin, the skin-toned shiny latex. Her mind raced at the idea of her whole body being covered in that, with gigantic rubber boobs, and being nothing but a slut doll to please others. She started feeling lustful again, but her cock didn’t get hard. Instead, much precum started to flow down her pussy lips. She started to shove her fingers in her rubber pussy, when suddenly, she came back to reality, the panties weren’t coming of, she couldn’t even feel the sheath between her shecock and the rubber pussy walls. Scared, she raced off the shower, and to the bed. She tried from all openings; find a way to have the panties ease from her body. She imagined some kind of glue was keeping it against her skin, but she would have noticed that while putting on, the red rubber was just instead, well lubed, shiny and smooth.

She decided to head back to the shop, when she noticed it should be closed at this time. It was past midnight, and there was a huge fetish party in town. She sat on the bed, frowning, when she noticed a small black card; with a phone number written in white letters in it. As she touched it, a strange pleasure started to flood her body, coming obviously from the panties. It was nothing like she felt before, no vibrations or movements, just something that reminded her of an electric current, working directly into her pleasure points, making her moan.  She still wasn’t getting hard, but she was horny, and again, leaving a sweet smelling trail of precum on the bed. She got the hotel phone, and after getting an outside line, she dialed in the number.

Madame Felicia’s cell phone rang, and she smiled. She turned the call off, just for fun.

The slut got the busy sign on her ear, and the pleasure coming from her panties was starting to become quite overwhelming. Like a slut, she dialed in the number again, almost moaning on each number, working it as a purely erotic gesture.

Madame Felicia saw the number again on her display. This time, she accepted the call. “Hello slut”, Madame said. The slut on the other side, started caressing her rubber pussy, moaning like a bitch in heat, rolling on the bed, with the phone glued to her ear, like a source of infinite pleasure. “Hmmmmmmmmm, hello”, she answered. “That’s not a proper reply, slut. You should ALLWAYS address me as Madame, Madame Felicia or Mistress”, and Madame hung up the phone.

The busy sound hit her slut ears like a bullwhip, making her feel desperately eager to please. She dialed in, unaware of the strangeness of those emotions flooding her, as the lust played her mind in all the correct places. Busy again. She needed that voice, she couldn’t be without that voice, as that voice deepened the pleasure in ways she couldn’t describe in words, but was unlike anything she felt before.  She dialed again, fast this time, no erotic grace on dialing.  Madame Felicia accepted it once more.

“Hello slut…” Madame said.

“Hello Madame Felicia…”, slut said, almost purring on the other side in sheer submissive pleasure.

“Well slut, I see you’ve found my gift on your box, and you have tried it on. Do you enjoy my gift, slut?” Madame said, as she raised a lever on her control, knowing precisely what the result is.

“Yessssssssssssss Madame Felicia… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, she purred.

“Good girl… come back to the shop. You’ll walk down a back alley and will ring a buzzer on a heavy metal door on the warehouse. You won’t tell anyone where you’re going, just leave the keys on the hotel reception as usual. I’m expecting you in 30 minutes, don’t be late or there will be punishments”. Madame hung up.

A peak of pleasure has the slut moaning again, as some white cum falls from her pussy on the floor. She instinctively touches it, and another wave of pleasure takes her before she can realize it, making her feel she should like it. She savors every drop of her own cum, until her rubber pussy is whipped clean that way. Then, she stands and dresses herself, in her ugly boy clothes, and goes out the door. She leaves the keys at the reception, and calls in for a cab. As she instructs the driver, the hotel people see the vehicle disappear on the dark, rainy night. They only noticed a different sway on that guest’s hips, and a more feminine tone of voice and walk. But again, many people are this weird when they come to Amsterdam.