“Are you sure this is the correct address?” I  ask the cab driver, as I close the passenger’s door. My heels sink in the muddy road, while I try to regain balance on this far-off location.

“Yes miss, the address you gave me, 189 North Pineroad. It will be 80 pounds.”

I look back at the medium sized house, on the middle of vast fields of green, and pay the driver, who takes a U turn and heads back to the city. I lift my case and do my best to walk it to the short stone covered passageway that leads to the front door. At least now I have some more stability. When I’m on the middle of my way, the door opens and a very tall, black, shiny creature emerges, silentfuly staring at me with its glassy eyes. It has huge breasts, resembling torpedoes, and a perfect shiny black face, walking gracefully on what must be 6” heeled boots without problems. I can spot an inflating pump falling from its bum, as well as a hard shiny rubber cock pointing at me from it’s pelvis. Wearing a very restrictive shiny black corset and neck corset, this creature exudes an aura of sexuality so powerful, I feel my knees tremble. This is more than I had expected from the talks on the internet and over the phone. This is more than what the photos and videos could have suggested, more than what the lonely training sessions under the witnessing eyes of an internet camera could have promised.
It picks the case with its right hand, and lifts it without problem. The creature looks at me with its shiny black eyes, and moves back into the house. I follow. At each step, I struggle on controlling the heat that burns inside of me, and the fear that seems to take over my soul. A strong scent of rubber comes from the open door to greet me, making me almost drop to my knees right there, right now. I start to wonder what did I put myself into, but some warm feeling gets hold of my body and makes me move forward. I enter the door, and halt, in the middle of the room. A tall goddess, with no hair and huge breasts encased in white latex, with a white hood molded to her face and features, with a shiny metal “1” engraved on her posture collar, is looking at me, from the top of her ballet booted height. She’s dressed like the first creature, but she emanates dominance, and wearing a far more restrictive outfit, with a far narrower waist, and obviously surgically altered body. Her lips, as she parts them in a smile at seeing me, seem to be perfect for a blow up doll, engorged and filled to the limit, red and glossy beyond belief. My own lips part, as my shock becomes apparent.

“Welcome trainee” she says. I’m still staring, silent, dumbfounded, shocked and charmed by her. “Would you be nice and close the door behind you?”.

I wake up from the spell, nod, and close the door. It locks itself instantly, scaring me a bit. I look back to her to see a smile, and more creatures, similar to the first one, gathering around her, all looking at me. One picks my case and takes it away into a corridor. They all also have various numbers engraved on their posture collars, which they all wear, most black, some red, two purple ones. The suits are single colored, matching the collars, and I can see at least 20 rubber dolls here, on this main room.

“As you may have already have noticed, I am 1. I’m the supreme Rubber Doll Slut Queen on this hive, and the only one entitled to use the self identity designation of “I”. These are the other dolls in the making or running this hive with me. As you will be in the future, they are all assigner ranks, marked by color, and numbers, to make identification easier. They will take you to the cleansing room, so you can be ready for your new life here.”

“New life? “ I ask scared, like the person who got what they wished for, and what she wished for was way more than what she really had in mind.

“Yes, we discussed it on length, you passed the admission tests and did initial rubber training under my supervision, until I deemed you were ready for admission into the purity of the hive. Isn’t that correct?”

I nod, not knowing what to say, not wanting to say I did really think the whole idea for me was a bit crazy, and what I expected to find was a nice rubber couple wanting to play for a weekend.

“Then, it’s done. Here we all consider ourselves genderless. Dolls are units, even I, exist to please, and was trained to please and worship my owners. Here, you will complete your training as such, and will work for the hive as one of our units, as the hive sees fit. I already received the design requirements for you, and I must say you will be happy, as they conform to your fantasies and dreams. 25?” she says, looking to one of the black dolls, with a shiny 25 engraved on the collar, which moves closer. “25 will take you into the cleansing room. Don’t worry about your traveling gear, it was a good idea to make people think you were traveling; we will dispose of it properly. I want unit 134 brought to me when its finished the cleansing cycle.”, she said to 25, which only nodded.

They disbanded and 1 walked up a nearby stairway. 25 walked towards me and grabbed me by my hand. “Come with this unit, sister 134.”

I am still speechless, so, I follow for now. 25 walks with me towards a wall, and slides a panel sideways, revealing an elevator, made of shiny steel plates, with numbers from 1 to 8, but in reverse order. “The hive is an underground complex. This unit isn’t sure how many hives do exist around the glove, but this is only a training complex.” she says as she presses the number 5 and the elevator starts moving downwards. “The level 5 is the cleansing level of this hive, where all units are brought first for preparation. You have already taken some initial measures, but now the full cleansing will take place before you are sealed in your first isolation suit.

The elevator gets to a halt, and the door opens, showing a room that transpires clean. White tiles cover all walls, the ceiling and the floor, and some white strong lighting comes from some of the ceiling tiles. Drains can be seen on every part of the room, and a smell of detergent and other strong chemicals almost makes me nauseated. 25 seems to feel nothing at all, as she takes me inside.

“No!” I say, when I see a shiny, alien looking chair device in the middle of the room, with straps and tentacle-like tubes springing from it, all shiny and inviting. They make my body twist in desire, but I’m more scared than turned on here, I just want out!

Number 25 turns to me, shocked.

“Number 134 must comply with cleansing, now”

“No, I don’t, I want to get out of here!” I shout, as I run back, towards the elevator, which closes shut before I can get to it. The shiny metallic button on the wall ignores my requests.

“I have seen your act, number 134. Number 25, prepare the cleansing machine, I’m sending units 87 and 33 to aid you in securing number 134 for the cleansing session. Then, get her ready as a cunt-hole doll in my chambers. She will have a first hand experience in what being a true rubberdoll unit means.” said 1, on hidden speakers.

Number 25 only nods, and walks towards a control panel on the chair, tapping in some control codes, while the elevator door opens again, and two other dolls, one red and one black, emerge and walk towards me. I try to run away, but the rubber hobble skirt I’m wearing and the mud on the heels makes me stumble and fall to the slick floor. Those were Number 1’s choices for what I should wear, a catsuit, long gloves, 5” heeled boots and a rubber corset. They pick me and drag me to the chair, regardless of my protesting and fighting.

“NO! Let me go! Let me go!!!!!” I shout, as they pin me down, and 33 starts cutting my suit away with a blade. Left fully naked, they get me again and toss me into a cylindrical chamber, with transparent walls.

“Number 134 must closes it’s eyes now”, 33 said, while pressing a button. I hammer the Plexiglas tube with both fists, not even shaking it, when vapors start building up in the chamber. My eyes sting, and the pain start getting all over my skin. I fall to my knees, hands covering my eyes, while the acid vapors give place to an acid shower, washing away all my hairs and part of my skin. Then, a warm soothing shower, washing away the acid substance… my eyes still burn, I open them to see my reflection on the Plexiglas, bald, hairless, not even eyebrows or eyelids. My skin, sore and pink, my eyes reddened. A fan starts blowing a hot wind into the chamber from below, drying my whole body. The door opens by the time I’m dry, and both dolls lift me from the ground. I feel dizzy, but still protest. They simply toss me into the chair and bind me tightly around my wrists and ankles.

“Commence internal cleansing”, number 33 says to number 25, who taps some codes on the keyboard, as number 87 places a gag with a tube in my mouth, and number 33 inserts a colonic balloon into my ass. Something lowers from the ceiling, looking like another chair, but inverted, towards me. Once in place, its “seat” inflates along with the chair I’m locked in, and both secure me in place, in a very tight inflatable bondage. I’m lost in an inflatable sea of rubber bondage, when warm liquid starts being forced into my ass, filling my colon to its limits. I’m no stranger to enemas, but this one feels different, forming a continuous flow, pumping water in and out of me. At the same time, some thick good starts to dripple into my mouth. The taste was good, almost too good to be true, but it was thick, and I was scared. I tried to block it’s passage with my tongue, but it was of no use, it kept crawling into my mouth, filling it, and moving down my throat, making me gulp it, afraid to choke. This liquid, where it went, coated me from inside, I could feel it creating a sheath over my insides….

This went on for hours… my colon being filled and emptied of all traces of anything, while this thick goo moved inside of me, relentlessly coating me, pushing all food, anything inside of me towards my ass, to be drained by the colonic cleansing. I am panicking, this can’t be natural, this can’t be real. Finally, I feel the goo finishing it’s journey into my colon, and after a while, after it coats my colon and asshole as well, water is pumped inside of me, towards my mouth. I can feel it filling and running inside of me, and be sure my whole digestive system is now encased in some sort of rubber coating. The pressure subsides from the inflatable chamber, and the upper part is raised.

Number 33 comes to my mouth and opens it, inspecting it. She smiles and nods to both numbers 87 and 25, who proceed on strapping me. I am filled with water, and as number 87 deflates the colonic balloon from my ass, it starts flowing. I feel sicker than I have ever been on my entire life. I try speaking, but no sound comes out. My vocal cords are also coated in rubber. I can only manage to look at number 33, who opens her mouth, showing me a black shiny rubber tongue and mouth, with what now I see as white rubber teeth.

“This is just an initial cleansing procedure, number 134, later on your traning, your body modifications will include the removal of your teeth and replacement for rubber teeth like those of this unit, for proper cock sucking”.

I was terrified, but too exhausted to complain. My mouth felt weird, numb, the rubber coating preventing me from feeling anything. Once free, I push my fingers inside, and yes, all is covered in rubber, my teeth included.

“Now, it’s time to prepare number 134 as a cunt-hole doll unit”, number 33 said to both other dolls. They lift me from the chair, back into the elevator, and press the number 4 button. Once the door opens, they drag me into what seems to be a dressing room, with tons of racks of rubber items and clothes. The smell starts getting to me again, it’s so more intense on this room than on any other room I have been into this far. They take me to a bench, and quickly pick some very thick black rubber items from the racks.
First, they lube my whole body, and then force me into a very thick rubber catsuit. I’m not surprised this one seems to have been made just to my exact measurements, but extremely tight fitting. It has it’s own gloves, feet and a hood that is exactly like the one of numbers 87 and 25. The rubber mouth connects to my lips, encasing me completely, as a rubber tube is inserted in my ass. I still move and try to complain, but my life energy has been completely drained so far, I am nothing more than a rubber rag doll for them to dress as they want. The suit has huge rubber tits that go over mind, pressing against them. They are so inflated I feel the pressure against my own tits and chest. My cock also goes in an insert on the suit, and a catheter into my clitty. I notice the suit is never zippered close, but they close it with some sort of device that seals me completely in. My head now is on rubber darkness as the lenses are foggy, and my hearing is reduced. My nostrils have rubber tubes in them, and I can only smell rubber.

Over the suit, 33 starts placing a posture collar around my neck. Once it place, I hear a lock device going on, tightening it, so my neck is very stiff. Meanwhile, number 25 places a corset goes around my waist, so long that I notice it covers my clitty with a solid, black rubber shield, making touching myself impossible. Number 87 finishes placing my feet into thigh high ballet boots, so causing great pain as my toes fit into the constricted space. They lace me as tight as they can, to painful extents, and move away again. I cannot look around anymore, and if I could, I would also see nothing. I just feel mittens being placed over my gloved fingers, and inflated, and afterwards I am lifted and taken inside what seems to be another rubber suit. They dress me, but it forces me to stay in all fours, in a doggy position.

“Unit 33 wishes unit 134 didn’t have displeased Unit 1 like that. Now Unit 134 will have to face a very stern discipline training for a unit so new. Now 134 will understand what being a rubberdoll is really about, pleasing others, yourself and your pleasure is of no relevance, learn this”, 33 said, while I heard an electric pump go on. The suit started inflating around me, and started lifting me from the ground. It started building pressure, forcing me into that position. If I were outside, I would see a ball forming. On one side, you could a hole where my mouth is, and a nose, with two blank rubber eyes. A rubberdoll’s face, emerging from the black rubber ball; while the other, my ass, ready for use. There, the cheeks, were delimiting where the ball ends, leaving my asshole open and gapping.

Once the inflation is complete, they simply roll me back into the elevator, and lead me into Unit 1’s chambers.

“Well, well, you three can leave. I will use unit 134 now”, unit 1 said. After the other units leave, unit 1 speaks again. “You should be very proud today, unit 134. It’s not always that I select a unit so fresh and untrained for a task such as this, but it seems you had second doubts about your inclination as a doll… while I don’t. You will become a rubberdoll, unit 134, one of the best units I had trained. In case you wonder, your specifications are those of an AnalQueen RubberDoll, a doll unit trained as the perfect anal slut for they Dominant’s pleasures. You were previously a pre-op TS, and you had quite an obsession on anal training, so, we see no reason why not to use that for our best interest, to achieve your full potential”, she grins, inserting a well lubbed finger inside my ass, lubbing it… then, also lubbing my mouth, gagged in an O shape by the ball suit.

“The hive is maintained by patrons… very rich, powerful men and women, who created and ran the hive. Their first experiments were with willing subjects such as myself, one of the first doll units produced. I was also a TS like you, but have been enhanced beyond genders now. I am a doll, and so you will become. Today, we have five male patrons to please, and you, my dear novice, will serve as their pleasure receptacle, and learn what it means to be a doll.”

Five strong, muscular rubbermen, stood from their chairs. Their bodies, shining under the lights, all in white latex suits, all having huge black rubber cocks, bigger than any plug or dildo I could have ever imagined.

“You see, the technology developed here, was also used to perfect themselves into what they wanted to be. Meet the Masters. I wish you could see, because this is quite a sight”, Unit 1 said.

“So, this is the new unit… good, good, 1, you have been the good slut you have always been”.

“Thank You Master”, unit 1 said in a submissive slut’s voice that surprised me.

“She’s still a bit tight”, another men said, grinning.” Maybe we should dilate her first.”

I feel the thickest plug ever in my life, being forced into my ass. I shout, but no sound comes out. A thick cock, thicker than a horse, comes into my mouth, hurting my jaw and lips. It’s hard as a rock, but also, slides in easily, forcing it’s way in. I know this is a real cock, coated in rubber, somehow, the smell is mixed of rubber and cock. It starts turning me on, to have this rubber intruder in my mouth, despite the pain. The plug in my ass is then, slowly inflated.

“Oh, it’s hurting her…. Gooood…. It makes her slutty’s mouth go stronger on my cock.”, the man on my mouth says. I feel so submissive somewhat. My body doesn’t move… and something inside of me broke free, making me enjoy this… making me hornier… I no longer fight the intruders, now I just surrender. They round around me, waiting for their turns.

“Slut 1, keep us pleased while they use the new slut. Assume position.”, one of them commanded to 1, who crawled to his cock and went on all fours, whispering a sensual submissive “Yes Master D”.  She started sucking Master D, while being fucked in her ass and pussy by another Dom, and stroking a fifth one with her right hand.

The Master on my ass kept inflating my ass, to the ripping point… then, deflated the plug, and inserted His cock… ohhhhhhhhhhh… it’s SO big, but it went right on the right places inside of me… making me feel SOOO good… I noticed, I started referring to these men as Masters…. I try to fight, regain myself… but the sensations of pain and pleasure are just too big… I drift in a space of mine nothing else exists, but the two cocks inside of me. They are so big, I do nothing but accept, my muscles so distended they can’t seem to close of move. I am nothing but two holes, embedded in a rubber ball, unable to speak or see or complain or move.  First, the Master in my mouth shoots his cum inside of me. I barely feel it sliding down my mouth and my throat, due to the coating… next, it’s the Master in my ass. I feel a sudden sense of fulfillment that makes me whole, and I breathe calmly.

“Oh, no little one, the night won’t end this easily” Master D says, smiling, as the other Masters simply roll me for him and Unit 1 let’s his huge cock go. “Slut 1, please, teach this new slut what it’s like to be designed to be an AnalQueen Slut Doll!”.

Unit 1 just nods, leaving her position, and covers her hands on lots of lubricant, and shove one inside my ass, slowly, but firmly, and pain takes over again, as Master D puts his cock into my mouth now, and another Master starts fucking Unit 1 in her ass. Her moans start filling the room, and her caress inside of me, despite the pain, make me let go of all inhibitions and accept her inside of me. Yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!! The heat builds in my heart, making me more wanting, as I realize, there is nothing left for me to do, than accept and enjoy. And cherish this gift of utter kinky pleasures.

One by one, they fucked my mouth and ass, one by one, they fisted me and Unit 1, and we both performed well, our own pleasure being meaningless, compared to the pleasure on serving Masters themselves. After several hours of endless penetration, the Masters left for their quarters, and Unit 1 released me from the ball. I just lay there, unable to move, my holes so distended it was beyond pain, my ass still gapping open, and my jaw making me doubt I will ever be able to close it again. She kisses me in my gapping mouth.

“You will make one find doll, 134. Don’t try to fool me, I know You enjoyed every bit of it.”

I nodded.

“You will accept you are a doll from now on, won’t you?”

I nodded again, rubbing my rubbery head against her hand, as she caressed my bald form.

“You will be a good doll, won’t you?”

I would be purring by now, if my mouth and vocal chords worked.

“Good girl. Number 12 will take you to rest and heal, your indoctrination starts tomorrow.”

She stood and walked away, as another doll, with a shiny 12 embedded on her collar came and picked number 134, who once was me, but now is a doll unit like the others, like number 1, existing just to please our Masters as the slut pleasure dolls we are.

The End.