I wake up with the sensation of a thick goo invading my mouth. How long has this been? I cannot remember, time has lost its meaning a while ago. It tastes exactly like male sperm, and I cannot stop it from filling my mouth, sliding over my tongue, filling me with the taste and smell of white cum, and working it’s way into my tummy. I try to cover the rubber tube passing through my lips with my tongue, but my effort is useless. After the goo have stopped flowing, a thick dildo enters my mouth, and starts pumping against my tongue and later, the back of my throat. When my gag reflex starts acting, I realize more intruders are entering my every hole. It hurts, as they force their way into me, carelessly ramming my body with force, and pulsing with lust.

I’m afraid to open my eyes, too scared to see what’s outside, if darkness or something else. My hands and legs, my torso and neck, kept rigid by some bondage unknown to me. My every inch of skin used to feel hot and itchy, but no longer. I know I am wrapped in some kind of cocoon, a suit that is slowly becoming me, or I am becoming the suit. And my ears are filled with commands of profanity, desire and surrender. Like snakes, the words swirl into my mind, echoing wetness in my holes, making me want to open, making me want to stop fighting. Ordering me to become.
I open my eyes, images flash over me. Cocks, made of rubber, or coated by rubber, oozing cum, shooting high in the air, making the rubber snakes inside my body react by also shooting their load in me. I feel it burn, with pleasure, as if some drug had been injected into the core of my soul, making me feel lightheaded, dependant, easy. My resistances drop now, I actively suck and fuck, I accept and welcome each intruder, as they drive inside of me, my tongue eager to probe the rubber cock inside my mouth. Now, color patterns take shape before me, my eyes, drawn to it. The commands become stronger, as the patterns make me accept them. Become what they want me to become.

“You are a doll”

I am a doll.

“You are a pleasure thing”

I am a pleasure thing.

“Embrace lust”

I embrace lust.

“Embrace what you become. Welcome the pleasure and sensations that being a doll gives you”

I welcome the pleasure and sensations that being a doll gives me. I feel the invaders become thicker and thicker, longer and longer, as if I no longer had any internal organs, but only big wonderful vaginas. No longer a mouth or ass, just pussies to take those monstrous intruders deep inside of me.

Suddenly, a rush of sensations starts to flow inside of me, along a strong feeling of not having a body at all. Like I am no longer made of flesh, like my body could be ripped or pierced with no pain, just pleasure. Just this immense pleasure and sense of belonging. Being filled becomes a proper, natural feeling. I feel my heels extending to increasing heights, I feel my breasts encased becoming one with their encasement, growing, expanding, filling with liquid, my nipples protruding outrageously while my pussies suck and fuck their rubber guests.

“You are a pleasure unit. Accept”

I am a pleasure unit. I accept. The lights before of me guide my path. The flash, and at every sequence, words form into my mind, images shape in the back of my head and stay. Less I care about who I was, and only about who I am. A pleasure unit. I accept.

“You are a rubber doll”

I am a rubber doll.

“A rubber doll is the ultimate pleasure unit. Accept”

I am a rubber doll. A rubber doll is the ultimate pleasure unit. I accept. I am the ultimate pleasure unit.

“Your every hole is a pleasure device. Your every member is a pleasure device. You are the ultimate pleasure unit. Comply”

My every hole is a pleasure device. My every member is a pleasure device. I am the ultimate pleasure unit. I comply. I work my hands, in their encasement, as if they were wet and ready to please. My feet, now skyscraper high, are ready to seduce, torment and release. My every hole is a glorious pleasure device, to grant pleasure to… I don’t know who, I don’t care who I will please, as I flow in ethereal pleasure.

“Your body and skin are pure rubber. Your eyes are made of rubber. You are always encased in rubber, layers of it, to protect the core of your being from the harsh exterior.”

My body and skin are pure rubber. My eyes are rubber. That makes sense now. My lungs, my every organ is made of rubber. Suddenly I feel I should encase myself more and more, to completely protect my body from the harsh exterior, that could damage such a exquisite pleasure unit as myself.

“You no longer have your opinion. Opinions are for humans. You are a doll”

I am a doll.

“You think as you are instructed to think. You agree with you are asked to agree. You always agree with the instructions given to you.”

I am a doll, I think as I am instructed to think. I agree with what I am asked to agree. I always agree with every instruction I receive.

“You are genderless. You are nameless.”

I am genderless. I am nameless.

“The configuration of your pleasure devices means nothing. Dolls have no gender. You exist to please all. You refuse no command. You desire to please. Comply”

The configuration of my pleasure devices means nothing. Dolls have no gender. I exist to please all. I refuse no command. I desire to please. I comply

“You eager every second, in lust, to serve and obey every human you see. You obey above all any Master or Mistress who requests you to obey. Comply.”

Images of strong rubbermen and sexy rubberwomen fill my eyes… or are those images appearing directly on my mind now? The colors are stronger now, flashing faster and faster, I gaze inside the hurricane of concepts, unbound and unprotected, it feeds the core of my soul, if I have one, a rubbery one. Lust explodes inside of me, I fight the bondage that keeps me away from serving the serpents that lurk inside my body. My lust grows more and more, in my mind filled with images of subservience and surrender.

I live to obey and serve every human I see.

I love rubber, I worship rubber. I am made of rubber and am a creature who exists to serve and obey in rubber, my rubber superiors. Above all, I should obey with lust and desire, unbound in my need to serve, any Master or Mistress that requests I obey.

My gagged mouth says ‘I comply’, muffled by the intruders, fucking me in all my pleasure devices.

“You are doll unit 19”

I am doll unit 19.

“You are doll unit 19. Comply”

The pleasure increases, to a point reason no longer exists… any sense of being or id is gone now… this girl… no… I….

“You are doll unit 19. Comply”

The rubber cocks gush another flow of hot goo inside of me… the lights flash harder and brighter… me… this girl… me…. Unit 19…. Me…. I….

”You are doll unit 19. Comply”

Pleasure beyond belief takes over unit 19’s body… unit 19 tries to speak…

“Unit 19 complies”

Unit 19’s body explodes in something beyond orgasms, beyond the sense of pleasure itself. An eternity passes in mere moments, and the unit’s body collapses without conscience.

“Rubber Doll Indoctrination Sequence Z-9A completed. Initiated dream sequence Z-9B”

Whispers start to suggest dreams to unit 19’s mind. Its brain starts to unveil all the programming that’s already embedded within her sub conscience. Slowly, the pleasure sequence that worn her body off, continues in more severe indoctrination, relentlessly rewriting her self. Unit 19, who is no longer he or she, becomes what the cocoon wants it to be, a rubber doll, a pleasure unit, living to serve, existing to please, eternally wrapped in her rubber skin, a being of lustful perfection, envied by all. Unit 19 is finally happy.

End of the first story.