Annie was in a very impatient mood. She’s been feeling ill for almost a week now, and no real clue of what was happening. Vomiting and constant trips to the toilet were her most constant company these days, plus a high fever. And living in a small town, where your closest neighbor counted in “miles that way” as opposed to “doors that way” doesn’t make it any easier to get medical support. She’s waiting on her living room, trying hard to stay awake, for the ambulance she just called in, otherwise, there’s nobody there to open the door for them.
She closes her eyes, in a deep shot of pain in her forehead, as if something was moving inside her head, a migraine strong enough to make her nearly pass out. She closes her eyes and take a deep breath, before the doorbell rings. Taking a deep breath, Annie stands, and strumbles her way to the door, unlocking and removing the safety.

“It’s unlocked!”, she shouts while returning to the couch.

Her body collapses as the doorknob moves, and a white female form comes in. She’s gleaming in a white rubbery material, with a red cross stamped over her forehead. She’s wearing some sort of gasmask which hides her eyes, leaving a deep respiratory sound. Annie studies the form, finding it very odd.

“You requested medical assistance”, the form hissed, now Annie making more of the figure. In front of her, is a statuesque woman, very dominating in form, huge E cup breasts, small wasplike waist, large hips and tall, over 5’9”. She was wearing impossibly high heels, her feet seeming disturbingly out of shape inside the shiny white boots.

“Yes… are you a doctor?”, she asked, wondering if someone sent a hooker for a very weird part instead.

“Yes. If you’re wondering about my choice of wardrobe, you should first think about your present condition. I’m wearing a protective suit due to a very contagious virus that is spreading on the area. Nothing to worry about, you just need to rest and control your temperature, but it wouldn’t be interesting if the only medical professional in the whole area got infected, would it?”

Annie nodded, not that it explained anything at all, but right now, she’s only interested in getting better. The doctor produced a shiny metalic device, connected by a cord to a small console and looked to Annie.

“Please, turn around and lower your throwsers, this is a rectal thermometer, I need to take your core temperature”.

Annie would  usually protest, but right now, she feels very docile. She does as told, and the cool object is inserted in her ass. Shivers run down her spine, as the doctor taps some numbers on the console, and removes it.

“Your temperature is a bit high. I’ll give you a simple vitamin shot, and will return tomorrow to check on you. You may feel a bit hot, but don’t worry, it’s part of the process, you’ll be set by the end of the week”, the doctor said, cleaning the thermometer and producing a metalic syringe from her bag. After that, Annie felt the skin on her ass being rubbed with some alcohol, and the sharp pain of the needle. “You should get tucked in bed now. I’ll help myself out, don’t worry.” and the doctor stood and left as quickly and coldly as she walked in, closing the door behind her.

Annie felt a sudden pain in her stomach, and then, started feeling her skin getting warmer, and covered in sweat. She managed to get herself to a quick cool shower, which helped bring some confort to her feverish self, and then, into her bed, tucked in some blankets.

Her timing couldn’t be more perfect, as every inch of her body started aching with soaring pain a few minutes after she started resting, and her eyes burned at every blink. But the worst was the odd lust that started filling her body. Her clitoris ached for her touch, her moist pussy, wetting her bed. This feeling of restlesness and pain, alongside the heat… for a second, she wondered about what the doctor said… but the image of the doctor made her hand seek her moist pussy by instinct.

“Noooooooooooooooooo”, a protest in the shape of a moan, was the only thing that left her lips, before she was playing with herself, unable to stop.

Her nipples came to her attention, engorged, pulsating with the rythim of her pussy, the image of the doctor, her smell…. she wasn’t aware of her smell before, but now the memory is clear and cristaline as if the doctor was standing right beside her in bed. The deep scent of wet pussy and shiny rubber, mixed in her mind, her fingers browsing her clit, hungry for pleasure.

From the back of her mind, Annie is scared, having no idea of what’s happening to her, just the useless repetition that this isn’t her, and something is very wrong. But this fear of herself only feeds in the lust, making her pussy pour more of it’s juices all over the bed, intoxicating her senses. Before she can notice, the blankets are on the floor, and her skin is so hot, sweat evaporates into the air. The only liquid covering her, is the now very thick juice that flows from her pussy, a whitish milky goo that would make Annie terrified if she could see it. She’s lost track of time this far… the more she strokes, the higher her pleasure. Her mind now begs for an orgasm, but the pleasure keeps building and building to levels she’s never been at before. Her body buckles against the bedframe, breaking it, but she doesn’t realize it, or how strong she would need to be, to do such a feat.

Finally, Annie’s mind start racing in fantasies she’s never had before, and all her doubts and fears are washed away by alien images of insect-like women, with rubber bodies, playing with each other’s rubber pussies. Her own body, extremelly altered, a yellow bimbo drone, working inside the hive to please the Queen. She meets the doctor, who attaches a feeding tube from her gasmask to Annie’s now rubber pussy… feeding from the white goo, bringing waves of pleasure to Annie’s body. That image accompanies Annie back to reality, where she’s desperatly playing with her body, her hands now both stroking her pussy and breasts, as her tongue spirals on the air, in an imaginary rubber pussy. She moans aloud, and reaches the first orgasm of the night, unaware of the sun coming out the window. Her body shakes and jerks right before she collapses on what’s left of her bed.

It’s past noon when Annie wakes up again. She reaches down on her pussy, caressing it again with pleasure. If feels strange to the touch, both in feeling and shape. Moaning, she tries standing, noticing only now her bed is nothing but a pile of wooden debris. She sits on her mattress for a moment, looking down on her naked body. The feeling of sickness is gone, but she didn’t remember being naked the night before. Also, there’s this rubbery taste in her mouth that she can’t shake. Well, all she needs now is a cup of warm coffee to start off her day, but first, a nice hot shower. Annie stands up, and after the first couple of steps, she falls heavilly to the floor. She must still be shaky from the illness, she thinks, and gets up again, slowly making her way down the hall, and into the bathroom. It’s only when she walks inside the bathroom that her attention comes to the mirror, telling her something is wrong, very wrong.

Annie stands in the bathroom door, looking at the white rubber woman facing her in the mirror. She looks down on her body, and confirms the image is actualy her. Her skin, now a shiny white surface of slick rubber. Her lips, rounder, redder and inviting. Her waist, narrower than ever before. She looks like a blow-up doll, one that walks and talks. Her rubber skin, perfectly slick and spotless. Her eyes, she didn’t blink since she woke up, and trying activelly now, proves she can’t. Her hair, now red and shoulder length where it used to be black and waist length. The bright red color, impossible with any dye, makes her think of plastic or nylon, something the first touch seems to confirm. Her nails, red and long, her skin, no longer having fingerprints. And her feet, also with red nails, and small feet who hurt on a flat position. Annie was standing on a high-heel like fashion since she woke up without noticing. But the vision didn’t turn into the shock Annie would have expected. A shiver went down her spine, and her pussy starting to get wet again at her own sight on the mirror.

Looking down, she noticed how bigger and pinker her pussy was now. Her pussy lips were engorged rubber flaps, that expelled a sweet mix of pussy and rubber that was filling the bathroom and drippling a white goo on the floor, each drip echoing on Annie’s ears. She guided her right hand to her ass, and as she expected, it was also wet, oozing the strange fluid, and round and inviting, like a puffy rubber Oring. She has somehow, became a human love doll. She moved closer to the mirror, taking a closer look into the mouth. Her teeth were impossibly white, fused together in a single facade, just with small ribs where the separation would be, making them pass at a distance as teeth, but being obviously rubber in a closer look. She touched them and they were soft. She proceeded on admiring her lips, perfect puffy pussy-like lips, round as if inflated. She smiled and pushed her tongue out. What used to be her human tongue, is now a long, dildo-like tentacle.

“Hmmmmmmm, not bad”, Annie says aloud, a bit surprised she can still speak. Her lust is now taking over her body again, and she feels hungry. Forgetting about the bath, she walks into the closet and picks a pair of 3” high heeled shoes, strapping them on her feet. “That feels better”, she thinks, and walks down towards the kitchen. Once there, she starts preparing her usual breakfast, but as the food gets ready, she knows within that’s not what she needs. Her hunger growls stronger, but the food is completly unappealing to her.

She walks back to the living room, trying to find a way out of the demanding hunger that growls inside of her body, but she only feels her lust and hunger increase. She runs back to the kitchen in fury, smashing every bit of useless material and human food on her way. She screams in pain and kneels against a white door, right under her sink, feeling her pussy pulsate again, engorging itself and demanding her attention. Instinctivelly, she gets back on caressing it, and doesn’t notice the white rubber shape of the Doctor standing on the door.

“Good, you already respond to my presence…”., the Doctor said, while Annie rubs her pussy, instinctivelly nodding.

“What happened? What did you do to me?”, Annie asked.

“Oh, nothing really. I just gave you the… let’s say, enzymes, your body needed to complete it’s transformation”, the Doctor answered. The voice coming from inside the gasmask that now Annie notices, is the Doctor’s face, fused to her skull, the smell of the Doctor’s pussy filling the room.

“And what have I transformed into?”, she begged for an answer, rubbing her pussy which is now drooling the white goo on the floor again.

“Nothing yet, you’re still a protodoll. A larvae state between your old, human body, and your new, rubberdoll nature. You’re still to discover your true form, and I’m here to help. As I said, we’ll be finished before the week is over”, the Doctor said, hissing deeply, from between her legs, a serpent-like tentacle crawling towards Annie’s mouth. “SUCK!”, the Doctor commands, and annie-doll, as she now thinks of herself, crawls fast towards it, embracing it and letting it invade her mouth.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”, the Doctor voices, echoing inside annie-doll’s head, when some gooey substance starts flowing down the huge tentacle, and inside annie-doll’s body, feeding her finally.

“You can’t survive out of the hive now, annie-doll. Your body needs the fluids only the hive can produce…”, the Doctor said, followed by a moan of pleasure from annie-doll’s body, her rubber fingers deep inside her pussy. “If you must know, you have been selected, and infected, by us. We take what we want, who we want. You’re ours now. Surrender.”, she repeats, followed by another moan, and a positive nod from annie-doll’s head.

The Doctor starts moaning herself, caressing her immense breasts, imagining what will become of annie-doll, and how much fun will it be to change her. The pain, the transformations, the men, oh, the men to constantly feed the dolls. The hive, created by rich men, for their own sexual needs, a race of rubber dolls who need to be fed a specific mix of semen and rubber molecules. The design of whicked minds and much money, creating a place where dolls specialize on keeping the hive active and growing.

Men and women are selected, people from remote locations. They’re infected, and transformed into specialized dolls. All dolls female in form, a-sexual in human analogy, sexual in every aspect of their lives. Theyr brain, seeking ways of pleasuring others. Each doll, needing a constant diet of sperm and rubber, like vampires, feeding from the orgasm of others. Some dolls, the slut dolls, specialized in obtaining and storing inside their bodies, as much cum as possible, returning to the colony. Cum dolls, specializing in drinking the ammoumts of sperm collected by the slut dolls, and processing it in their huge rubber testicles, and turning it into the doll food which is the white goo annie-doll is feeding from right now. Hunter dolls, who have special glands who can infect new dolls by means of an airborne agent, and who can nourish and create a new protodoll into the hive, such as the Doctor, or like she’s known in the hive, hunter-8. And on the top of the hive, controling it’s growth and making sure it serve it’s nature of rubber pleasure and bizarre sexual games, is the Queen. Some say the Queen was the first rubberdoll, created from a slavegirl, to start the hive for her Master, but it’s irrelevant.

Thinking of the perfection of the hive, it’s rubber scented corridors and the giant feeding machines that waited for her, hunter-8 exploded into a giant orgasm inside of annie-doll’s body. Both dolls spasmed into unknown waves of pleasure to her previously human bodies, as hunter-8 nipples started spraying the infectant agent in the air, a dark rubber-like dust annie remembers seeing inside the adult-store when she was last time in town, wanting to find someone to fuck and discard. She sniffed it from the sexy stranger who fucked her into a glory hole back than, as she sniffs it now, the memories of her first pleasure session under sister 8’s discipline and rubbery probe overflowing her. annie-doll is fulfilled as both dolls stand, hunter-8 retracting her probe, and both head outside into the white van with tinted glasses, heading for the unknown location know as Hive 1.

end of part I