Clark was as usual on his late shift at work, enjoying the free Internet of the company to surf his favorite subject on the information superhighway… porn. Of course he didn’t see any problems on porn on the Internet, as long as it’s free. Clark didn’t bother thinking if the images he jerked off secretly under his workplace desk were stolen from a pay website or what… he just wanted more and, if possible, without anyone knowing about it. And for that reason, he started taking late shifts at work to be able to jerk off on the privacy of the deserted corporate corridors. There, after everybody went home, he had more privacy then he would at home with his wife wondering why he doesn’t go to bed watch TV with her.

Little was he aware that his every Internet move was recorded by a corporate firewall. And that some guys, working at the system administration office, knew pretty much about his exotic preferences. Well, not some of them, just one of them, who shared one of his particular interests. He followed in real time all of his wanderings around sites and made sure to kept it all off the server logs. But made sure to masturbate furiously as well, reading every log of chats which Clark had with other people of similar interests… oh yes, Clark was too perfect to be true, his fantasies were too good to be true. This man wanted Clark badly, and knew just who to ask help to.

On the following morning, Clark checked his Email and found a chat he had on the previous night, with logs from every word, along with a small video from the hidden surveillance cameras of his hard cock being masturbated furiously while chatting with RubberMaster2004 on an Internet chatroom. Clark panicked. At that same instant, his fear and instinct hit the delete button on his keyboard, and he looked around, making sure nobody saw it over his shoulder on the crowded room. Sweat covered his forehead and his stomach hurt like never before. All his breakfast threatened to leave his body right now, and he rushed to the toilet. On his way, he didn’t notice the tall, muscled sys admin just arriving in his leather biker outfit. The sys admin just smiled, thinking that the fish had bitten the hook, and went inside his office.

Clark reached the toilet bowl and stood there, face down, ready to burst two eggs and three fat slices of bacon down the toilet, but he was too nervous to do it properly. He was too nervous to think. So, he sat there, racing trough his options forth and back, and imagining the position he was at now. Then, memories of his unlocked computer, with his Emails opened to everyone flashed to his mind. He felt sicker than before, and wasn’t able to decide if he would dash back to his workstation, or remain where he was now, and end throwing his breakfast away.

He washed his face with fresh water, and went back to his chair. No new Emails, just that first one. He looked around one more time, to make sure he had some privacy and clicked on the trashcan. Then, he clicked once more on the dreadful Email. Rushing back, he finished reading… it was a blackmailing all right. He was to phone to a certain hair salon during lunch hours and talk to someone named Ruby, otherwise, that Email, along with much more evidence of his late shift’s productivity, would be sent to his whole family, his wife, even to the college he graduated upon, and of course, to his boss and all bosses he had worked his far. Under the threat, a list of Emails and postal addresses that did indeed match everyone who was to receive that. How did someone get that much of his life? How could have he been so reckless and do it at work? Now, someone at work found out about it and is going to take full advantage of it? He couldn’t date going to the police or his boss about that… what if it leaked to everyone? Those chats… those phrases… that was just too humiliating. No one would take him seriously, or would tell him “well deserved”. Clark decided to wait until noon and phone Ruby.


Lunchtime arrived, and Clark made up excuses not to go lunch with his co-workers. They asked him if everything was all right, because he seemed a bit stressed and nervous. His face was pale and covered with sweat, which he blamed on eating something that didn’t do him any good, and he should better not to eat and just rest. His friends left, and once again, he was alone in the office, making company to purses and bags and several screensavers.

He dialed the number from his cell phone, dying from stress at every number dialed. Then, he took it to his ear, and listened the call wait. Someone answered and he quickly pressed “END”. He was again too nervous to say anything, to frightened. He stood up, ready to walk towards the coffee machine, and get himself something to drink, before calling again, when his cell phone rang. It was the number he dialed, calling him back. Shaking, unaware about what to do, he pressed “END” again. It rang again, he pressed “END” once more. And Email arrived, from “”.

He took the mouse and opened it… it was a page full of letters… so small they seemed to flash and blink before his eyes… Clark was scared, but he knew they knew how to track him down. They knew him. They knew he was a sissy, he was into rubber, he was a pervert, and he liked played the little girl in gay chatrooms for muscled Masters. In other words, they had enough to destroy his life. No subject, just those small letters he couldn’t read, he couldn’t focus his eyes on. It was weird, he couldn’t read, no matter how hard he tried, but they made him calmer, more docile. The phone rang again. He answered.

“_ Good Girl”, a feminized voice told him on the phone. A fully male voice, but mimicking a girl’s voice, in a very queer fashion.

He couldn’t keep his eyes from the Email, his mind became blurry… the letters too small, like a illusion, like an optical trick, when he focused on a part of the screen, it went white, the letters faded away and formed around the blank spot… when he roamed around with his eyes, the same happened, leaving an unreadable blank area wherever he focused his eyes.

“_ Sorry to have to use hypnotic training so early, but I needed to catch your attention. Do not try to fight the effects, or I will have to take even more drastic measures. Do you understand?”

Clark nodded in silence, trying to read the text.

“_ When instructed or asked, you should always answer me ‘Yes Madame Ruby’. Do you understand girl?”, the voice talked, in a more stern way.

“Yes Madame Ruby”, Clark answered almost automatically, feeling his willpower weaken second after second.

“_ Good Girl. I know this sort of influence won’t last any longer, so I will have to make it quick. You have been framed, you sissy slut, and your current lifestyle is pretty much gone. You should consider yourself lucky, because you have been given a second chance in life tho. With the evidence we now have, we can destroy your pathetic life at will. But instead, you have been considered a very interesting plaything by a Rubber Dom, and he hired us to indocrinate you and train you for his pleasure. And we will make sure his efforts and money are well spent. Do you understand?”

“_Yes Madame Ruby”, Clark answered passively.

“Good Girl. Now, you will print that Email, and after your work, you will phone your wife, and tell her you have to spend the night over, due to the project being behind schedule… and will go to the address indicated in the Email I just sent you. If you are not there by 7pm, you will be outed, and all evidence we have over you will be used to throw you away from any decent job until the hell is cold, do you understand?”

“_Yes Madame Ruby”

“We can find you anywhere you go. We can hunt you down. We can make sure that you won’t get any other job than a fluffer on a porn flick if you fail to obey us. You are ours now. See you at 7.”

The phone went mute. Clark pressed the “print” button and suddenly was awake. He remembered the whole conversation he had, it was imprinted on his memory, and his cock was hard than ever before. But in a few seconds, heat gave way to fear, and he dashed to the printer. He picked it, and instead of the several small letters he saw, there was nothing but an address, far from where he was, downtown. He raced back to his computer to find out both Emails were gone, as if they never had reached his mailbox. All that he had, was this piece of paper, still warm from the printer, in his hands, with an address directing him to the heart of the gay neighborhood. He knew well, being there in the past to get male hookers to fuck his ass and suck their cocks. More late night shifts.

He looked nervous at the clock… as he would for the rest of the afternoon.


At 6:30pm, Clark was parking his car in front of the address in the email. It was a hair salon, but not any ordinary hair salon. This one seemed to be transported back to the 50ies, with big old-fashioned hair dryers and every girl dressing much as if in an old sitcom or a Disney movie. This was extremely different from what he expected. Everything was blue painted wood, and in the main window you could read the name “Ruby’s”. He stood there for a second, unsure if he should get in or not. He was extremely nervous… tense and uneasy, but also afraid of what would be done of him if he turned his back and didn’t follow their orders. He was still considering if he should go back into the car or not, when drops of rain started to fall down. Almost by instinct, he crossed the street and found protection under “Ruby’s” façade, running away from the rain, and he became away he could have made a better selection of hideaway, if he wasn’t already on the driver’s door and just ran to the quickest dry place.

He turned his eyes in, and his gaze met that of a very tall brunette girl, all clad in a celestial blue rubber uniform, who was already walking his way.

“_ Oh, you arrived early… come right in, we have much to talk about….”, she said, while picking him by the arm, and guiding him inside. Clark recognized the voice almost immediately, but was so nervous he wasn’t in a place of putting on any resistance, and just docile as a pet, moved inside.

“_ Listen, I am not playing your games, whatever they are…” he tried to argument, but her eyes met him, in vain.

“_Please, sit down.”, she said, pointing to one of the nail polishing tables. Another girl came by and took away his coat, and he sat. The seat was made of black rubber, and as Ruby took her place on the nail polisher seat, she made a characteristic squeaky sound he had only heard on his online porn. “You are aware that the only reason you are here having this pleasant conversation with me, is that you had the fortunate luck of your ‘adventures’ being witnessed by very friendly eyes. Otherwise, I guess you would be having a very different conversation with your boss right now… am I correct?”.

Clark was speechless. He only nodded, as his bowels started to rebel again as flashbacks of explaining this to his boss took place in his very fertile frightened mind.

“_ Good, so we have an understanding. You are being blackmailed, fair and square, I will not put this in any other way. But I wish you could see this as a life opportunity. “, Ruby said, as she picked Clark’s hand and started doing his fingernails. “Tea?”, she asked. He barely nodded. “Who took the evidence doesn’t matter. All that matters is that as long as you play our game, your little secrets will be safe with us. And yes, the more you play with us, the more little secrets you will have and the more we own you. So…” she continued as she trimmed his nails to perfection “… I guess it would be better if you just accepted facts as they are, and had fun, because our objectives to you could be very much be seen as fulfilling your every sexual fantasy… which I could not avoid to notice, are very rich.”.

Clark just nodded away. He was trying to conceal his hard-on, and find a way out of this nightmare. It was one thing to look at porn and pretend to be a whore while online… it was a completely different situation to face someone blackmail you, and leave it implicit that they will make you perform as one. The tea arrived just when he was starting to feel dizzy again. He sipped it without thinking twice. Maybe the herbs will help him feel a bit better and negotiate a way out.

“_There you go…” she said “…good girl. Now, after you finishing the tea, we can move downstairs, and start working on your profile. You will need a lot of work done before we move on.”

“_ Listen… there must be a way we can work this out, without needing to be extreme.”, he said. “I don’t have much money, but maybe we can negotiate some middle-term.”

Ruby chook her head and smiled.

“_ Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. There is no way out. You are going to be outed one way or the other. You either play with us, who have similar tastes to yours, and manage to have fun and become one of us… or you can explain it all to your wife and family, and yes, to your bosses… the current and every single past and future one. We will cement your life, personal and professional. Isn’t that clear yet?”

Clark almost chocked on his cup of tea. He raised himself, and started moving towards the door, letting the cup of tea fall to the floor. Ruby just smiled and nodded to one of the other girls, who pressed a button under the counter. A buzzing sound rang on the door just when Clark reached for the knob, trying it open to no avail. It was now locked. He tried to push it, just to discover it’s way sturdier than a simple wood-framed door should be. Or maybe he was dizzier and weaker than he should be. The tea…

He found himself gazing at the shiny latex boots, and noticed all had 6” heels… he gazed at how glossy they were and how hard he was… he gazed away…


Clark woke up in a well-lit pink room. It resembled the salon upstairs, just all covered in latex. He reached out to notice he was totally naked, except for pink rubber panties with a penis sheath on their front. His cock was tugged neatly into the penis sheath, and rock-hard… a tube went down his penis, into his urethra, and his balls were also neatly surrounded on the smooth soft pink latex, in a ball sack. On his ass, frills, like a french maid’s panties. And that was all. He had no hair below his neck, it was all gone, and he had a hood over his head, he could now feel it. He noticed he was hornier than usual… and wanted to touch himself. He drove his hands to his cock, and started to masturbate himself… that was all he wanted now, to please himself, when someone walked into the room. It was a pink catsuited form, female in shape, but with a small cock sheathed in it’s front, and also very hard.

“_ Ah… showing so much resistance upstairs, and already playing with himself….”, the she male form said. It was Ruby, he could tell it. At that moment, he let go of his little cock, and stood up, trying to regain a portion of his lost dignity, perhaps, or argumenting with her that it was not what she think she saw. All fruitless arguments, so, he chose the simplest one.

“_ What do you think you are doing to me? You have to let me go now, now you are facing a possible charge of kidnapping. I will forget everything if we both forget what we know this far about each other and move each in our separate paths.”, he said, while his cock wiggled around, hard and dripping pre-cum on the latex floor.

“_ MAID!”, Ruby shouted while giggling. Another pink catsuited form walked into the room, but this time, dressed with a black french maid’s uniform over it. The form, because it’s better not to presume genders this far, was supporting itself on top of very impossible ballet heels.

“_ Yes Madame.”, the form spoke in a very docile manner, in an effeminate male voice.

“_ The new recruit spilled her pre-cum all over the floor. Could you be kind and lick it?”, she said.

“_Yes Madame”, the form said, and instantly bent in all fours and started licking the floor from all pre-cum. Then, it rose to its knees and licked Clark’s cock clean from any more of the clear substance. Clark could hardly contain himself or conceal his excitement.

“_ Well, that is unit 28. She is a fully recreated sissy latex maid. Unit 28 was recruited as of three years ago, and had become our demonstration model. She, in other words, is what we will turn you into. As you can see, we are pretty much capable of making your every fantasy into a reality.”

Clark was now more than shocked. He was totally scared. He could locate a door on the room, and tried to race himself towards it. Ruby clapped her rubber-covered hands, and two very strong rubber men walked in, raising Clark from the ground by his arms.

“_Take him to the indoctrination chair”, Ruby said.

Clark was raised and taken into another room. There, he could see nothing but more pink rubber walls, and a sort of gynecological chair in the center. The men pinned him down on it and locked his legs and arms as well as his torso and head to the chair. They inserted a pink dildo gag into his mouth and strapped it secure in place. They walked away as ruby walked in. She approached a console beside the chair, and pressed a button… a butt-plug protruded from the chair and found it’s place into his ass.

“_ Well, you may protest now, but after a few sessions, you will become eager for your training sessions as everyone of us are…”, she said giggling. Now Clark could understand even Ruby was one like him, a sissy, transformed into a bimbo doll for the pleasure of some owner… just like he played he wanted to. He fought hard to free himself, as Ruby connected some cables to the base of his latex hood. His eyes stared to fog, and he noticed he had clear lenses in front of his eyes, and now something was being transmitted… and sounds… a sweet female voice, driving itself into his head.

He could notice Ruby inserting his cock into some sort of pumping device, and the tube from it into his gag.

“_ This is the indoctrination chair… here, you will learn to become addicted to cum, starting with your own, then later, replaced by a real cock in your mouth, as you learn to be more docile… and docility as well as servitude will be implanted into your behavior patterns. These panties will never leave you from now on. You will be programmed to obey us, and not question orders. More and more, the sessions will become more advanced, until the point you willingly come to stay as a rubber doll unit. Just like unit 28, just like me. And, if you think you will be able to escape and run away, you will be fooling yourself… in a few moments, all you will want is to become a rubber doll unit, and become property of a Master… and all you will care about is being the perfect doll, and suck cocks, just like the rest of us. Have a happy session sweetie, and don’t resist”.

But the first thing Clark tried to do was resisting. But it was futile… he couldn’t move. Images started forming in front of his eyes, of rubber doll units sucking cock, and obeying. What he couldn’t see were the hidden frames, flashing in between the video, saying “OBEY!” and “SUCK!”, telling him to “SURRENDER!”, and that he was a rubber doll unit. The audio was that of a seductive female, telling him to obey, that he loves to suck cock. He shut his eyes closed, just when a fluid started to fill his ass. It was a warm gooey fluid. He wondered if it was cum. It was in fact, a form of drug that gave a heightened pleasure, and acted as a very potent aphrodisiac. The dolls call this “Sissy Juice”, as it’s used on the conversion of new units, and reward of working ones. It gives them a pleasure so powerful and overwhelming that any doll will be addicted to it after the first rides on the indoctrination chair.

Clark tried to shake the warmth off his system. He was to resist, but he was breaking in, and he could feel his resolution crack as easily as his willpower always did. He was born to this. The Sissy Juice was working it’s way into making Clark very relaxed… very open. “Good Girl”, the voice said, as he opened his eyes again.

As Clark began to enjoy his position, a very strong rubber clad man walked in. His cock was hard and properly sheathed. He stood by Ruby.

“_ The recruit can’t see or hear us, you can speak all you want, Sire”, she said, while starting to kneel beside the form, unable to avoid her programming of submission to take place. Ruby could be an alpha doll, but she was still a doll, and was still to worship cock as one of her most basic functions.

“_ Excellent…” HE said, as Ruby took HIS cock into her lips, slowly sucking it.

“_ She will become a proper doll for Your use, Sire… ” Ruby said, while sucking “… right now, the Sissy Juice is already working inside her body, and she must be starting to accept her programming.”

When Ruby finished saying that, both could see the recruit spasm, and cum be taken from it’s cock pump to the gag, to be drank, starting to use the new sissy to the taste of cum. Sir looked at the console, and read it say “indoctrination level 1”, and twisted the knob a bit, to level 2. Ruby noticed, and just smiled, savoring the cock. Even if she wanted to prevent Sire from doing so, she could not refuse to please him. And after all, it was HIS doll. The recruit is being transformed by a request, not to be sold afterwards. It is owned already.

The recruit didn’t notice Sire was there. For her, the plug in her ass started roaming alive, and the dildo in her mouth started to ooze more Sissy Juice. She was told of how wonderful Sissy Juice was, and how Sissy Juice would help her get bigger breasts and rounder shapes, but she wasn’t aware on the fact it contained hormones. The recruit wasn’t aware of any of this. Only that thinking was harder, and pleasure was abundant. She had never felt so much pleasure in it’s entire life.

“_ You are a sissy slave doll. You love rubber”, the female voice said… the sissy on the screen now was in more severe bondage, with a blowjob hood, her ass filled by a gigantic plug. Her feet in ballet heels, her arms arrested backwards by a armbinder, her neck forced upright by a studded collar, her waist pinned down to 20” by a heavy rubber corset. She was blind, sucking with abandonment, hungry for her Master’s pleasure seeds, and wanting to be awarded with a ride on the indoctrination chair, to be filled once more with Sissy Juice.

In it’s mind, the recruit repeated “I am a sissy slave doll, I love rubber. I am a slave sissy doll, I love cock. I worship cock. All I want is to make Master happy, and be His luxury plaything”. Not that the recruit could resist. The Sissy Juice is filled with drugs to make acceptance and obedience sink in, and pleasure comes as a reward. The more pleasure a sissy felt, the more she loved the chair, the more she wanted to ride it. And so did the recruit rode the chair for the whole night, until the level 2 program was finished, and the strong rubber men came in to easy her from the seat, into her sleeping quarters…

End of part I