Clark woke up at work. He was dressed in the same clothes as in the previous day, shaven and the clothes were clean and ironed to perfection. He looked at the clock on his computer, and it was 7am, way earlier than anyone else would be hanging around. He raised himself off his chair and walked to the W/C, ready to relieve his full bladder.

Not noticing his own behavior, he lowers his pants and sits down on the toilet, and points his sissy clitty downwards, and that’s when Clark notices his sissy clitty is covered in rubber. In pink wonderfully smelling rubber, with a pink tube running inside his urethra. He notices now that his whole loins are also encased on the pink rubber panties, and they encase his skin completely, acting as a second one. His curiosity makes him explore his ass cheeks, to find the frills he knows by instinct are white, and the anal tube that intrudes his body in such a comfortable way. Clark feels a miss of surprise and heat strike his body… his sissy balls ache and his sissy clitty starts getting harder… he notices he is totally hairless from the tip of his nose to the point of his toe.
This is nonsense, he though, but he was getting hornier by each passing second, and surrendering to his own impulses, he started rubbing his sissy clitty, not hard like a man would, but gently stroking the tip of his clitty, like a girl would. He moaned softly, completely taken away from his office W/C, and into his sissy realm…. He is a sissy unit now… he loves cock… his sissy clitty is so hard… he doesn’t notice, but as far as he is concerned, he has a sissy clitty, no longer a cock… and it’s so good to stroke his sissy clitty. Yes, he has a sissy clitty… a pink rubber pantied sissy clitty… and it feels so good to girlishly rub his clitty’s forehead like a girl would. He secretly wishes he had a Master around, to suck his cock. This brings Clark to an orgasm… not a hard, deep one, but more of a relief and reward… his sissy cum starts to slide down from the rubber tube, wetting his rubber covered lap… with his eyes closed, Clark starts to dip his fingers into his sissy cum, and lick them clean afterwards, not resisting the impulse to taste his own sissy cum. He is lost in his sissy reality, savoring cum as if savoring a God’s nectar. His sissy clitty goes limp after a while, and he starts releasing his bladder contents. Still lost in his dreams of giant cocks and rivers of cum, the sissy slut doesn’t notice how strong scented and girlish smelling his pee actually is now.

Clark awakens a few minutes later… with the smell of dried cum coating his lips and hands. He looks down, and cleans the mess with toilet paper, and washes his hands and face thoroughly. He dashes back to his seat, not paying attention to the panties still in place. And the working day starts as usual.

At 10pm, a new Email message arrives. No subject. Clark sweats a bit… and regrets opening it. It’s contents are very simple:

“Tick Tock, I suck Cock! Click Clock, I love cock”

Clark starts feeling his mouth turn dry, and his cock turn hard inside the grip of his rubber sissy panties. He closes his eyes, to shake off the images of cocks and the desire to suck his friends… and the even more vivid image of a giant cock forms in the void of his mind… a giant cock, and sloooowwwllly, a river of cum running down from the urethra… inch by inch… taking all the seconds in the world to run from the tip of the Cock God to it’s base… without falling, without dribbling… running down slowwwwly and Clark wants to suck it and drink it. Sissy is hungry. Sissy needs cock. He races to the W/C with the remaining bits of self-control, while precum oozes from his sissy clitty and wets his pants. He undoes his pants, racing his hand to his sissy clitty… but a sissy clitty is not a cock. Sissy needs cock. The remainings of Clark’s self control fought hard not to jump out of the small cubicle where the toilet bowl was, into the next one, and suck the cock he could hear peeing…  or on the next one being unzipped free… sissy stroked her sissy clitty… dreaming of sucking cocks… moaning like a whole… if anyone noticed something wrong, they kept it to themselves… all sissy cared about was the cocks flying around her mind, oozing cum over her rubber body and killing her hunger. Sissy came, and licked her fingers clean. Clark woke up from his daydream, cleaned his face and fingers and lap with more toilet paper and had to face the judgmental eyes of those in the W/C listening to his own private show.

His stomach revolted while he dragged himself, humiliated and fearful of any jokes on the subject, to his chair. The dreaded email was gone. He lost control. He was himself. He was sissy. He is sissy. He became VERY aware of that when he started thinking on his clitty feeling good when hard. Notice this, clitty, not cock. His day went on NOT as usual. Every trace of sissyhood emerged on the oddest moments, like a ghost jumping from the grave to scare the passer by. When he was getting coffee, he urged asking his friends if “Sissy” should get them anything. When at the coffee machine, he couldn’t help wanting to coat his coffee with cum. When he was at lunch, he saw a glass of beer, and wondered what it would be like filled with his Master’s pee and with His cum and that of His friend’s floating on top. He quickly shook these thoughts away, but just to see them appear again later on the day.

Clark went home, battered by a massacre of sissyhood in his mind, as soon as he got there, he was greeted by his wife. He kissed her coldly on the cheeks and went to take a shower. He locked the room. Sitting on the toilet bowl, naked but for his pink rubber sissy panties, he stood motionless, trying to tame the desires that emerged in every second. Real desires. HIS inner desires. He had to win; he had to be himself again. “Sissy is your true self”. He shook that away. He had to remove those damned panties. But as his fingers touched the shiny material, a hard on took his sissy clitty, and he rubbed himself to orgasm again, drinking all sissy cum and regaining more conscious thoughts. He tried once more… he got hard again and had a sissy orgasm once more, this time, one he recalls as being deliciously painful, since his sissy balls were dry.

By now, Clark, immerse in sissy pleasure, forgot about the existence of his sissy rubber panties, and crawled into the shower… from reflex, he grabbed the shower head, unplugged it from the hose, and inserted the nozzle into his ass, giving himself an enema. He felt so good being ready for Master to take him from behind. Then, sissy started showering as usual, reconnecting the showerhead, and regaining his back a bit of self-control. Clark finished showering, dried himself, and got into his pajamas, without removing his rubber sissy panties. Skipping dinner, he went to bed alone, and didn’t show any interest in his wife. He couldn’t sleep either. He just stood there in his bed, and came off bed at 2 AM, roaming around the kitchen. His cell phone rang, and the number was not identified. He answered. A very feminine voice on the other side said a single message.

“_ Hello Sissy Unit… are you ready to return to the Master?”

Clark had no answers. He tried to argument with the voice, but before he could form any words, the voice continued, “Please, spare me the lies. It’s no longer possible for you to keep living a normal life since your conversion… and I must say it was a very successful one. It’s time to surrender to your nature and come join the Sissy University, as a Sissy Rubber Doll Pleasure Unit in training.”.

Clark picked up a pen, and left a suicide note on the kitchen table. He went to his car, and drove to Ruby’s Hair Salon in the middle of the night. And nobody ever heard from Clark again.

End of Part II

Author’s Note: From the previous version, “Hive” was replaced with “Master” and “Sissy University” to avoid clashing themes with the newer series, “The Needle”.