He controls my dreams.
He controls my soul.
He controls my every moment asleep or awaken.
He owns me.
He is nothing but Master.

One thing most people don’t understand about rubber doll transvestites, is that we are a powerhouse of erotic power, and sexual heat. A regular woman or even a transsexual one won’t have the same capacity for enslavement than a TV. And in such a heightened state of arousal, a TV is perfect candidate for mind control techniques, because they open up completely and the dominant can do pretty much anything they like. That’s why Master prefers TVs, and that’s why Master selected this girl. Because she is a rubber doll TV. And now, a fully trained rubber doll slut for Master. Master had this girl writing down my memories mostly because He enjoys this girl’s writing, and it excites Him to know how much this girl is his. Also, because it may provide new dolls a testimony of what life with Master is like, helping him grow his harem of working dolls. If your little shecock is getting hard now by imagining what life with Master is like, keep on reading and prepare your soul to submit, because this girl knows you will.

It was a dull night in December. Rain poured down the streets, giving me the perfect excuse to dress in my rubber gear. I have been going on with this for the last five or six years, ever since I left my parent’s home. And I always kept my TV identity in secret, but I have started going out in a few rubber clubs every now and then, and playing with other girls. As a slave and a slut. Something inside of me turned automatically on when I caught the sight of a hard rubber cock. It felt so right to just become the rubber slut I dreamed about. And the next day, shower, make sure all makeup was removed, and head to my daytime work.

At night, I usually was too horny to do anything but dress in rubber, like the best whore I could be, and come online to chat with other rubber sluts. The webcam showing my own porno production to a world of sisters who wanted to meet and fuck me. More and more, with their help, I indulged in more and more extreme games, sometimes meeting one or another sister for a weekend of fun. But tonight, I couldn’t find anyone online, none of my regular online lovers was available to take on my heat.

I started browsing a few websites, getting hornier and hornier with heavy rubber images from girls and TVs encased head to toe in suits just like mine, their waists constricted into tiny wasp-like shapes as I dream mine would become one day, and gigantic torpedo breasts like the fake ones I wear constantly for the pleasure of others. That’s when I came across a website new to me. It was named “The Klinik”, and I was captured by the black and red sea of rubber by the moment the page finished loading. It is a rubber brothel owned by a Man simply named Master. He lives as a lifestyle dominant and owns a full brothel of rubberdolls, who serve any guests in any way they desire. On one page, a link on “become a rubberdoll”. My blood rushes, and my horny cock makes me press that link and learn more. Between several photos of doll training sessions, sending me to new heights of lust, testimonies from each doll about their new life, and their unending love and lust for Master. Their control over them also takes over me, making me send an Email to Master, begging like a slut to be accepted as one of his dolls, sending 5 photos as requested in it.

Honestly, I was looking forward another empty sex talk, for a great fetish orgasm as his online slut, and then, forget all about it like I did to others. But the Email I got was much different from what I expected. It only stated a phone number. I knew I shouldn’t have called, but lust took the best of me. I dialed, nervous as hell, my hand shaking. I never got horny for men before, except feminine TVs and online Masters. A very strong, male and dominating voice picked it up.

“Hello slut”, He said.

Nervous, I hung it. I was still nervous, but I dialed in again.

“Hello again slut. Your little cock made you dial Master again, didn’t it?”

I was silent, but my rubber covered hand slowly crawled towards my ultra-hard cock, caressing it.

“Answer it slut, I don’t have all night. Answer or I’ll have you plugged for a week!”

“He-hello”, was the best I could mumble.

“Oh, so the slut speaks. Why did you phone me, cunt?”

“Because… because I saw your website, and wanted to become your doll”… my hand still playing with my stiffness.

“No, I don’t think so. You phoned me because you’re a horny cunt, a slut, and you can’t help it. Am I right?”

“Yes…”, I answered, feeling my cum starting to build inside my balls, playing along, in the hands of this man.

“Yes what, slut? Answer properly!”

“Yes Master!”

“Good girl, check your Email and install the program I just sent you. Good bye”, and he hung up.

I intended to keep stroking my cock into a wonderful orgasm when a new Email arrived. I opened it, and it had a file into it. I executed and installed the program, to horny to think of anything else but a great orgasm and the promises of anything coming from that man, that dominating voice.

The program then opens… the whole screen turns black, and nothing but a black rubber cock shows on it. It’s big, beautiful and I instantly want to worship it. Only the shine of the black rubber gives out it’s shape, and the suggestion of the shape of the man who owns it, muscled, strong, big, powerful. His strong deep voice is back, as I stroke myself, looking at the cock.

“Hello again slut. Take a deep breath and worship my cock. You may continue to stroke yours, as I know you are now, you cocksucker slut, but as you do, you will feel my cock brushing against your lips… you will want to suck and worship it, nothing else exists but my cock… you want to serve my cock… my cock is all you love. Stroke and feel the pleasure my cock gives you, that Master’s cock gives you… stroke… stroke….”

I notice small red and yellow dots flashing too fast to follow all around the screen, but I don’t care, all I care is for that deep voice, repeating itself, repeating I should worship that cock… I worship that cock… a soundtrack took place in the back… getting faster, as his voice gets more demanding… I stroke… without blinking, captured by the screen… and have a huge orgasm, fainting on the desktop afterwards, my balls and cock aching, after what seemed like hours of masturbating, and it was hours, as I didn’t notice the sun coming up when I finally collapsed.

I wake up with the phone ringing, it’s night again, and I must have missed a whole day of work. I pick it up, and there’s His voice again, the same strong, male, dominating voice that took over my soul the previous day.

“Hello slut”

“Hello Master”, I answer promptly.

“How is your cock, my slut?” He asks, as I feel it painfully hardening once more inside my rubber catsuit.

“It-it’s hardening, Master…” I answer, my heart racing, almost getting out of my mouth, my own lust too overpowering to be controlled by me or anyone… anyone but Master.

“Good slut… you love My cock, don’t you slut?” He says, more a command than a question.

“Yes Master…” I almost cum, right now, having images of His powerful manly cock in my mind, unable to drive those images away.

“Go to your computer, you have a new program to install” He said right before hanging up the phone.

I rush to the computer faster than I can think on my actions, and there’s on my Email, another program to be installed. I double click the icon, and have it running. A movie takes over my computer, with His voice telling me what I am. A slut, His slut, and a good slut, because I’m submitting to my Master, achieving the place where I belong. My cock so hard, I stroke it, but I never achieve release. The video goes on, showing rubber dolls, while Master explains to me what a doll is… how she must have huge boobs, how she’s merely an object, how her original gender means little, she’s always an object of pleasure, with a pussy or shecock for the pleasure of whoever Master tells her, not her own. How rubberdolls are always aroused and lustful, ready to serve.

My mind is racing, accepting the whole of this new reality, nodding and saying “Yes Master” to the video without even noticing it, as I fail to notice the images and texts inserted hidden between frames, flashing too fast for my eyes to follow, but for my mind to absorb and reprogram itself into a lustful slut rubberdoll for Master. Instructions take place, instincts are carved into my soul, needs are embedded within my spirit, as if they have always been there.

My ass moves and twists on every scene where a doll is fully fisted or simply fucked by two or three, her ass, spreading to accept any invader, even dildos of uncanny size and shape. Her mouth, always accepting, shaped in a perfect doll’s “O”, sucking, licking, kissing, and only saying “Yes Master” or “Yes Mistress”. My mouth starts locking itself on a painful “O” shape as well, sucking the air, licking a virtual cock, my Master’s cock. I want Master’s cock, I live for Master’s cock.

The hours fly, as the instruction video loops time and time again, until my body fails from exaustion. The phone rings once, twice, thrice, but I simply can’t pick it up, my hand, wrapped around my hard shecock. All I manage to do, is move towards the door, and unlock it, before I faint from severe dehydration and starvation, dreaming of Master’s cock and my new life as one of his dolls. This girl is Master’s doll.

This girl wakes up attacked to a gynecological chair. The feeling of the straps against the thick rubber skin comes before anything else, except the huge dildo in this girl’s mouth, strapped to her head, and the thick goo slowly running down her throat. This girl tries opening her eyes, but only blackness surrounds her, and the deep smell of rubber and man.

“Oh, so my new pet is awake…” Master says. His voice running through speakers on the hood makes this girl’s heart race, and her first instinct is to get on His feet and kiss His cock, but the straps prevent any movement.

“Relax my pet, you’re strapped down on the indoctrination chair. Now that I got my hands on you, I can first properly program you, without the limits of your old computer and installations. Second, I don’t run the risk of loosing you due to dehydration.” I suckle on the rubber cock, as if it was His, and savor the goo as if it were His own sperm.

“Welcome home, unit 11. Unit 7, run indoctrination sequence 3”, Master says before the speakers start transmitting recordings of a female voice, talking to the doll inside this girl, while images start flashing before this girl’s eyes, ending the darkness and replacing it with a sea of rubber creatures making love, dozens of rubberdolls at the feet of Master, for the first time this girl sees Him fully.

This girl feels a huge dildo inflating in her ass, moving in and out, as it oozes lubrication into her asspussy… while her mouth is slowly being fucked by the dildo in it as well.

“You are a rubberdoll, you’re unit 11. Unit 11 only exists for pleasure”

Images of this girl’s future body flash on her eyes, huge silicone boobs, of size EE possibly, a tiny crushed waist, feet eternally encased in 7” heels, boots, corsets, becoming everyday wear now, and rubber, this girl’s second skin. Surgeries will augment her body beyond recognition into human standards and living only in the realm of wild sexual fantasies, becoming a sex doll, and nothing else.

“You are unit 11, acknowledge!”

This girl is unit 11!

“You are unit 11, acknowledge!”

This girl is unit 11!
“Unit 11 is a sex doll, Unit 11 is Master’s property, existing only to please Master!”

This is too much, the rubber, the gentle care of this girl’s rubber lovers, the dildo, the plug, the encasement of the tight corset, until she explodes in immense pleasure. An invisible rubber lover now gently massages this girl’s shecock as the session takes a peak, and the dildo in her mouth shoots a load of drugged ooze, making the process faster and more natural, the video goes away…

Unit 11 sleeps quietly, until the next training session.