The clicking sound of your high heels around me is the only indicator You’re still with me in this room. I’m completely blind, and cut-off from any odor but that of latex, due to the heavy gasmask over my face. At this point, my knees and shoulder hurt deeply from the eternity knelt for you, my arms bound tightly behind my back, and my hands tied to the heels of my boots. Ballet heels, by the way, nothing less for your cock-hungry slut.

A very strict Victorian corset constricts my waist. It’s a very heavy, made of satin and steel boning, and later, wrapped in rubber for a final glossy look. That’s very much in Your nature, Madame, to pick something vanilla, and pervert it, wrapping in black shiny rubber, until it’s whole nature is turned into the ultimate kink. Everything in serving You is pain and pleasure, both together, never one without the other. You warned me so, on my first day serving. My ass would be so enlarged, You would be able to fuck me with a fire hydrant it You so pleased. My mouth would be so disciplined; I would never be able to close it, when you told me the magic words. My body and mind would become Yours when you were finished with me. After that, my every weekend is spent like this, in never-ending training at Your dungeon near Munich. And still I come, knowing I cannot resist You.

You come behind me, after what seemed to last for hours, and undid the binds, leaving me still blind in the floor. “Stand”, You command me, and I obey instantly. The next thing I know, is you guiding me towards what seems to be a clinic chair, and helping me sit on it, and binding my wrists and ankles to it. Without warning, You connect a hose to my anal plug, which is always an enema plug, and let the water in, on a continuous flow, washing me from all impurities. That tells me tonight I will be anal trained by You, Madame. As silently as You walked into the dungeon, Your heels click away, leaving the cleaning machine working, pumping water in and out of my ass and me. My cock is hard and soaking the inside of my penis sheath with pre-cum.

First, my tummy inflates… water is forced in, slowly… takes a long time to reach full, then, it holds in for a while, and starts to empty me. Every time, a little bit of water is added to the enema… warm, cozy water. Sometimes, I have the impression it becomes oilier in nature, as it holds inside of me. My ass, is stretched to its limits by the inflatable plug, even if I wanted, I couldn’t in any way, interfere with what’s taking place. My mouth, gagged as usual, is also having its limits stretched by the rubber tube between my teeth. You told me that, at each visit, a bigger tube would take place, until I would be adjusted to take in any cock for any length of time. At the first week, the pain was unbearable, since my muscles were not adjusting to that, but now, this is the most comfortable position for my mouth, I have to actively close it during daytime at work. At home, at all times, the tube always comes back in. Like You said, everything is a matter of exercises or training, and being strict enough. Even my diet changed, into the white, cum-like liquid You provide me with, every week, Madame.

During the training, my mind keeps focus on You, Your statuesque nature, always taller than me, Your waist, always corseted on a more strict and vicious fashion than mine, Your rubber suit always more disciplining and more restrictive than mine. You tell me, You’re my superior, and that’s the proof, the higher Your level inside the rubber lifestyle, the more common such pleasureful painful clothes become. You’re as committed to the lifestyle as I hope to be one day, and I dream of my body altering, changing, forced by the clothes and Your will to make me the next Madame, so one day, I will also be able to transform a young boy into the next Madame, as one day, someone did to You, and You do to me. I come close to an orgasm, as the water presses against my A-spot, my prostate, massaging it softly, added to my constant state of arousal, since You accepted me as Your pupil. Your slut.

The click of heels tells me You have returned. The machine stop, after it’s knob is pressed, and the last of the water leaves my ass when you deflate the plug and remove it. I hear it splash on the rubber-tiled floor. Next, You remove my gasmask, and I can see You again. You’re in an extremely arousing suit… a mix of black and transparent rubber, worn in layer over layer, until all I can see, smell, and sense is your rubber being. I never got to see your human face, but it doesn’t matter, all that matters is the extreme bizarre rubber lifestyle You’re introducing me into. Even the lipstick that covers Your lips is red rubber. Your eyes, behind shaded goggles, Your face, behind the darkest thick industrial rubber, and over that, another full face black hood with a transparent mask over the face. The smell You exhale is so strong, I almost orgasm right there, I feel my cum flowing inside my cock, and being stopped by the very vicious straps You tied around my cock. I can see the shiny steel buckles, preventing my cum to shoot into the air, and causing a very sharp pain into me.

“_Good afternoon rubberslut…” You say.

“_Good afternoon Rubber Madame Victoria.” I cheerfully reply.

“_I see despite my most delightful attention towards your slut-cock, you still managed to shed your delicious cum into your rubber on the wrong moment. Any explanations, rubberslut?”

“_Your presence is too overwhelming, Rubber Madame Victoria, I could not resist…” I say, with true sadness in my voice and eyes. It’s true, I could not hold back to Her presence. I never can, and She knows it. And I was instructed it will never fade, since I am being indoctrinated to only orgasm to the presence of fully clad rubber creatures, and worse, to always orgasm when seeing Madame Victoria.

“_Good, your training is going well. Soon you will be able to be granted the honor of aiding me with my rubber sessions on the rest of the house. Now, remember, cum should never be wasted, it should always be drank. Do you want to drink your cum, rubberslut?”

“_Yes Rubber Madame Victoria, more than anything, please, let me taste my cum!!” I bet with eagerness… my cock, which never got flaccid, is painfully hard again, as she moves closer to me.

“_Then, you should drink mine first, you should always taste my cum first, it’s the most delicious and most important cum in the whole planet…” She said, walking towards me, with her immense, hard cock, all coated in rubber, towards my mouth. Her cock sheath is different from mine… while mine has a tube on it’s tip, used to channel my cum out, to be used elsewhere, and a bulb to collect it, Hers has a tube that goes inside her urethra, giving her a rubber urethra that makes her rubber cock shoot like as it not covered at all.

Thanks to Madame Victoria’s training, my mouth now is more used to being opened, sucking hard any cock that goes inside of it, than closed, like an ordinary one. She’s getting me used fast to being a born cocksucker, capable of sucking hundreds of cocks in a single day. But Her own cock is very special to me; its veined, textured thick black industrial rubber cock sheath makes the task incredibly hard, a training on its own, as only the most capable and hungry cocksucking slut could have any chance of making Her stallion-like cock shoot its precious load. Madame wraps Her rubber gloved fingers around my rubber enclosed and corseted neck, while Her red rubber cape falls over my head, sending me back into rubber darkness. The sound of rubber against rubber, and rubber moving, fill my world, as my mouth and tongue get to work on using all the training I received on the last weeks.

“_You call that cocksucking? You worthless rubberslut, I could have made myself cum already by now. Use your tongue more, build more pressure… yes… don’t just suck it, explore all of my cock’s length, it’s texture, it’s whole pleasure areas… yes…. Hmmmm” Madame purrssss in my ears.

I keep on sucking, remembering the first weeks where I wasn’t even allowed to come close to Her cock, only look at it and sniff it from close, while sucking rubber dildoes, to develop my technique. Madame Victoria made me suck so much; my jaw would ache. Now, I know why, making Madame cum takes many minutes of rubber stimulation. Your rubber boots touch my cock, caressing its soft and already sore head, making me moan and purr in my rubber oblivion.

The minutes go, with that thick veined delicious cock ramming in and out of my mouth, with Madame Victoria closer and closer to Her rubber orgasm… rubber pleasure is something to be built very slowly… to a complete, intense surrender to pain and pleasure. I’m sure Her ass is sucking hard on the fist-wide plug inside Her ass now… She already told me I also would never be plug-less in my life again, when my training is fulfilled. Her plug is so huge, it has a shiny metal O-ring, dangling from its base, She has shown it to me before. The image of that shiny metal ring, embedded on the blackness of rubber Madame is, makes my cock almost shoot. It makes me suck harder and harder, as instructed by Her, as trained by Her. My head, neck, tongue mouth and lips, all working together to take the most out of Her engorged rubber cock, which is so hard, I can feel it pulsing inside it’s rubbery cocoon, and its pre-cum oozing into my tongue, enticing me to go on harder and harder.

I surrender to Her, my body turning in very little but a brain embedded in rubber lust, connected to a mouth and tongue, with lots of heavy hot black thick rubber wrapping it tightly. I moan aloud, louder than Madame.

“_Oh, so my rubberslut is enjoying this a lot, aren’t you? Hmmmmmmmmmm” Madame Victoria asks, purring. I nod while sucking. “Ok then, you earned… drink my seeds of love, my sweet rubberslut! AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Madame says, when she shoots her hot oozing cum down my throat…. I savor every hot drop going into me. I savor the pleasure of being her slut, her hot rubber lover, shaped and trained by Her into pleasing Her every taste, a dark child from her kinky rubber womb, perverted more and more, at every training session, into a reflex of Her own luscious image, driving deeper and deeper into a return-less journey towards becoming the next Madame. She kneels down, and kisses me, probing my mouth with Her tongue, seeing any remaining traces of Her own cum. Then, she stands, and looks at Her own, always hard rubber cock, clean and shiny from my saliva. She smiles in approval. “Good rubberslut”, She says, while patting my rubber head, making me almost purr again. She walks to a nearby shelve, and takes a gold cup from it, and returning, to collect my own cum. She opens a valve on the bulb of my cock sheath, and a mix of my collected pre-cum and cum oozes into it. She takes it towards Her own mouth, takes a sip and nods in approval. “You have been chaste during the week, my sweet rubberslut. Your cum is very dense and very strong, the way I like it. Here, you can have the rest of it…” She says, while giving me the cup to drink. I savor every drop, and lick it clean after finished. I did become a very eager cum-slut, just as I was trained to become.

“_Thank You Rubber Madame Victoria!” I chant in sluttish lust and happiness.

“_Good girl. Now, stand, it’s time for your anal discipline training. If you manage to orgasm from anal stimulation alone, I will allow you to sleep in my quarters tonight, instead of at the dungeon.”

I nod, setting my mind fully to have an earth-shattering orgasm during this training. Madame Victoria never allowed me past the doors of the dungeon. Usually, I arrive blindfolded, and am directed here. I never saw any other part of the house. But anal training is my weakest spot. Madame says perfect anal sluts can orgasm only from her ass. And listed me some perfect Anal Queens that don’t even feel the need to any other form of orgasm, Her own name included. I only nod, while She guides me towards a rubber-lined box, where I lay flat on my tummy, the torpedo tits of my thick black rubber catsuit getting into holes in it. My hands and legs are secured, as well as my neck, giving me back the familiar feeling of complete surrender. I’m rendered helpless on this position, my ass in display for her… as she unzips both my catsuits, to gain access to my ass. A familiar syringe of lube goes into my ass and shoots a huge load of lubricant. Horse lubricant, used for insemination, so thick, the sensation makes me feel just like a wet hot mare, ready to be mounted. Dripping lube on the hard, rubber-tiled floor, I moan at the wetness I learned to enjoy so much. My corseted neck, forces me to look forward, constantly staring at a set of mirrors that reflect Madame Victoria, working inside of me. All I can do is have a perfect view of what is being done to me, and enjoy it, accept what She’s turning me into, Her perfect rubberslut.

“_Since you’re already experienced with dildoes, and is accepting the first permanent plug in your training well, I believe it’s useless to go on inserting dildoes in you. I should better jump into the fisting techniques… and by the way, I won’t gag you… I want to hear your screams and moans tonight!” Madame Victoria said. I was going to say “Yes Rubber Madame Victoria”, when I heard her fingers getting out of the lube pot She keeps by Her side whenever She conducts anal training in me, and started working her fingers in. A horny purr indicated She appreciated the amount of training I have been conducting home. ”The first permanent plug is doing wonders for you, my sweet rubberslut… your ass is so soft and wet right now…. Don’t you agree?” She asked, blinking at me in one of the mirrors; as I witnessed her whole fist disappear inside my ass.

My first instincts now are to accept. My ass is well distended, more then it has ever been, but Madame knows fully what she’s doing. I’m past clenching my ass, to stop intruders from coming in, I’m trained into accepting and milking whatever is introduced in my ass. But Her whole fist is more then I have ever taken inside, making my asshole so distended I can barely relax. She starts working it deeper and deeper, but it seems my body doesn’t have room to take the intruder inside. The corset makes it even harder, even to breathe… I focus on by ass, the pleasure that starts to build, as my A-spot is caressed by her sweet, slick and thick black rubber gloves.

“_Good slut, focus on your pleasure, focus on the rubber inside and around you. You have to choice, you’re my slut, my plaything, my maid, my dog, my mare, my slut, my bitch in heat. Your ass is mine to use, your mouth is mind to gain pleasure from. And I’m altering you, changing you, disciplining you as I see fit, to better serve and please me, am I not?” She asked, rhetorically, as I can barely breath… too much pain and too much discomfort going on my body. “Come on slut, accept my gift, accept my pleasure, accept my lust! Embrace the fact I will transform you into the ultimate anal slut, you want it or not… feel my whole arm diving deep, inside you, going SLOWLY and DEEEPER inside your body… rubbing against your rubber asspussy, sliding SOFTLY INTO your ass.”

Looking forward, I’m forced to hear Her hypnotic voice, while I witness from all 5 mirrors Her arm going deeper inside of me at every movement… taking it all out, and shoving even more in… gaining a few millimeters at every insertion, pain giving wait to even more lust and pleasure, as Her strong, sexy voice oozes with dominance and desire. It builds within me… my cock, so hard it hurts deeply, as its binds and straps cut into its flesh, making it feel better and better… as I learned to love the feel of my hard cock, made harder and making me more aware of its hardened state by straps and hard chastity tubes. Every time her arm slides against the entrance of my ass, it gets better and better… a strange feeling swarming inside my tummy, inside my body, a different kind of pleasure, so different from my regular orgasms… building slowly, but unstoppable. Madame Victoria looks me into the eyes trough the mirrors and knows I’m getting there.

“_Yes…. feel it… embrace it…. Let it come from inside of you… yes… YES…” Madame chants, as my moans start being heard, from a mouth that a while ago, had no voice even to make it known it was experience pain… wave after wave of pleasure washed me, making my legs and arms tense…. My mouth, open wide on a round O, moaning like the bitch I am, so perfect to receive a rubber coated cock right now… yes…. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah orgasm so solid it washed over my body like a bizarre, overpowering energy swept over my body, repeatedly, taking away my senses. I have never sensed something this powerful, this intense, and it came from inside of me, from my ass, from Madame Victoria and Her gift of anal training. I moaned aloud, until my voice faded, as the intensity of the pleasure rose above anything I could have ever dreamed on experiencing. It was so intense, so powerful, I couldn’t even move. Trashed against my bounds, I laid there, after what seemed to be an eternity of Madame’s delicious rubber fist working its magic inside my ass… She took her arm out, leaving my ass dripping and wide open, and after cleaning her rubber arm with a black towel, she released by binds, and whispered in my ears…

“_Well done my rubberslut, your Owner is very proud of you. You earned your prize; you can come to my chambers upstairs, if you can manage to move. Otherwise, you may stay here in the dungeon tonight, my lovely slut. Goodnight.”

Well knowing I’m trashed beyond walking again, by pain and pleasure, still feeling the effects of the most intense orgasm of my life, She walks upstairs and turns off the lights of the dungeon. I’m left in the darkness, as her high heels click step after step towards her chambers, while I’m too worn off to even move. The wholesome of the experience still didn’t wash away… as my muscles still spasm on the pleasure I felt. My cock is still hard, but I don’t even care on touching it, as what I felt makes the common pleasure pale in comparison. After a few moments, I doze off right where I am, eager to have my ass filled by Madame’s whole arm again… Madame Victoria should be sleeping happy, knowing well what She managed to make me into what She wanted to, a complete anal slut.

The end