Paula sucked and sucked eagerly Alison’s cock, drinking her fluids and making her aroused. She licked, and kissed the immense rubber phallus. The taste and scent of rubber was driving her wild. Alison, standing high on her platforms, felt the tugging of Paula playing with her rubber penis together with the buzzing and pressure of the plugs that invaded her. She moaned and sighed, with her hands in her waist, rocking her hips back and forth. She was enjoying this, and Paula, who also moaned and purred at her cock, seemed to be enjoying it too.

Paula tried to stuff the cock into her mouth, but it was too big, so her lips just kissed and sucked back and forth the cock’s tip, surrounding it in a soft ‘O’. She grabbed it and gently rubbed her skin with it, kissing the dildo all over its length. Then she undid her blouse and felt the rubber cock against her breasts, loving it. “Easy, easy”, moaned Alison, who felt how Paula was so busy at her cock.
Paula reached for one of the bulbs that hung from Alison’s crotch, and started pumping, making Alison give a loud moan. The dildoes still vibrated, and she felt as full as she could be. But the thing that excited her most was the feeling of being played with, the feeling of being so desired. She moved her hips now quickly, and she played with her inflated tits, enjoying the rubbery contact.

Soon, Alison had had another orgasm, and her rubber breasts slightly heaved as she breathed deeply. Paula still sucked her cock with devotion. Now Alison reached gently for Paula’s head. She placed her rubber gloved hands softly and made her friend stand up. Then she looked at her face. God, how did she love this girl.
Alisons juices dripped from Paula’s lips, she was sweating and her makeup had smeared, but she still was the most beautiful creature in Alisons’ eyes.

“Have I done something wrong, dear?”, asked Paula “No! Not at all! It’s just that I want to see you and talk with you. I wanted to show you the kind of lady I’ve become, but I didn’t expect that you would like it so much…”
Paula smiled as Alison ran her fingers over her cheek.
“In fact” – continued Alison – “I had my fears that you would go through the door and I would never see you again”
“I’ve always felt these weird lesbian desires, darling, but I was afraid to talk about them with anyone else. And now you return, and appear in front of me like this… so sexy, so bizarre… I just couldn’t help it, I’m sorry dear.” “Tsk, tsk, tsk, don’t say that. It’s OK. I’m happy we’re come to this point. Come, lets go upstairs.”

They went to Alison’s room, and there they sat in the bed. They talked and talked for hours, Alison lying in the bed, with Paula lying by her, both of them rubbing each other, sometimes kissing, sometimes just staring at each other’s eyes. Then they fell silent, and then they spoke again. Alison spoke of how she began in the fetish scene, how she became a model and how she retired to a quieter job as a rubber clothing designer, and how she managed to create her own firm. Paula talked about her life in the city, and how disappointing her relationship with Bob turned to be, and how she wished she had kissed Alison the night of the ball. And then, they kissed again, and soon they fell asleep, Paula’s head resting on Alison’s inflated soft body, her hand fondling her friend’s cock.

“I’d love to stay here with you”, Paula muttered in the middle of the night. “I wish I could stay here, and play with you every day, and become a bizarre rubber doll like you are”. And she fell asleep again in Alison’s rubber bed, covered with rubber blankets, her head resting on a soft inflatable rubber pillow. The scent of rubber filled her mind, and she could not dream of nothing better.

Alison was lying beside Paula, in a part of the bed shaped to make sleeping in her rubber suit more comfortable. Paula didn’t know, but Alison had just heard what Paula muttered.

The light of a cool winter morning entered through the window’s glass. Paula opened her eyes, and waited a minute to get used to the light. The room was not familiar to her. Then, she noticed the rubber aroma of the sheets all over the bedroom, and the rustling of the rubber when she moved. She remembered what happened the previous evening. For a second she had thought she had dreamed it all. But she was still in the dream. A beautiful smile appeared in her face, as she felt a rush of sudden, pure happiness boiling inside.

She went to the bathroom to wash her face. In the bedroom there were a nice collection of dildoes and plugs, and an enema bag hung from the ceiling. The vision of such equipment would make some people nervous, but she just felt a bit of envy for the lifestyle Alison had enjoyed all this time. She decided to take a shower, because she had sweated a lot the night before, and as she entered the bath she saw that there were some dildoes in it too.

Paula opened the water and applied some soap over her skin. The warm water felt so nice over her naked body, she felt very good. Still, she couldn’t stop looking at the huge dildo. She massaged her breasts while looking at it, it had to feel so good, big and soft, with many veins marked all over it… She noticed a small bottle of lubricant just beside the soap, and didn’t think twice. She grabbed the huge rubber dildo, applied a good measure of jelly over it, and slowly inserted it in her vagina, savouring the sensations. She had never been penetrated by such a big object, and she liked it. Paula put the plug in the drain, and lay herself in the bath, which began to fill with warm water. There she fucked herself with the dildo, massaging her clit with the other hand. She moaned softly, and tried not to make loud noises, because she felt a bit guilty for using Alison’s toys without her permission. So she masturbated quietly until she came. Then she finished cleaning herself, dried with a towel and dressed, rolled the towel around her hair and went downstairs.

Alison was there, still fully dressed in her rubber suit, still perfectly made up.
She didn’t seem to have sweated at all. She was sitting in a kind of gynecological chair, with an empty enema bag connected to a small tube in her rear, and another tube connected to her rubber penis. In front of her there was a desk with big computer screens showing what seemed like sewing patterns and designs. A keyboard and a graphical tablet were attached to the arms of the gynecological chair, so that Alison could use the computers and work comfortably while dressed. But it didn’t seem that Alison was working at all.

Paula found her friend fondling her big rubber cock with one hand, while she massaged her breasts with the other. Under the creaking of the rubber, a faint buzzing sound could be heard. She had pleasure written in her face. Paula smiled, but said nothing. She just stood and looked at Alison pleasuring herself. Alison moaned and breathed deeply, and touched her rubberized body, her breasts, her corsetted waist. Now slowly, feeling the tingling as her rubber fingers stroked her rubber skin. Now quickly, as a sudden wave of pleasure run across her body. Now, Paula saw how Alison began to shake, and moan more loudly. “Yessss, yesss, yessss, oh, yessss, harder, harder” she muttered, and her hands pressed her inflated body with eagerness, feeling her sexy shapes which made her feel so good. Paula was impressed, as Alison had one violent orgasm, then another one, and then a third one.
Four, five, six, seven, she counted. It was amazing. Paula just wished that she could be like Alison.

Now Alison breathed slowly, laying relaxed in her gyno chair. She reached for the keyboard and typed a couple of commands, and soon the chair moved, allowing her to stand. Rubber creaked as she got out of the chair and disconnected the rubber tubes, and when she turned around she found that Paula was still looking at her with an amused look.

“Were you there all this time?”
“Well, a little, but I didn’t want to interrupt”
“Interrupt? You could have joined me…” – Alison grinned.
“Oh, I’ll note that down, dear” – said Paula, returning a pleasant smile – “By the way, I just had a shower, I hope it’s OK”
“Oh, sure. Please be at home. I left some toys for you in the bathtub early in the morning, as well as some lube, I thought that you might want to play a bit.” Paula turned red, and Alison laughed – “I guess you liked them”, she said as she winked, and this made Paula laugh with her.

Alison had already had some breakfast, but accompanied Paula while she ate. Paula was hungry after all the emotions of the previous evening.

“Well” – she said to Alison – “I guess it’s time for me to get back home. I don’t want to become a nuisance for you”
“Oh! I thought you were staying a bit longer! I like having you here with me…
You’re no nuisance at all!”
Paula looked to Alison’s eyes. She wanted so much to stay with her, but she also had a job, and probably Stan had been calling home all night long. Not that she loved her job so much, it was boring and not very well paid. And Stan, well, he was also boring. Paula felt that if Alison asked just once more, she could leave all this things behind, and just stay with her.
Alison also felt all these thoughts running through Paula’s head, so she just looked back at Paula with her most tender pleading stare and insisted – “Oh, please, dear, I’d love so much that you decided to stay here with me… We’d have lots of fun! And, and lots of sex! And… perhaps I have got something special you!” “Still, dear, I’ve got to go home. I just can’t leave all behind like that, you understand…” – Paula face was sad. She looked at Alison’s eyes, who had turned serious now.
“Sure, I understand. Pity.”
“No, no, dear, it’s just that… I’ve got to think a bit. This is so wonderful, and I feel so good with you, but… this is too fast.”
“Well. OK. Take your time” – Alison was really down now.
Paula smiled and kissed Alison – “Don’t worry, cutie! I’ve had the best time ever with you today…”
Alison smiled a bit.

They called for a taxi, and Alison kissed Paula goodbye. Paula went to the garden, walked to the hedge and waited, while Alison looked at her through the window. The taxi arrived, and Paula entered it. Then disappeared.

Alison now felt really alone. It was true that she had been living alone for some years now, with short relationships which were more about sex than love. But seeing again Paula, and knowing that she accepted her lifestyle, it was something that had touched her deeply. She went upstairs, walking slowly, and got into her rubber bed, and just looked at the floor for hours.

Paula entered her appartment. It was messy, as she had left it the day before. She looked at the sofa, where it lay the newspaper of two days ago. It was open at the page of the movie listings. Then she walked to the phone, and started playing the messages. Fifteen messages. “Hello, this is Stan, are you okay?”. “Hello, this is Stan again, please call me when you arrive”. “Hello, Stan here, I was worried because it’s late and you haven’t called”. Delete all.

She sat on the sofa. The taste of rubber was still on her mouth. It dug deep in her mind. She closed her eyes, and she could only see Alison, with her beautiful face encased in the wide rubber collar, with her huge inflated tits, with her curves.
There was only rubber. Paula began touching her wet clitoris. She wanted Alison, she wanted to hug all that rubber, to lick that huge cock, to kiss her pointy rubber nipples. She wanted to hear the sound of rubber when she touched her. And she wanted to be a rubberdoll herself, and wanted Alison to do the same to her. She knew pretty well what to do, but she was scared to do it.

Then, as she drifted in her thoughts, the phone rang. Stan again, Paula thought. She answered.
“Hello, this is Stan, are you okay?”
“Yes, Stan, I’m okay, I just spent last evening with a friend…” “Oh, that’s good. I was a bit worried, you shouldn’t be out so late. It’s not safe for two girls to be in the street late at night. Do you want me to come to your place now?”
“No, Stan, I’m fine, thank you.”
“Really? I’ve got a couple of DVD’s, it might be fun.” “No, no, Stan, really. I’d rather be alone. I’d like to think.” “Are you sure you’re okay?”
“Yes, Stan, I’m okay.”
“Well, then. Look, I’ve got tickets for tomorrow’s match, it’s going to be great! I’ll pick you at your place at six, okay?”
“I’ll see you tomorrow, then!”
“Stan, I don’t really feel like going to the basket…” “But, but, it’s going to be great, this is the play-outs…” “Stan, look, I don’t want to go to the basket tomorrow. You can go with someone else, though.”
“Are you okay, darling?”
“Stan, honey, I’d rather like if you didn’t call me darling. We’re not dating. We’ve just gone to the cinema a couple of times, as friends.” “I’m sorry… Are you dating someone else?”
“Well, I guess that’s not of your business, right?”
“Okay. Well, I was just trying to be nice. I’ll call you tomorrow.” “I… I think I’d prefer if you didn’t.”
“Eh? But… but… why?”
“I think we want different things. I’ve always told you that I just wanted to be friends, and you seem to want something else.”
“Well, yes, but what’s so wrong with it? I like you!” “I’m sorry, Stan.”
“Okay, then. I thought you were special, but you’re just like all the other girls.” Stan hung. Paula listened at the phone’s tone. It was now clear as day. She was not like all the other girls. She was special.

Alison was awakened by the sudden ring at her door. She just knew what it meant. As quickly as she could, she walked down the stairs and opened the door. There, standing under the moonlight, was Paula. She was carrying two big suitcases, and she looked like she had been crying, but she smiled.

“Yes, I’ll stay with you”, said, and hugged Alison’s rubber body.
“I knew you’d come back, dear”, said Alison as she hugged Paula back, but her eyes were also red and swollen.
“I’ve just left my old job, it wasn’t so great…”, Paula smiled. “And I’ve also talked to Stan. He won’t be calling anymore. I know that this is crazy, but I just want to live with you, dear!”
Alison looked at Paula, her eyes were shining. She couldn’t do nothing but hug this girl. She was happier than ever.
Both girls stood there for a long time, feeling each other. They didn’t want to get separated.
Paula broke the silence. “I know I should look for a job, now, but I’d love one job which allowed me to be here, with you. I guess I can rent my apartment, and get some money though.”
“Don’t worry about money, dear. Come here. I’ve got something for you”, and she led Paula downstairs.