I Find A new Supplier

I found the suit maker fairly easily thanks to the directions that they had given me but was surprised to find it located in a lovely little village complete with a duck pond and local pub, it really was lovely, I went in and was greeted by an overpowering smell of rubber and stopped to inhale it’s aroma with absolute pleasure, a young lady came out from the back of the shop and asked “Are you Roland?” “Yes I am did we speak on the phone?” “Yes we did I am Victoria, Josh my partner will be back in a minute and he can start measuring you up and then we can discuss what you want, but in the meantime please have a look round we make all sorts of rubber gear and I think you will find it interesting” she said and left me to wander round the shop, that although not very big was absolutely packed to the gunnels with all sorts of rubber suits.

I saw what appeared to be very thick rubber suits that shone and shimmered in the display lights but when I got hold of one I was amazed to find that it was in fact a neoprene wetsuit but to my surprise it was not lined with thick and stiff nylon but with a really slick and slippery but I could not see what it was, the suit was well over a quarter of an inch thick and I assumed that it would be very stiff and would be fairly uncomfortable to wear, I got hold of it and realised that it was incredibly soft and really, really supple and stretchy and would fit really closely of made properly.

I was surprised by a voice saying “Hello you must be Roland? I am Josh I see you have found one of our secrets” he said, “Yes I have indeed this feels really fabulous but what is it lined with?” I said, “It’s actually Lycra, but we have found a supplier who will make it to our specification so that it is very, very strong and yet really soft and supple it does not rub the skin and anyone who uses one of our suits says that they can wear them for hours and in one case a lady who said she wore one for the whole of her holiday even going out in it at night with jeans and a sweat shirt over the top, she now has about 8 and a dry suit that she wears under her street clothes on really cold days, now then what can we do for you?” he asked.

I explained what I was looking for and slipped in a couple of ideas of my own at which he never blinked an eye he simply said “I may be wrong but you sound like a rubber lover would I be right?” “You are indeed” I said “and I have been for more years than I care to remember, I take it that you and your partner are as well, hence the understanding of how suits fit” “Yes I love being dressed from head to toe in full rubber gear and regularly wear up to 10 suits with hoods and breathing gear or respirators with a heavy cape over the top and going for a walk through the village, they call us the rubber people here but we never have any nasty remarks made and are accepted quite readily” said Victoria who had come up behind us “This is great” I said “I have never heard of the company and I thought I knew them all are you new on the scene?”

“Not really we have been in it for about ten years but don’t usually advertise although we do have a web site that we put on line last year that has our catalogue on it, but we get continually get e-mails asking for pictures of girls in our clothes but we don’t want to get into that side of the business, we are not prudes it’s just a route we don’t want to get into” Victoria said “We do regularly make outfits for some of the professional photographers and the specialist web sites and from time to time we have had them here in the village with their models and it does pay rather well but we do not want to go down that route” Josh said.

“Have you asked he various sites to put a link in to your site via there’s?” I asked.

“No, can we do that?” Victoria asked “Bloody right you can” I said “they are using your products to make a fortune, have you seen the price some of these private sites charge just to see what are supposed to be updated pictures that usually are not and then make DVD’s with about 50 pictures on them and sell them for extortionate prices and all the time using your gear, what you do is get them to sign a contract to say that if they use your gear on any web site that they will link your site to theirs, they probably get hundreds of requests every day as to where people can buy the gear in the pictures but I bet they don’t tell you of these enquiries, they probably pass them onto a mate who makes something that looks the same but is not anywhere near the same quality” I was about to continue when the phone rang, Josh answered it and after a minute or two said “OK tomorrow’s alright about ten o’clock right see you then” he said and looked at Victoria “That was Stretchy Sex they want to come and do a photo shoot with five models for a picture story to be published as a strip cartoon and also on a video” “There’s your first one” I said “once you have me measured up I will set out a contract for you if you like have you a computer?” “Yes we have, that would be fantastic, lets get the enjoyable bit over with first though and then design some suits for you after you tell us what we are looking for”.

Shortly afterwards and they had taken every possible measurement that I could think of we sat and discussed what I wanted and what I wanted it for, when I told them about the course they both said, “Oh we know Colin and Svetlana they are a lovely couple and he his very professional and serious about what he does and has no problem telling people that they are not good enough to dive if he thinks they are not ready, we supply them both with wet and dry suits and they love them”.

After some discussion I had decide that they would make me four wetsuits and six drysuit’s all with hoods and gloves in black red green and a fantastic totally sealed suit that you wore over full wet suit’s and drysuit’s complete with air tanks and this heavy suit zipped up so that you are inside a complete rubber world looking out through a plastic window, they were going to make it out of heavily laminated rubber and Lycra and it would end up over half an inch thick, I couldn’t wait to try it out, they said that it would take about two months to make up all the suits so we decided on two wetsuit’s and two drysuit’s for my training course.

Victoria asked rather nervously if I would stay whilst the Stretchy Sex people were there so that they would get the web link up without problems, I said I would but would need somewhere to stay and Josh said “Oh that’s not a problem they will put you up at the pub I’ll go and see George now, see you in a little while” he said and off he went.

Victoria was searching through the racks of wetsuits and asked me “Would you like to try on a couple of these to see how they feel?” “I would indeed but let me get a couple more latex suits from my car with hoods so that I can be fully rubbered”.

I went into the back of the shop and dressed in two thick rubber suits with full hoods feet and gloves and Victoria brought over three really thick suits “You will need to be greased first” she said and proceeded to spray me all over with a lubricant spray “This is fantastic stuff” she said “We get it from a firm in Eastern Europe it comes out as a liquid but when the air meets it, it becomes like a really slippery grease in fact it’s even more slippery than silicon spray and the best is that it’s water soluble so it doesn’t damage the rubber and is easy to wash off, right let’s get you into the first suit it will feel very, very tight at first but don’t worry that’s how the suits are meant to fit”.

The first suit was complete with hood feet and thick latex gloves and zipped from the crown of my head down to my waist, it was a struggle to get it on but once on it felt fabulous and even though it was really thick was amazingly soft and supple, the next suit was roughly the same but the last one was fabulous it had feet built in as did the others but instead of gloves it had three finger mittens built in and once my head was through the neck seal the suit proper was zipped closed, the hood hung down in front of me on my chest and Victoria said “You will like this, the hood is fastened to the front of the suit but seals to it with a water tight zip around your shoulders and once it is on and strapped really tightly the inside inflates and is really snug and has it’s own built in respirator, OK here we go” she said and eased me into the hood and closed the zip and there I was totally sealed away, she inflated the inner hood and it gripped my head really nicely and made everything nice and snug, it felt amazing.

She fiddled about with something on my back and then I heard a click and she said in a muffled voice “Can you hear me?” I nodded “You can speak there’s a speaker on the front of the hood” I said “Yes I can hear you fine this is amazing I will take this with me if that is OK together with the other two suits I am wearing they feel great and are so comfortable I can’t believe it, shall we go for a walk?” “Yes OK let me get you a heavy cape and get into some rubber myself, won’t be a minute” she said and of she went up the stairs.

She had been gone about half an hour when Josh came back “Hey you look amazing how do you like it?” he asked “It’s fantastic” I replied “I have asked Victoria if she would take me for a walk round the village if you don’t object” I said “Not at all and you will probably see her favourite place particularly if you turn left out of the shop” “Oh really where’s that?” I asked “Oh you’ll find out” he said with a laugh just as Victoria came back fully rubbered masked and caped in the most amazing bright red rubber floor length cape with tight open faced hood that showed a heavy respirator with tubes coming from it and going inside the cape through special holes, “The breathing tubes go to a special respirator on her back and it can be used under water without the need of air bottles” Josh said “So you will be seeing the plunge fairly soon I would imagine, I’ll fit you with a breather box, don’t drown the customer Victoria will you?” he said to receive a clout as best she could inside her rubber cape, he fitted my heavy cape and tightened the hood around the suit hood “The capes are made out of the same material as the suits and are almost half an inch thick and as you can tell very, very heavy, well you two have a nice walk see you soon”.

We walked out of the shop and turned left as he had predicted so I would soon see the plunge as he called it I was filled with curiosity, it was a really hot day and we were both getting hotter and hotter “Isn’t it lovely?” she said “I do love it when it gets really hot and you get slipperier and slipperier inside your rubber world, are you OK?” “I am absolutely great” I said and I was not kidding these suits plus my own and the cape must have been almost an inch and a half thick but it was all so soft and supple it felt wonderful, we had walked for about twenty minutes when Victoria said “Through this gate and down the path”, we went along a path thorough what was a small copse and once we got to the other side she said “This is my favourite place it is totally secluded and would spend all my time here if I could it’s so peaceful and so wet come on” she said and led me through a gap in the trees and out into a clearing that was on the banks of a river and was surrounded on three sides by sandstone walls that must have been 40 feet high, the river came in from one side of where we were and went round this sort of little bay and out of the other side so that it was fresh all the time it was a truly magical place.

“The water is about 15 feet deep at the back and very, very cold so our suits are essential it is also one of the reasons no-one comes here to swim so come on lets get wet” she said and started to walk into the clear water the cape billowing around her and spreading out like a massive bright red water lily, I followed her in and could feel the coldness of the water even through all my rubber covers no wonder no-one came to swim here they would die of hypothermia in about 20 seconds, the water came up under the cape and I rubbed my mittened hands over the wet suit and found to my delight that the wetter it got the more slick and slippery it got it felt fabulous, the water was at shoulder level when I suddenly realised that I was breathing quite happily and easily through Josh’s breather box and it was great, as I looked around my heavy black cape was spread around me matching Victoria’s she came over to me and said “The material is buoyant and will float which makes it ideal for wet and dry suits, ease the edges down under the water so that we can get right to the back and have a sit down and a relax” I tried to get the rubber to go down but couldn’t get hold of it “Oh sorry I forgot you have mittens on don’t you here let me do it” and she pulled the heavy rubber down into the water “It will sink in a minute when it gets really wet, see there it goes” and sure enough the cape started to sink below the surface “Come on” she said leading the way into the deeper water, it was so clear I could see the back of the pool and about three feet above the bottom was a ledge about four feet wide and it was toward this that Victoria was heading, once there she sat down and I joined her “This is great” I said and realised that I could be heard even under fifteen feet of cold clear water.

We stayed there for what must have been two hours just relaxing in our rubber covers completely sealed away and warm and dry a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

All to soon it was time to go back and we were greeted by Josh “Have you two enjoyed yourselves leaving me to sweat in here whilst you go gallivanting” he said with a laugh “We will be able to do nothing with him now for the rest of the day he’s only jealous” said Victoria “Come on I’ll help you out of your cape and suits and we can hang them up in the drying room”.

We all spent an enjoyable evening in the pub across the village green and I slept in a lovely comfortable bed that would not have disgraced a five star hotel followed in the morning with a truly fabulous full breakfast, this really is the best meal of the day it set’s you up like nothing else.

I went over to the workshop and we waited for the film people to arrive, and duly at 10 o’clock they arrived in would you believe five cars and two bloody great vans.