Sealed For Life

I felt myself being lifted from the car still in my rubber tomb, I was laid down on something and felt myself being moved, and then I seemed to hear what sounded like a lift and felt myself going downwards, I was doing my best to wriggle inside my by now red hot rubber prison but could not move so much as a finger.

The bag started to go down and eventually the zips were unfastened and I looked up into George’s face peering at me “Well my little rubber slug how are you feeling nice and warm, are you, we will have to cool you down won’t we, Oh well maybe you can’t talk after all can you” she said knowing full well that I was doing my best to scream but uttered not a sound through the heavy massively inflated gag that was in my mouth.

I was lifted down from the trolley that I was on and for the first time saw the person helping me, it was a woman that was for sure but from the neck up all human resemblance was gone the head was a complete rubber ball with just two very, very small lenses for the eyes.

“This is No3 and she is going to prepare you for indoctrination into a rubber being so much so that when you are taken out of rubber you will scream to be sealed away again, now don’t shake your head it will do you no good nobody who has gone through my training routine has ever resisted the need to be completely sealed away and you will be very special, you are going to be my very special rubber sex slave, you really are very beautiful you know and when I take you out everybody will be green with envy, right No3 lets get started” she said and with that I was stripped of the heavy coat but before I could say or do anything a large limp rubber bag was forced over my head.

“The breathing bag has only very small holes at the back of your neck and if you try to shout or scream the air will run out and you will suffocate so relax and breath slowly and steadily, I do not wish or intend to hurt you but if necessary I will sedate you so just relax and enjoy the process, and believe me as time goes by you will enjoy it no matter how much you think you may not, No3 the suit”.

The suit? What the hell was happening to me, I couldn’t do anything as even the slightest movement almost suffocated me and the inside of the bag hood was getting wetter and wetter with my perspiration and clung to my face making breathing even harder.

I felt myself being sat on a chair and my arms held in place and then my feet were eased into what must be the legs of the suit, it felt awful it was all slick and slippery.

“The suit is very heavily greased with a lubricant so that it slips on easily, just keep still it won’t take a minute to get you sealed in” George said, the heavy rubber continued to be eased up my legs until she said “Stand up now so that we can get your body covered properly”.

I stood, what else could I do I was helpless, the suit was pulled and stretched and eased further up my legs over my hips and up to my breasts, “We are just going to put your lovely titties into the tit rings so be still or we could hurt you” I was told my breast are not the smallest in the world at 34DD and they were pushed and pulled into something until both seemed to have very tight bands round their base, it was really tight and quite painful but to my surprise the pressure made me feel really horny.

OH! God what was happening to me, here I was sealed inside a rubber bag hood almost unable to breathe being forced into a thick rubber suit and feeling randy about it, this shouldn’t be happening but it was and George noticed.

“Ah” she said “Our little slave is getting all wet, she is starting to succumb to the rubber” and with that she grabbed my sex and rammed her fingers inside and worked me really hard I thought I was going to explode but just as I was about to orgasm George stopped leaving me at the top of a precipice “Ooooo she likes that don’t you, you randy little rubber fucking machine, but not yet you will have plenty of time to enjoy it once you are completely on your own for a little while”.

My arms and hands were slithered into sleeves and my fingers slid into gloves, but they felt strange “The gloves are sealed inside heavy mittens so that naughty fingers can’t get up to mischief, you will get used to having bondage mittens on and doing everything with them on so just relax and enjoy” George said.

I felt the zip being closed from my waist up to wards my neck but just before it got all the way up George said “Right No3 get her in the chair so that we can deal with that hair” I was pushed into what felt like a steel chair and heavy straps bound my ankles knees thighs hips waist and round my breasts, my arms were tightly fastened to the arms of the chair at wrist elbows and round my shoulders a heavy steel collar was fastened round my neck and severely secured so that I was completely immobile, I felt the bag hood collar slacken and then it was pulled from my head and for the first time for over an hour I could breathe, I gulped in lung full’s of air.

“Now my little rubber slave lets do something about that awful red hair of yours shall we, now don’t move we don’t want any cuts do we” George said.

“No3 shave her if you please” Oh no not my lovely hair “NO NO PLEASE NOT MY HAIR” I screamed “No3 a gag if you please” said George and No3 forced a huge gag in my mouth and proceeded to inflate it until I thought my jaw was going to break, but all I could do was scream and scream but all that came out was a muffled MMPH, MMPH, MMPH, “It’s no use screaming no-one can hear you so just relax I have told you, you will enjoy your new life in rubber as my personal sex slave.

I could do nothing and No3 set to until all I could see were mounds of beautiful red hair falling from my head, I was sobbing uncontrollably but nothing would or could stop this awful woman degrading me for her perverse pleasure, I made myself a promise I would never be her sex slave no matter what she did to me and she would certainly not enjoy this slave!

“Ah that’s better all clean now for your pussy we can’t have you a hairy sex slave can we my dear” George said and No3 proceeded to shave my bushy mound, and soon I was as bald as the day as I was born, “Very nice now for your hood and mask, No3” she said.

The gag was removed but I was to exhausted and frightened to cry scream or anything else, No3 brought the hood and from the inside I could see a thick tube coming from the inside, “Now keep very still so that the feeding tube can be pushed down your throat, I will spray your throat with a lubricant anaesthetic first but if you thrash about it will hurt you so be very still, once it is in you will soon get used to it” she said.

The tube was forced down my throat and seemed to go on and on until George seemed to be satisfied “Well done, now No3 seal her in” she said, No3 took the rest of the hood and eased a flange inside my mouth and heavy tubes into my nose and then pulled the rest of the hood round my head and started to close it with a zip from the crown of my head down to the nape of my neck, George inspected it and seemed satisfied “Right lace it nice and tight and then complete the sealing process so that we can get her in the rest of her suits and the submersion bags”.

No3 threaded heavy steel laces through numerous holes down the back of the hood until it felt as if my head was in a vice, once she had finished she eased the neck of the hood inside the neck of the suit and finished zipping it up, she then took a tube of something and started to spread it around my neck and down my spine that was left free due to the design of the chair “Now we wait for 10 minutes whilst the adhesive dries and then we can seal you away properly can’t we my lovely little rubber sex slave?”

No3 came toward me with a long strip of latex about 4 inches wide, “Bend forward and do not move or I will punish you very severely” ordered George I bent forward in the chair so that my back and neck were curved but flat and No3 began to seal it to the adhesive along my spine from the top of my head down to just below my waist, when she was finished George said “Stay like that for a moment or two so that it sets properly and then we will let you see your new self”.

The straps were undone and No3 helped me to my feet and led me over to a long mirror and for the first time I saw what George had done to me, I was gone it was not me anymore all that remained of the me I knew was a rubber creature.

“Well my dear how do you like your new look?” asked George, who was now totally hooded with what looked like a heavy gasmask with tubes coming from it and down in front and under her arms toward the back.

The vision that greeted me in the mirror mad e me feel frightened but at the same time incredibly horny, it looked as though my whole body apart from my tits and pussy had been engulfed by an alien being that was black and very shiny, I rubbed my mittened hands over my body and it was really slick and slippery when I put my hands on my breasts the feeling was incredible and my nipples were standing out like they had never done before they were held tightly around the base by very thick rubber bands that held them straight out in front and I must admit although I was scared I really did like what I saw, and felt really turned on by it, am I going mad?

My head was sealed inside a huge rubber hood that only had eye openings and two tubes from my nose, through which I could breathe, that went along the side of the hood toward the back of my head, No3 held up a large mirror so that I could see and was shocked to see a large connection at the back of my neck “The connections are where we will feed you and fit your airlines too once you are submerged” George said.

I looked at my pussy and could see that it was totally free from hair and showing red and hot and sticky through the rubber lips of the slit in the suit, I was amazed that I looked so incredibly sexy but I did, my waist is only 24 inches and my hips are 38 inches and with a breast of 44CC I must admit I looked incredible and was getting more and more excited and was shuddering with anticipation as to what was to come.

George spotted this and came over to me, she took something from a shelf and I saw that it was the most enormous dill-do, she liberally greased it and then roughly shoved it up inside me and worked it in and out round and round and all the time she licked and kissed my rubbered head, the treatment lasted for about 10 minutes until I had the most powerful orgasm I have ever had, it shook me to my very being and No3 had to grab me to stop me falling over, it was amazing I could not believe it that being sealed in rubber and pleasured by a woman also sealed in rubber with a huge rubber dill-do, was I losing my mind?

“Oooo! You enjoyed that didn’t you, you little rubber slut I will have to keep my eye on you won’t I or you will be fucking everything in sight, now lets get you prepared for isolation and submersion so that you never again will want or accept being out of your rubber covers and will become a total rubber submissive sex slave, No3 the pants, inserts and catheters” she said.

“Come over to the table” she said “So that we can get you tubed and cathetered” she led me to what looked like an operating table from a delivery room and placed me on it and strapped my spread legs tightly to the supports and proceeded to insert a thick rubber catheter into me.

“This allows you to piss without taking off your lovely rubber, the one in your rear is slightly different it is made as a massive insert that has stimulators attached to it that will be activated at random but that allow you to go to the toilet without actually going if you see what I mean” she said with a laugh in her voice.

The catheter was fitted and then she proceeded to put a tube up my bottom and pushed it further and further up.

“Now we can’t have you shitting the thing out can we so we will give you an enema before we put the rear tube and stimulator, No3 about 5 litres I think” and with that No3 fastened a tube to the catheter and then to a huge rubber bag hanging above my head and when she was satisfied she turned a tap and I felt water filling me up, I had never had an enema before and the feeling was very strange but not unpleasant and really felt quite nice, that is until I started to get full and then the pain started, it was terrible as if my whole insides were being blown up from the inside and I felt that I would burst “Just a little more and then we can wash you out” said George.

A clip was fastened to the catheter tube and the filler tube was taken off and replaced with another tube and then the clip was released, and suddenly the whole lot whooshed out of me, I cannot believe it but I had the most amazing orgasm and it lasted and lasted, “Oh good she likes enema’s N03 get the other pants with the enema tube fitted and we will fit them to her” she said and No3 trotted off to do as she was told.

She returned with what appeared to be normal rubber pants, although very thick, except for tubes hanging from them. I was released from the operating table and the pants were eased over my legs and up my hips and the huge dill-do inside was heavily lubricated and forced into my by now hot and slick pussy it slid into place and a rubber flange sealed it to my sex, inside it where lots of little rubber knobs that ended with metal tips.

“Those are the stimulators and you will soon see what they do, now keep still whilst we glue them in place” George said, the pants were smoothed out and the waist was folded over about 4 inches as were the legs that went down to mid thigh, No3 carefully spread adhesive round my waist and thighs and then onto the waist and thighs of the pants, after about 5 minutes the edges were very carefully rolled down and I was now totally sealed inside my own rubber world.

“We will go out for the night before you are placed into the rubber indoctrination sheaths and submerged, I know a club that will love you No3 connect the slave to piss bags stimulator box and then get the number 26 dress and finish dressing her whist I go and get ready”.

No3 bowed very low and proceeded to fasten two piss bags to the front of my legs. My God I thought I can’t go out like this, can I? No3 the fastened a slim box to my waist at the back and connected the wires from the stimulators to it and then I felt for the first time exactly what the stimulators actually did.

No3 pushed some buttons on a box in her hand and I jumped like I had been shot, the vibrations and shocks coursed through me as nothing had ever done before I shook and shuddered as this evil amazing wonderful contraption sent me through the roof with about 4 massive orgasms, No3 came in front of me and stroked my rubbered face gently and rubbed herself against my body.

She hugged me tightly as she put the box down, she was just stroking my engorged pussy when a very stern voice stopped her dead in her tracks “No3 what are you doing pleasuring another slave, 1000 demerits to be served in the heat machine with full 72 hour sex stimulation, now dress the slave in her dress and report to the slave Mistress” No3 bowed very low and crawled to her Mistress and rubber her rubber head across her feet, and then started to dress me in the rubber dress.

The dress was fabulous, it was mostly very shiny highly polished black rubber with whirls and dragons all picked out in bright red and blue latex it looked fabulous the top was incredibly tight and No3 had a struggle to get it fastened but the skirt was absolutely huge and flowed and rippled right down to my ankles, she put me into ankle boots that I was sure that I would not be able to walk in, they were black with 8inch heels and strapped very tight round my ankles, once on I took a few steps across the room and although unsteady to start I soon got used to the, when I looked in the mirror I was amazed I looked absolutely fabulous, I did a twirl and the skirt of the dress seemed to carry on even after I had stopped turning.

“You look good enough to eat slave, now lets put you in a cape and we will go and make some people very envious” I was duly cape and hooded in a floor length bright red very thick rubber cape and off we went to a club that George new, and I found out much later that she owned, and I was introduced as her new rubber bed sex slave and all manner of people were given the control box was given to all sorts of people to play with or should I say play with me and I was a complete sexual wreck by the time we got back to her house and I was taken out of the lovely dress and put into a heavy skintight hooded rubber sheath zipped and laced and fastened to a bed until I was ready, to use Georges words, for my indoctrination into a rubber being, I slept, unbelievably, like a baby and was only awoken by being unzipped and unlaced from the sleeping sheath.