When I finally remember where I am I panic a bit but what the hell I tell myself it’s only for a few days and I have to admit that last night was truly fantastic I have never in my life felt orgasms like it and although I was incredibly sore I could still feel the intense well being from being continually sexually aroused, it really was strange, but I would go with the flow and enjoy the weekend.

The maid who greeted me this morning was completely sealed in tight red rubber except for her eyes and mouth she was wearing what looked like a full face breathing mask that showed her face through the round faceplate, it had thick tubes coming from the sides of the mask that disappeared down the front across her breasts and around by her waist toward her back, she saw me looking and turned round so that I could see the large twin tanks on her back.

“The tanks are filled with rubber waste and when you breath your air is filled with the strong smell of rubber it really is the most wonderful smell, now I must get you polished and ready for the Mistress or I will get de-merits can you stand on the sheet please Miss?” she said.

I was amazed because it looked as if her lips weren’t moving she saw that I was curious and came forward “My mask is almost 4 inches thick and although I can see the ori-nasal built in breathing mask allows me to speak to you, but it appears that I am not talking it looks strange but is really nice and really good fun when someone isn’t expecting it” she said “I am No8 and have been with the Mistress for 5 years and am always completely sealed in rubber as you are going to be in about 6 hours once you are installed in the indoctrination suits and then submerged just relax and enjoy it, it’s really great once you are a rubber being and the sex is brilliant, so lets get you ready before the Mistress comes for you and gives you de-merits for being late”.

I stepped onto the rubber sheet that No8 had laid down and she proceeded to spray me all over, and then got what looked like an electric drill with a big soft cloth fixed to it.

“This is a buffing machine and once I have finished you will be oiled so that you will be incredibly slippery, I love it when I am put in twenty bag isolation when I am polished and oiled you just seem to slither about inside your own rubber world it’s really great you know, soon after you are indoctrinated your mouth piece will be taken out and you will be able to speak so that we can talk, I have been selected to be your personal slave and will look after your every need and I mean every need” she said hugging me and rubbing my tits and pussy vigorously until after no more than 30 seconds I had another massive orgasm, bloody hell how long could I keep this up.

“Oh I am glad you liked that Miss we can have some lovely sexy fun when you are not sealed to the Mistress can’t we?” she said. Sealed to the Mistress? What the hell was she talking about?

Once I was polished to her satisfaction she led me to the mirror and the sight was fabulous I shone like polished black steel from head to foot and the lights glistened of my large breasts it looked fabulous, No8 then took a spray can and sprayed me all over.

“Please be careful Mistress you are now incredibly slippery, you mustn’t touch anything and you will have to be careful how you walk or you will fall, you are as slippery as ice on glass and it will make it easier to be put in the indoctrination suits so come on I will take you to the laboratory and pool room”

She led me out of the room and along the passageway to a lift, we entered and she pushed a button and down we went, “The laboratory and pool room are over 80 feet below ground and are totally sound proof which is a good thing when some of the Mistress’s clients bring their slaves for punishment or retubing, here we are” she said as the doors opened and we stepped out.

The sight that greeted me took my breath away, the room was probably 80 feet long and 50 feet wide and apart from the jet black polished floor was completely brilliant white from floor to ceiling and around the walls were all manner of frames and boxes and crosses and boards with hooks and rings fixed to them all obviously for the complete immobilisation of the various slaves.

In the centre of the floor space were four stainless steel operating tables complete with air bottles and fitted with very heavy looking straps and chains at the far end George was waiting for us together with two very large ladies and a mass of rubber piled on a trolley.

“Ah No8 I see you are on time as usual how is the slave this morning?” she asked.

“She is starting to accept the rubber Mistress and finds it very sexy but I think she is still a little scared because she doesn’t know yet what is going to happen to her but I am pleased to say she did not fight me this morning and I am looking forward to being her permanent handmaiden Mistress and can only thank you for the honour of looking after your personal bed and sex slave and assure you that I will make sure that she is always in pristine condition for your pleasure Mistress” she said this whilst bowing very low and rubbing against her Mistress’s rubber covered crotch.

“Thank you No8 you may go and get into your water suit as you will be the slaves companion in the indoctrination tank”.

“Oh yes Mistress thank you Mistress this really is an honour Mistress” George stopped her with a movement of her hand and said to me “One has to give the salves a treat now and again you will find No8 incredibly sexy and I think that the two of you will enjoy yourselves immensely, and I shall see to it that you are sealed together in rubber for many days at a time particularly when I go on vacation, right matrons suit her up for indoctrination” the two woman bowed and started to dress me for what I had no idea but I was soon to find out.

For the next 5 hours I was oiled greased sprayed pushed pulled and smoothed into many layers the first layers were four very thick latex suits complete with open faced hoods feet and mittens all the connections were checked and double checked and the various tubes from my pussy, bottom and urethra were eased out so that they could be connected to whatever they were to be connected to.

Before the hoods were put on earpieces were put into my ears and the leads fed to the connectors on the outside the next suits were very strange they were a very dark green rubber with massive zips down the back I realised that as I was being put into them that they were about a quarter of an inch thick and as each one was closed the air was sucked out of them so that they pressed hard against my already rubber covered body, the feeling was really good but as I was so heavily greased it felt that as I moved I was moving about inside the suits even though they were really tight, once these suits were on I was allowed to sit down to rest for half an hour as by now I was exhausted.

The next stage really frightened me my eyes were sprayed with liquid latex so that I was in total darkness then I felt something being pulled over my head I heard a click in my ear and George’s voice said “This is the base hood and is being glued on it completely seals you in ready for the isolation hood”.

Then I felt something else being pulled over my head “This is the isolation hood that’s going on it will mean that your senses are nil from your neck up, the rest of your body will be sealed away in the same way in a little while but first let me tell you about the hood” George said in my ears.

“It is over six inches thick and made of laminated layers of neoprene faced with 3mm thick latex and once on and sealed you will hear, see or feel nothing even should someone knock against you, you will be totally at the mercy of your own thoughts and presence of nothing but rubber you will smell it feel it and taste it and then you will grow to love it above all else, right get her into the isolation suit and then into the sheaths and get her into the tank, see you shortly slave” she said and for some time that is all I heard or felt.

My body was placed into very thick rubber like the hood and I was sealed away from the outside world, I felt nothing and was wondering how long this was going to go on when I heard the familiar click in my ear “You are prepared slave to be indoctrinated into a rubber world where nothing will matter except that you be in rubber and are sexually aroused at all times and that you will be trained to pleasure me for days at a time and be attached to my pussy, there will be no respite for you as this is all you are good for, you will be stripped and washed once a month before being sealed away again and when this happens you will scream to be put back in your rubber covers and be strapped to me again, your whole being is now my property and you will obey my every wish or be punished severely, you will be constantly monitored and looked after, you will be loved and cherished but you will remain nothing but a sexual tool for me your Mistress and owner I hope you understand goodbye slave I will see you again in 3 months, enjoy!”

Fucking hell I don’t believe what I just heard 3 months I have to go to work what the fuck is going on, I heard the click of the ear-phones and my maid said.

“Hello Miss this is No8 I will be with you all the time to make sure that you are alright but I am not allowed to speak to you again for the next three months until you are indoctrinated into a rubber being so bye, bye Miss I love you very much and will look after your whole rubber being” I couldn’t believe it but obviously it was true I was a prisoner what could I do? I screamed and screamed and screamed in absolute terror until all the stimulators came on at the same time and then I screamed and screamed and screamed with total sexual abandon as I climaxed over and over again. I was never again to be a normal being I was going to be a rubber object for the rest of my life OH GOD HELP ME PLEASE and I climaxed again and again as I would in my rubber prison for the next three months.