I blame it all on Katherine McPhee. Her first CD had a picture of her wearing a pair of luscious black thigh-high boots… I’d never seen anything so sexy! That picture awoke a real desire in me – which I initially dismissed as completely unrealistic. It was more than a little silly for a 48-year-old, overweight, balding guy to lust after a newly minted pop star. But those boots… I couldn’t keep my mind off them. The boots were black, not terribly shiny, as if they were made of a material other than leather… maybe rubber?

I started paying attention to the boots that I saw on women around me – even began finding excuses to run errands on snowy, slushy days since that seemed to bring the most boots out. I saw a lot of knee boots, and occasionally even saw a pair that were rubber, but never anything as delectable as that pair of thigh-highs on Katherine McPhee’s CD cover picture. In my more lucid moments I realized that I had no idea what happen if I found someone actually wearing a pair like hers. There was a distinct danger that I’d find myself in a situation like when the Coyote finally caught the Roadrunner – what would I do? I was married, after all. I wished I could get my wife to wear a pair like that but she tended to disdain anything that would get guys looking at her.

So I found myself continually drawn to boots, the higher the better – but unable to do much more than steal a glance at them – until one day I needed to buy a new pair of dress shoes for myself. I decided to try one of those warehouse-style shoe stores in the city. There were rows and rows of shoes, with the women’s shoes on one side and the men’s on the other – small sizes near the windows, bigger ones in the middle.

Finding my size proved to be harder than I thought. I took a narrow shoe – 10B
— and the aisles distinctly seemed to favor men with Fred Flintstone feet. I passed the size 9½ shoes, found the 10s, and passed into the 10½s without ever seeing a size B shoe. I started to wonder if all the odd-sized shoes were relegated to one spot, so I walked down past the 11s and 12s, past a smattering of 13s and a few freakishly large 14s, turned the corner… and there I was in women’s shoe land. Staring me in the face was a whole range of beautiful, shiny – and relatively LARGE – women’s knee boots. I couldn’t take my eyes off their gorgeous shiny surfaces and high heels.

Well, I could make a show of looking for my skinny men’s size while ogling the boots, right? So I
scanned up and down the aisle – no luck finding the men’s 10Bs, but I did get an eyeful of the full range of colors & sizes… how come guys didn’t get this sort of variety?

Just then there was a touch at my elbow. “Can I help you find your size?” The words were
uttered by a impressively constructed blonde. She was wearing a red satin blouse with a black leather skirt, and, I noted with palpitating heart, on her legs she was wearing a pair of thigh-high, high-heeled black rubber boots. I could smell her perfume, but I could also smell an intoxicating scent layered on top – the latex in her boots.

I suddenly realized what section of the store I was in, and worried that I may have lingered there a good deal longer than necessary to establish that the narrow men’s sizes weren’t down that aisle. I stammered out a reply: “Oh, I’m, I mean I must be in the wrong aisle.
I’m trying to find a narrow size in a men’s dress shoe. A 10B.”

She smiled as if she found men wandering into the women’s boots aisle completely by accident all the time. “We have a special area set up for unusual sizes. Follow me.”

Walking behind her was more than a little exciting. I couldn’t take my eyes off her boots… but the rest
of her was pretty easy to watch too! She asked if I’d been in the store before; I told her it was my first time. She explained that she was the manager of the store, and she had taken a special interest in hard-to-find sizes, since she took a relatively large size herself. We walked to the back of the store, and passed through a set of velvet curtains into a small room, filled with shoes and boots along two walls and a few curtained-off changing areas along the opposite wall from the entry. The lighting was subdued, a lot more pleasant than the fluorescent lights in the rest of the store.

She smiled and said “10B dress shoes, right? Well, make yourself comfortable while I go see what we have.”

I was much too much on edge, so I couldn’t sit down. Instead I browsed the shoes & boots on the wall. Actually there were more boots than shoes, and where there had been a few attractive boots out in the aisles, nearly every pair on the wall made my heart race. There were shiny patent leather boots in a range of colors, some with 5” heels, some with platforms; and there were leather boots with severe looking laces in back, like on a corset; there were even some boots without heels at all, but a sole shaped like a pony hoof. And a whole shelf full of rubber boots, in a number of different colors and styles. I couldn’t help it – I had to reach up and take down a pair of the rubber boots, wondering what they would feel like to wear.

My reverie was interrupted by the manager. She was carrying a stack of shoe boxes. “I found a few options – why don’t you sit down & we can try them on?”

There’s really not much to say about trying
on men’s dress shoes. Either they feel and look good, or they pinch, look stupid or flop around on your feet like clown shoes. She had a pretty good sense for what would work, though – every pair fit, and I just had to pick which one I liked the best. That is, except for one pair of those low zip-up men’s boots. I’ve never liked them; to me they just look, well… dumb, and I said so. She looked up at me, surprised.
“My mistake. I thought you would like boots.”

Before I knew it, I replied with way too much information: “Well, I do! But if I was
going to wear boots, I’d like to wear a pair more like yours… they seem a lot more interesting than these shiny little zip-ups.”

She smiled at me in a way that simultaneously made me utterly comfortable and made me feel like we were co-conspirators. “You know, a lot of guys say that. Would you like to try a pair on?”

Now that was an interesting idea… but no. “That would be cool, but wouldn’t I look
like an utter fool with these boots over my jeans?”

She laughed, almost giggled. “Silly! What do you think those changing rooms are for? Just take your pants off, try the boots on, and see how you like them. Then you can take the boots off, put your pants back on, and nobody’ll be the wiser! Come on – you know you’d like to try them, and I’ll bet you’ll look great in them.”

I paused as if I was thinking, but I had already made up my mind. Why not? It would satisfy
my curiosity. There wasn’t any chance that I’d buy them, after all! “All right. Do I have to do anything special to get them on?”

She was quickly all business. “It’s really no big deal. It’s a lot easier to slide these on if you’re wearing something a bit slippery. So use these knee-length hose, and sprinkle a little baby powder in the boots, and they’ll slide right on.

My hands almost trembled as I walked over to the changing room. I quickly dropped my shoes, fumbled
with my belt, and took off my pants and plain black socks. Pulling the hose on felt a bit funny but I sort of liked the tight feeling – which intensified once I slid my first foot into the boot and began zipping up the side. The boot easily went past my knee and covered part of my thigh. I couldn’t help stroking my hand against the rubber, which was cool to the touch. When I put the second boot on it almost felt electric. I tottered to my feet on the 4” heels and wondered if I could walk in them.

The sales manager called in: “What do you think? Can I see?”

My voice squeaked out, “I’m not wearing any pants!”

She replied, “Oh, that’s no problem. Here, I have a kilt you can put on.” And she handed what looked like a folded up piece of leather over the curtain to me.

Her eye for size was ever accurate. I sat down (I was a bit wobbly on the heels anyway) and worked the kilt up to my
waist. It just covered the top of the boots. I guess it wasn’t much different from her leather skirt, but I felt comfortable in it. I would’ve had a lot of trouble putting pants on at the moment anyway – I had a raging hard-on, barely held in by my briefs. There was nothing for it but to give it a try… I opened the curtain and wobbled out into the room.

Her eyes opened wide and then she smiled as if unusually satisfied. “You look great! And I love that kilt! But you should sit down until you learn how to walk in heels.” She motioned to the bench in the middle of the room; as I sat down, she moved closer to me, reached under the hem of the leather and gently stroked the head of my swollen cock. I suddenly craved release, and I was immediately rewarded. She dropped onto her knees in front of me, ducking her head under the kilt and practically ripped my briefs off, taking my cock in her mouth. With a few skillful licks and just a little thrusting on my part, I was cumming in buckets in her mouth. She took it all in, and then, when my flow had finally slowed, she raised her head and kissed me full on the lips. Her mouth must have still been half full of cum, as I suddenly tasted an odd flavor, and she thrust more and more of it into my mouth with her tongue until I finally swallowed. At the same moment, she reached back down to my now-shriveling cock. I heard something click! And then I felt a shooting pain, followed by a warmth that spread up from my cock through my balls and into my groin.

I seemed to be rooted in place, unable to move. The sales manager gently pushed me down onto the bench, and there I sat, cum still oozing from the head of my cock.

As the warmth spread through my body, I suddenly felt euphoric… and somehow even hornier! But my cock wasn’t
cooperating at all… this was confusing. I realized that what I really wanted, what I was DESPERATE for, was that taste of cum in my mouth.
Perhaps this was the result of the words I heard her mururing in my ears. Dimly I began to understand that I wouldn’t be able to move until I was released by the manager, whom I was to call “Mistress Veronique.” I wanted desperately to please her. My head was swimming.  I could see the boots on the wall across from me. I loved those boots! No, that wasn’t quite right… I LUSTED after those boots. I wanted to wear them all… and have men, and other women, admire me in them. If I looked sexy enough then I would be able to… wait, was that right? Yes… the voice reassured me that I was really a woman, even if I had male equipment. And I had a positive hunger to look my best and most feminine, so I could satisfy my other needs…

I don’t remember how long the voice continued. It seemed to build and then fade, each
time reinforcing the ideas that had been planted in me, until finally it seemed that I was simply hearing what I already knew. Then…

I suddenly realized that I was able to move – I felt refreshed, wonderful, full of energy. But the words, “Oh, Mistress Veronique” were barely out of my mouth when I knew something was wrong. First it was my voice… it sounded unnatural, too low, almost mannish. I coughed and tried to hit a higher register. This sounded better. Where had that odd voice come from?

“Joanna, are you quite yourself?” Wonderful
Mistress, so solicitous… I replied, eyes downward to show respect (where had I learned that?): “Yes, Mistress Veronique. I must have caught a cold; my voice sounded so hoarse there!”

“It seemed as though you went off somewhere for a bit, my dear… perhaps you ought
to lie down for a little while.” But I felt wonderful – no need to burden my Mistress. But her eyes seemed full of concern for me still.

“All right, then. But I want you to let me help you get dressed the rest of the way.”

I looked down… I was wearing my wonderful thigh-high boots and a black leather skirt, but I had a man’s t-shirt on above that. And Horrors! It looked like I had a, I hate to even say it, a POTBELLY! But Mistress knew just what to do. She quickly removed the t-shirt and snugged a black leather corset, with red piping, around my middle. She indicated that I should stand up and I did so, wobbling just a bit on the heels.
I wore high heels all the time, of course, but I must have gotten up too quickly. Then Mistress had me stretch out my arms so she could pull a pair of shoulder-length black latex gloves on me. I felt better already, but I felt completely relieved when she added a white latex blouse. Now I was dressed properly. A quick touch-up with my lipstick and I felt like a woman again!

A very horny woman, I might add… it must have shown in my eyes, because right at that moment
Mistress reached out with both hands and gently pressed down till I knelt in front of her. Then she lifted her black leather skirt over my head. With a smile in her voice she said, “Now Joanna, gently lower my panties. You know what to do.”

The black latex of my gloves almost shimmered – my hands were shaking so badly – as I reached out
and dropped her panties to her ankles. And what to my wondering eye should appear… but a thick, pink and very erect cock! I sighed with gratitude. I just wasn’t sure how to please Mistress, but she had already thought ahead of me. “Now reach out and stroke the ball sacs with your fingers, while you start to lick the head of my cock. Then you may start sucking.” Greedily I complied. Her taste was wonderful, salty with a little musky tang. I licked her cock until I tasted just a bit of pre-cum and then I started sliding in and out, my tongue still caressing the head at the end of each stroke. Before long she was thrusting, and I could hear little whimpers of pleasure escaping from her lips.

When she finally came it was like biting into a
syrup-filled candy. First there was a little taste, and then a surge. I swallowed the hot liquid down, marveling at the wonderful feeling it gave me, hoping for more… and suddenly realized that I was on my knees in front of a TV, with her dick in my mouth! What was more, I was dressed like a pretty slutty TV myself. And suddenly there was a quiet voice in my ear, reminding me of something I’d heard before: “Whenever you put the boots on, you will recall that you are a woman, and you will know nothing else. You won’t remember your male existence until your mouth is filled with cum.”

I quickly stood up. In my
heels, I was taller than the sales manager but she still seemed to have the upper hand. She smiled at me. “I hope you realize what a gift I’ve given you today! Release from all your male inhibitions. But now you may want to go home with your purchases.” And she helped me off with the satin blouse, the gloves, and the corset and leather kilt. Finally came the boots. Even now I felt a tingle of excitement as I slid the zipper down & gradually extricated my legs from each boot. As I shrugged myself back into my t-shirt and jeans, her voice took on a sterner tone: “You have to exercise care with these boots. Take good care of them and don’t put them on without recognizing the consequences. I strongly suggest that you come back to the store the next time you feel the compulsion to try them on… and you WILL feel the compulsion, stronger and stronger every day.”

— I was a bit confused, to say the least… I must have put the entire experience out of my mind, because the next day I couldn’t place the shopping bag I found in the back of my car. It was from a shoe store – the same one where I had purchased my new dress shoes. But the contents of this bag were hardly anything I would have purchased. Although…
the boots were just like the ones that Katherine McPhee wore on the cover of her CD. I ran my hands over one of them, and practically felt an electric shock reverberate through my body. I resolved to stop back in at the shoe store & speak with the manager – if nothing else, I would at least find out what was going on!

When I walked in
that afternoon, I didn’t see the manager, but the person at the customer service desk immediately motioned me to a separate room at the rear of the store. When I walked in, I suddenly recognized the walls of shoes – and there was the same gorgeous woman who had helped me the day before. She smiled at me and said, “You came back quickly!”

I replied, “Well, I came to return these items.”

told me, “Actually, we have a non-return policy unless the items are defective. What is wrong with the boots you purchased? Don’t they fit?”

And before I knew it, she had persuaded me to show her how the boots fit me. I was glad that I was in the back room since I would have to take my pants off just to try them on, but I have to admit that I was secretly a bit thrilled at the idea of pulling those gorgeous black boots onto my legs. I sat down, took off my pants and socks, put on the knee-length stockings she handed me, and slid the boots on, zipping them up, enjoying the feel of smooth latex on my legs.

… I
suppose I must have surprised Mistress a bit with my shriek. When I looked down and saw – unspeakable to even think about – HAIR on my legs, I just lost it! I mean, EWWWWW. And I was wearing this perfectly awful pair of cotton briefs… YUCK YUCK YUCK. But Mistress rushed in to the changing room and looked me straight in the eye, and said, “Don’t worry, my dear… Mistress has the cure for that. Just half an hour and you won’t believe how sexy you’re going to look! Besides, you haven’t paid me for the boots and other items…” She trailed off. That scared me – she was right, I couldn’t remember paying for those wonderful boots, or my leather skirt, or – but how was I going to pay? I broke down again, sniffling, and I could feel my eyes start to mist.

“I’m sorry! But I don’t know if I have enough money to pay for them now.”

smiled at me as she took my chin and raised my head so I could look in her eyes again. “Don’t worry, I have a solution for that too. You’ll earn the boots, and everything else too. Now let’s make you beautiful!”

thought she would take me somewhere – maybe to take a shower, shave off that awful hair, put on makeup – but to my surprise, she just showed me what was in her arms —  a floppy sort of pink body suit. She never stopped looking me direct in the eye, and said, “Now, you trust me, don’t you?”

“Of course, Mistress Veronique.”

I want you to strip out of all your clothing now, and I am going to help you become the sexiest thing any man can imagine.”

one leg at a time, she squirted lubricant out of a little plastic bottle she held and worked the body suit inch by inch over my limbs.
When she got to my crotch she very carefully worked my little clit-stick into a special part of the suit, which held it in place.
When I looked down I realized that I now had a lovely little latex pussy! At the same time, I suddenly felt a shooting pain in my crotch, followed by a familiar warmth that spread up into my whole body.

remembered this sensation somehow… I was rooted in place again. The warmth spread through my body, and I felt wonderfully alive and feminine – and very horny. And I again heard words mururing in my ears. The words reminded me that I was a beautiful sexy woman, and all I wanted was to offer pleasure to others… there was a little more than last time. I would submit. Well, of course. And my male equipment wouldn’t work any more, even when I remembered how to be male. The only way to have an orgasm would be as a woman. I would crave the opportunity to suck and lick… and the only thing better than a cock in my mouth would be a cock in my mouth AND a cock in my ass…. Again, the voice seemed to build and then fade, each time reinforcing the ideas that had been planted in me, until finally it seemed that I was simply hearing what I already knew. As the words continued, she continued to work the suit up over my torso. Something – part of the suit – slid into my ass. Then she pulled it over my arms and hands, and finally over my head, zipping it shut down the back. The suit was made of thick latex and it seemed to be reinforced with bands of some sort – at any rate, my hands stuck out from my sides like a blow-up doll, and it was impossible to keep my legs together too.

looked down at my latex pussy. Mistress saw me staring and told me, “You will have to pee sitting down, since you are a woman. And this will let you experience sex as a woman too.”

She walked me
over to a mirror and showed me, me – and she was right! I had the form of a living rubber sex doll, complete with staring vacant eyes and lips perpetually open. The breasts on the body suit were lovely and full, just like I wanted… But she wasn’t done yet. She directed me to sit down again, and carefully put my black latex boots back on my legs, along with a pair of shoulder-length black leather gloves and my shiny leather corset.

I was ecstatic – and proud, thinking that
this must please Mistress! But I wondered how I would be able to satisfy the urges that were washing over me, ever more often. I began licking my lips and panting, hoping that Mistress would help me satisfy the craving that was building inside me.

Of course she would!
Now she opened up a door that I hadn’t noticed before. It led down a corridor lined with mirrors. It was all I could do to walk forward – I enjoyed looking at myself so much. At the end of the corridor was another door, and I could hear loud music from the other side. She opened the door and there was a large, plushly decorated room – full of men, with a few scantily-clad women serving drinks or chatting the men up. The women were all gorgeous, and feelings of jealousy (since THEY were talking to the men already!) and raw desire washed over me simultaneously.

Loud music was playing and I involuntarily
started dancing, just a little bit. Some of the men were already looking over at me, and I was excited to see that the looks were lascivious in the extreme. But Mistress took me by the hand, and walked over to the sound system. With one motion she switched off the music and picked up a microphone.

“Gentlemen, and not-so-gentle men: I
have a treat for you tonight. Your very own living sex doll, right here for your pleasure. Allow me to demonstrate how eager Joanna is to please you!”

And she again pressed down on my shoulders to put me into a kneeling position. This time I knew what the payoff would be, and I eagerly waited for her to lift her skirt. Instead, she undid the skirt so that all could see. But I didn’t see Mistress’s lovely cock this time; instead, she was wearing a big black strap-on. No matter – I was anxious to please in any way I could, and as I tried to swallow as much of the strap-on as possible I realized that I could feel her hard-on right through the rubber. I began sucking and licking and massaging the rubber cock with my lips, and Mistress quickly started to buck and moan. The crowd was going wild when she finally came inside the rubber. I was disappointed that I couldn’t taste her cum, but I still felt excited and happy that I had pleased her.

She again
took the microphone: “Now that I’ve demonstrated how to do it, Joanna the living rubber sex doll is available for your pleasure. $25 for five minutes. The only rule is that you must wear a condom.”  This was exciting! I wondered how many cocks I would get to suck on – I hoped lots and lots of men would line up! I wasn’t sure how I felt about the condoms… I knew they would improve safety, and I kind of liked the idea of even MORE rubber, but I also knew that the condoms meant I wouldn’t get to swallow any cum – and somehow I thought that was important.

But no matter. In a moment a line had formed in front of my waiting lips. Whenever a new man stepped up, I would look up at Mistress like a good puppy, waiting for my treat. Mistress would take $25, or sometimes $50, from the man, make sure he was wearing protection, and nod to me. I would stroke his balls with my rubbery hands and guide his cock into my mouth. Some of them were really big! And some of them weren’t very impressive, but no matter what I would massage the tip with my tongue and alternately suck on the whole rigid shaft. Sometimes they came almost right away, and I would keep playing with their cocks until the 5 minutes were up. Sometimes it took them a while to come… but as I gained practice I was always able to make them buck and come after a little while. I was so proud of myself! And eventually there was no line left, and Mistress was holding over a thousand dollars in her hands. She said that would pay for the boots, the skirt, and the corset… but I’d need to work a bit more for the dollsuit. That was ok with me!

As we walked back down the
corridor, she told me that she had a special treat for me waiting in the back room of the store. When we got there, there was a figure standing in the corner. He looked like a biker, or maybe like that one member of the Village People… he was covered in black leather, except for his face, and… his cock. His lovely big cock, without any rubber on it! I looked at Mistress, and she nodded to me, so I eagerly fell onto my knees and began kissing the head of his big cock, then licking and sucking it. He tasted WONDERFUL, all salty and tangy. And he was hard as a rock, but he didn’t come! Mistress walked over behind me and began murmuring in my ear again:
“Now when you wake up, you will
remember both your identities. You will remember that you are really a woman. You NEED to wear your boots and be a woman, and you NEED to have a cock in your mouth… even when you appear as a man.

she addressed the man in front of me: “Slave, you know that this is your special treat. I would never put your undeserving prick between my lips. You must remember that you must practice self-control. You are not allowed to come until I release you.” His response was quick and enthusiastic: “Yes, Mistress!”

At that point, Mistress must
have decided it was safe to begin explaining matters to me. I was so grateful! She said, “You see that you are both my slaves, but there is a difference. I keep Slave M here as butch as possible. I love having him be the ultimate masculine, macho guy – completely at my mercy.
You, Joanna, on the other hand, will be allowed to become completely feminine – still submissive, of course – and so you will always love to feel a prick in your mouth… and anywhere else one will fit!” She said that last with a bit of a smirk that I could detect even as I continued pounding away on the hunk of meat in my mouth.

stepped back for a moment and watched my mouth happily at work. “Now Joanna, you won’t always have your hands free, but as long as you do, you may as well put them to use. Take those lovely long latex fingers and stroke his balls with them, or give him a hand job while you massage the head of his cock with your lips and tongue. Your goal is to make him go wild with desire. He won’t come until I allow him to.”

it was possible, he got even harder when I started doing what Mistress had said. I could tell it was difficult for him to resist coming, but he didn’t… he just started rocking back and forth a little bit, and once in a while a little moan would escape his lips. I could taste just a hint of pre-cum escaping from the head of his cock… tantalizing in its promise of more to come – I hoped!

I suddenly felt
Mistress’s hands on my ass. She had never touched me like that before – it got me even more excited. Then I felt a little pressure inside my ass. It felt like something wet and cold had been squirted inside the sheath that was part of the latex suit. She murmured in my ear again: “This is just another part of your progress toward real womanhood. You really don’t enjoy sticking that little excuse for a prick in someone else, do you? No, of course not! But you will LOVE the feeling of someone else’s hot cock inside you!”

And suddenly I could feel
my ass filling up with her wonderful beautiful cock. It was so big! And it hurt at first. But she told me to relax, and when I did it slid all the way in. What a wonderful feeling! I was in rapture as she began to slide in and out, and I could feel her body slam into mine. I continued to suck and kiss and fondle the slave in front of me, with my own tension rising, until finally I heard her breathing start to quicken, as the thrusts into my ass grew stronger, and finally she released a stream of warm cum that I could feel even through the rubber sheath.
Immediately she said, “Slave, you may now come!” And my mouth was filled with that delicious nectar, already flowing into my throat. The tension inside me suddenly broke as well, and I could feel a warm release somewhere deep within me.

At the same time, I looked
around with new eyes and realized where I was. I was surprised to find a big guy who looked like a leather-clad refugee from the 70s in front of me… and even more surprised to find that his dick was in my mouth! But… as I rolled his cum around in my mouth, I realized that I really LIKED the feeling, and the taste… when had this happened? I didn’t remember being a faggot, but I sure was thinking like one. And… I had this abso-freaking wonderful “full” feeling in my ass too. Wow. I had no idea, but it was pretty clear that I had some powerful latent homosexual tendencies. That might explain the pink latex that I seemed to be covered in too!

And then suddenly it was over. I heard a
woman’s voice say, “That’s enough, slave. You’ve had your pleasure, now come over and clean me up. And the leatherman quickly dropped to his knees, stuck his head under the saleswoman’s skirt, and went to work.

few minutes later she directed him to leave, and then she came over and helped me out of my pink suit. She showed me how to clean & powder it, and fold it up carefully.

As I drove home, I tried to
concentrate on my usual daily concerns – work, house, etc. But I couldn’t get that leather hunk out of my mind… nor the pink latex suit and those cool rubber thigh-high boots in my trunk. And Mmmmmm the taste of cum in my mouth.

I didn’t sleep well that night, and
the next morning, which was a Saturday, I woke early and showered right away. On an impulse I took my razor into the shower and shaved away all my body hair, from my legs to my chest, and under my arms. That felt better… but when I looked in the mirror I still felt uncomfortable.
Why couldn’t I have a nice pair of breasts, and lose the bulge around my waist? How was I going to make myself attractive to men like this?

occurred to me that “clothing makes the man” … maybe that pair of boots in my trunk would make a difference. I went outside and brought in everything. The minute I touched the boots, a wave of desire washed over me. I couldn’t wait to put them on… but I held off for a moment.
There was a leather skirt in another bag, and a pair of long black latex gloves, a corset, and a lovely white latex blouse. Well, I might not be gorgeous in that outfit, but at least my intentions would be clear!

I quickly stripped, running my hands over my smooth, hairless body. I knew it might make more sense to put the blouse & skirt on first, but I couldn’t help pulling on the boots right away. It was almost a relief to feel the smooth rubber tightly holding my legs and feet. And the minute that I stood up, I remembered the “other me.” Of course I wanted to wear sexy clothing – I was a woman, after all! I looked down… above the boots, my smooth white thighs peaked out, but above them – and then I remembered that I had male plumbing. Bummer.
Well, that just meant that I had to try twice as hard… I found the corset and, after a lot of straining & a little panting, I managed to get it snug around my waist. It gave me just a little cleavage, and helped the white latex blouse rest alluringly on my shoulders. The leather skirt didn’t take long to step into, and with the blouse, at least my body below my neck looked acceptable now. I was almost scared to look in the mirror, though…

Well, I looked pretty butch.
My hair wasn’t very long, and it certainly wasn’t cut in a very flattering way. What was I to do? I remembered that someone – a girlfriend, maybe? — had left a lipstick and some nail polish behind a few months ago. It was in the vanity in the master bathroom. I found it and was happy to see that both were quite a vivid red. It took a couple of tries, but before long I had managed to apply it properly. I still looked butch… but at least my lips and nails were feminine.

needed to get downtown and find someone who could help me fix my face… for the life of me, I couldn’t remember why I didn’t seem to have the skills myself – or why I didn’t have any makeup in the house! And I was just DESPERATE to be appreciated by a man… preferably in leather!

I quickly got in my car – interesting driving in
these heels! — and headed into town. I remembered there was a gay bar on the way in. Somehow I knew I’d find a nice hunky guy there.

weren’t very many cars parked outside when I pulled up – it was still early, after all – and when I walked in I only saw a couple of older guys in jeans sitting at the bar.

“Can I help you, miss?”
There was a voice behind me. I hadn’t noticed the guy shooting darts at a dartboard over in the corner. Now HE would do… younger, wearing  a black leather vest and a pair of leather jeans over cowboy boots. I suddenly realized that I had no idea what I should say! But he seemed to recognize my discomfort and immediately came to the rescue: “Can I buy you a glass of wine, or something stronger?”

Right away I knew my comeback: “Oh, you’re strong enough for me! But I’d love a glass of wine.”

brought me a glass of Pinot Grigio, and we sat down. With a smile, he said, “I thought I recognized that deer-in-the headlights look. Have you ever been in here before?”

“No, never. I knew this bar was here… I was just hoping to find a guy to… do I look desperate?”

looked me up and down, lingering on my boots and the latex blouse. “No, I’d say you look pretty hot! But it does look like one of your first times out in public.”

Now what did he mean by that? It did
seem to fit, though, somehow. I remembered again that I had that …
thing between my legs, and I really couldn’t remember ever wearing this outfit outside the store. I decided to share some of the thoughts whirring around in my mind: “I just feel kind of confused! This is the only clothing that feels right on me! But my house is filled with stuff for guys…” my voice trailed off.

“I’ve seen it before. Have you thought of trying a wig?  That’s what most of the Tvs do.”

“Oh, I’m not a TV. I’m a woman!” And, as an afterthought, I stuck my hand out and said, “I’m Joanna, by the way.”

smiled again and took my hand. “I’m Jason. Those boots are killer, by the way – and I love that blouse too. Listen, I don’t care how you define yourself, but I do know a place where you can go that’ll give you help with makeup, and hair, and… polishing your nails.” He was right, I had been in such a hurry to get dressed that I hadn’t applied the nail polish evenly.

He pulled out a business card & wrote “Transformations” and an address on it.

thank you, Jason,” I said, and then, licking my lips as suggestively as I could, added in my best Scarlett O’Hara voice: “However can I repay you?”

“Well, if you put it that way – I’ll meet you back by the bathrooms. The ladies’ room here has a few extra features, and it’s sure to be empty right now.”

As I walked past the bar, the two
older guys gave me a once-over, and I felt a distinct pinch on my butt as I passed them! That made me feel a bit more confident!

ladies room did have a couple of stalls, but more importantly it had a carpeted area with a big leather couch and a couple of chairs. My hunky leather-clad guy was already there, sitting on the couch. I knelt in front of him, threw my arms around his neck and kissed him long and hard, and then I quickly began unzipping his leather pants. I fumbled with the buttons a bit  with my latex-clad hands but before long I had his pants on the floor and his cock in my mouth. The musky smell of his sweat mingled with the leather for a heavenly aroma, and it wasn’t long before I had my reward – a mouth full of cum. I tried hard to keep as much of it in my mouth as I could, even while I kept on massaging the head of his cock with my tongue.

And now things got confusing
again… suddenly I felt like a guy in women’s clothing… but I quickly realized that no matter what, I had my head buried in another guy’s crotch, his cock in my mouth – what was wrong with that? The taste of his cum was intoxicating.

Before long he was hard
again, and he pulled out of my mouth, stood up, and grabbed my skirt.
He whistled appreciatively when he saw my silky panties, but before I knew it, he had me spread-eagled over a chair so that he could ram me from behind. I felt wonderful – so sexy and desired!

After a
long while he came again, and I immediately felt a small jolt in my crotch as I climaxed too. Finally, he pulled out for good. He brought over some wet wipes and helped me get cleaned up, as he pulled his leather jeans up & zipped them.

“Well, Joanna, maybe next
time I can take you out on a proper date! You should look into that store I told you about – I bet with a wig and a little makeup you’d be a knock-out!”

Who was Joanna? Oh yeah – that must be the name of my other self. I sat down on the couch for a moment. It seemed that every time I “woke up” as a guy, I had cum in my mouth… and these black boots on. I wondered if putting the boots on had the effect of helping me “become” Joanna. I looked down at them again… they got me hot and excited even when they were on my own legs! It almost hurt me to do it, but I quickly unzipped the boots and stepped out of them for a moment. Holding them up to my face, I inhaled deeply of the rubber smell. I was getting more excited again. I noticed a few scuff marks on them and began licking the boots clean. Once I was done cleaning them, it was just second nature to put them back on – and I felt myself again. It was time to visit that store. I touched up my lipstick and headed for the door. As I walked back out of the bar, I got another pinch!

The store was on a side street. It had a small display window with a few wigs on display and a sign that said “Everything you need to look, feel and BE as feminine as you want to be!” That seemed like the place for me!

There was nobody in the store – just a
saleslady. She looked a bit dumpy, to be frank, but she was very nicely made up – and friendly! She looked me up and down – I thought with some appreciation of how well put-together my outfit was… but she stopped at my head. She smiled at me and said, “Well, my dear, I can see what you’ve come in for! You need a wig, or two or three!”

breathed an almost audible sigh of relief. This wouldn’t be too hard…
“Yes, and I’m really not too sure of color, so maybe more than one would be a good idea. And, do you think you could give me a little help with my make-up?”

I felt better the minute that she positioned
the first wig on my head. Even though we rejected that one, and the next, and about ten more, it just felt better to have hair around my ears and touching the back of my neck. Eventually, I selected a light brown wig with blonde highlights as my “primary” hair, and a strawberry blonde wig as an alternate. I wore the light brown wig out of the store – but only after getting a thorough tutorial in making myself up from the saleslady.

I felt SO much better now… but I was still a
bit confused. It wasn’t that the last few days had passed in a blur – it was more like my entire life up till now was a blur. So I headed into town, to the one place where things seemed clear.

When I
got to the shoe store, the manager was nowhere to be found, but I asked one of the cashiers, and she pointed to one of the far corners of the store. The manager was helping a man with some running shoes.
Instinctively I looked at his crotch, wondering… but then he made his decision and walked up to the cashier. That’s when the manager saw me.
Just for a moment it seemed like she didn’t recognize me – but then she looked down at the boots and smiled. “Joanna, right? I must say, you’ve made quick progress. I think you might be setting a record of some kind.”

That confused me even more, and she laughed lightly, with a conspiratorial grin on her face. “I can see you’re still a bit confused. Maybe you should be wearing a platinum blond wig instead of that one, eh? But don’t worry about that now. Just come along with me, and we’ll get everything sorted.”

We walked
back to the same room as before, but once we were in it, she opened up a different door. The room we entered looked, well… clinical. The floor was covered in gleaming white tiles, and the walls were shiny and bright as well. In the center there was an exam table, complete with stirrups. She beckoned me to get on the table. I obeyed without thinking, and even put my feet in the stirrups.

A second door
in the room opened, and a nurse clad completely in white latex entered, swishing as she walked in. The manager moved behind me, though I could tell she was still near by. She gently took my hands, clasped them behind my back, and before I knew it had zipped something stiff all the way up. My arms were now locked in position behind me. The nurse now busied herself under my skirt. I felt a sudden stabbing pain in my useless little cock, and then it felt as though my all my male equipment was being gathered and squeezed into a box.

I almost panicked when I saw that the nurse had begun to remove my boots, but the manager’s soothing voice had begun again.

Joanna, we are going to start working on a permanent transformation for you. This is a transformation of body and spirit. I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully. Even though you’ve made such wonderful progress, we will be training you to be perfectly submissive and perpetually aroused. We also must accustom you to all manner of enjoyable experiences. And …
we need to begin toning your body. So, I always like to kill two birds with one stone! Today we are going to put you on a sort of a treadmill for a few hours. Then, if you perform well, we will provide a little surprise for you.”

The nurse finished pulling off one boot, and
she immediately replaced it with a different sort of rubber boot. It stretched just as far up my thigh, but the foot was different – it ended in a hoof, and there was no heel at all. Then she replaced the other boot in the same way.

Both the nurse and the manager
then helped me down off the exam table, but not to my feet. Instead, they laid me on my stomach and quickly pulled off my skirt. Immediately I felt a familiar cold sensation in my ass, followed by that wonderful full feeling… and something different this time. There was long hair brushing against my ass. I had a tail!

As they helped me up, I
looked down at my shaven crotch. There was a metal case around my balls and dick, completely encasing them.

“You won’t have to worry
too much longer about your old male equipment, my dear. You’ve been chemically castrated now, and we are just going to wait for everything to shrink a bit more before we get rid of it for good.”

I was
led out then, barely able to stay balanced on my new hooves, and before I knew it I was in a room filled with horsetack, with a big pole in the middle. The nurse left us here. A stable-hand, clad all in brown leather, took her place. I looked him up and down, hoping he might be interested in unzipping his pants for me, but he wouldn’t meet my eyes, simply obeying each command of my mistress.

They led me to one
side, and fitted my head with a sort of a rigid harness. I could only see forward now. Luckily, they were still helping me to stand in place.
The hooves were really difficult to balance on, and every time I moved my legs the plug shifted in my rear end, keeping me on edge.

I heard a “Snap!” and my vision was obscured; a piece of stiff black leather was held right in front of my eyes. Another “Snap!” and a bit was positioned in my mouth. The bit had a familiar feel to it – a dildo. It was soft and involuntarily I started to lick and suck it.

mistress spoke again. “Now, slave, you are going to learn about submission at the same time that you begin to get your body into more acceptable condition. You will follow the bit as it rotates around the room, and you will find that it will help support you… if you can get it deep enough in your throat!”

Just as she said that I heard
the sound of a motor, and the dildo began to move out of my mouth. I immediately took a step, and kept sucking it and licking its head.  The dildo moved away again, so I followed it. It was hard to stay on my feet. After a while I realized that  the base of the dildo was relatively firm. I could lean against it, giving me much-needed balance, if I could just get it far enough down my throat. Every time I tried that, I gagged, and once I nearly fell – but gradually I learned how to relax my throat and then I was able to maintain a steady trot, my hands tightly fastened behind my back, my tail bouncing up and down.
I fell into a kind of reverie. It wasn’t quite like giving a REAL blowjob, but the promise was there… down to an occasional bit of fluid escaping the plastic cock. The fluid was a little sweet and came as a reward whenever I managed a particularly good sequence of lick and suck.

I don’t know how long I continued trotting, but
eventually the dildo was removed from my mouth, the blinders were lifted and I was gently walked back to the “exam room.” I was hardly able to move by myself any more, so I appreciated it when I found myself back on the exam table. The nurse busied herself removing the boots, my “tail,” and eventually everything except the case around my male pouch.

Dusting me rather liberally with baby powder, she then started working a thick latex body-suit up my legs and beyond. It was jet black and very tight, hugging my legs, and then my ass and waist, and shaping them into luscious curves. It extended all the way up my torso and eventually zipper in back. Then she carefully worked a pair of latex gloves up my arms. Once they were in place, I realized that they had been reinforced at the knuckles and thumb. I could wiggle the tips of my fingers, but I couldn’t make a fist, or even touch my forefinger and my thumb to each other. The top of the body-suit had size “D” breasts molded into it, and when the suit was zipped up behind my I had roughly the same outline as the babes who adorn truckers’ mud flaps. Finally, she returned my wonderful thigh-high boots to my legs – that was a relief! — and directed me to stand up and follow her.

we walked down the hall, I was able to catch a look at myself in a mirror… not bad! The makeup and wig helped a great deal, of course, but the body-suit had a built-in corset around the waist that slimmed me down, and the high heels on my boots made a difference too. I felt that I still needed to tone my body some more – what girl doesn’t feel like that? — but I was certainly looking better than before.

finally entered a room with red velvet on the walls and lots of brass lighting fixtures – it looked like something out of a 19th-century British gentleman’s club. In the middle of the room there was a big circular platform, cushioned and covered in black leather. It was raised perhaps a foot and a half off the floor. My mistress was already there, with a young man. I would have said he was “hunky” — he was well-built, tanned and had a nice mustache – but there was something different about him. Of course, part of it was the tight, lavender-colored leather jumpsuit he was wearing, with deep purple cowboy boots that stuck out just a bit too far up his leg. But it was more the way he MOVED… or rather flounced. Every delicate drop of his wrist, every tilt of his head, and certainly every pose he struck just screamed “gay.”

My mistress looked up at me. “Oh good, you’re here. Did you enjoy your afternoon trot?” Not leaving me time to respond, she went on. “Meet Chip. He’s another of my little creations.
Just a month ago he was captain of his college football team, a real big man on campus. Now… well, now, he wants most of the same things you do, Joanna: a cock in his mouth and another up his little sissy cunt.”

At this, Chip’s eyes looked up. I could see the desire in his eyes.

tonight I have something special planned for both of you, a way you can be of service to me and continue your training as well. For starters, I want you both to get up on the platform, facing out at opposite walls.”

Chip and I obeyed; immediately, a thick latex hood was lowered over my head and fastened in place. I could breathe all right, but my eyes were blocked by the black latex, and there was something in front of my mouth. The hood felt heavy, like I had enormous floppy ears or something. Then I felt a zipper open up at my rear and a lovely thick dildo was inserted. I was thankful for all the time spent with the tail in my ass – the dildo slid right in and felt wonderful!

mistress’s voice came again, muffled a bit by the latex. “That’s a double-ended dildo. I’ve inserted one end in both of you… feel free to screw around while I arrange the other part of your surprise!

even thinking about it, I rocked back and forth on my knees a bit, and was rewarded both by a very pleasant feeling, and a slight moan from behind me! At that point Chip backed up slightly, and I could feel the dildo moving farther up inside me – and I couldn’t avoid moaning myself. Before long we were both moving back and forth, rutting like a couple of animals without being able to see each other.

all stopped when I felt a pull on my hood. Again a bit muffled, I heard our mistress – a bit clearer this time, as it sounded like she had raised her voice.

“My friends, before you, you will see two of
my best new cocksuckers. Chad, in the lavender jumpsuit, is my gay blade; and Joanna, who you see poured into her outfit, is my new slut-in-training. I encourage you to try them both. My assistants will help you into the briefs you see in front of each of them. The briefs are simply to position you for maximum control and enjoyment.”

a moment, I felt the pull on my hood again, and this time what I thought had been ears quickly filled up with someone’s thighs… and into my mouth suddenly popped a cock! Unfortunately it was again covered with a condom, but it was still a pleasure to suck it and lick it – and I found that the practice that afternoon paid off, because now I could accept much deeper thrusts. Before long I felt the inhabitant of the pants shudder a bit, and the condom filled up; the pants then suddenly emptied out, and another one stepped in. Some of the cocks were big, some of them weren’t so big – but they were all welcome. And as I got into the process, Chip and I started moving – carefully – back and forth again, so we enjoyed the action at both ends.

This was blissful, even though I wasn’t getting to taste any cum. I fell into something that almost felt trance-like. I sucked and licked, and moved my rear, and felt in a state of complete and constant arousal. My whole world was summed up in that one condition, and all I could think about was how I could get some more!

all good things… eventually the last person stepped out of the pants, and nobody else got in. A gentle hand pulled the hood off my head and the dildo out of my ass… and I was pleased to see it was the same leather-clad man whom I’d seen the other night. And once again, his lovely big cock, without any rubber on it, was waiting for me!

looked around to see if Mistress was there. She nodded to me, so I didn’t waste any time sucking his  big cock into my mouth. I was overjoyed when I realized that all the practice meant that I could get most of his cock into my mouth now, even licking his balls a little bit. Just like before, he was hard as a rock, but he didn’t come! Mistress walked over behind me and began murmuring in my ear again: “You are making such wonderful progress, Joanna! You are finishing your transition to becoming a woman. You are only comfortable as a woman.
You will crave the experience of being a woman and filling your mouth, and your ass, and soon, your pussy, with wonderful cock… and you know that the boots are the trigger that let you go there. And one last gift I have for you: from now on, whenever someone comes inside you, you will have a massive orgasm.”

Almost as an afterthought, I
heard her mention: “Tomorrow when you come back – and you WILL come back – don’t come in the store entrance. Look for the door on the side of the building, marked “Trainees.”

And again I felt
Mistress’s hands on my ass. This time there wasn’t any need for more lubricant; she just entered me and filled me up. How wonderful it was to feel her in front as I continued to suck and kiss and fondle the leather-clad slave in front of me. And this time there was nothing between her cock and me; when she began to breathe faster and she thrust her cock into my ass harder and harder, she released a stream of warm cum that gave me a warm glow inside. Just like the other night, she said, “Slave, you may now come!” And my mouth was filled with his juice, except this time it went straight down my throat. An incredible feeling spread through my whole body, and I felt a shudder go through my crotch, almost as if I had a vagina!

I again had that funny
feeling of suddenly realizing where I was. Oddly enough that same big guy from the other day again had his dick in my mouth! But not only did his his cum taste as good as the other day, but my whole body felt good – excited, somehow. I was a little troubled by the way I couldn’t remember how I got there… but otherwise, though, things weren’t bad.
I was surprised to see that I was wearing a tight bodysuit and a wig…
but I looked pretty hot in them (although my makeup needed touching up)!

To make a long story short, I drove home with another shopping bag full… I kept the bodysuit on, and put my latex blouse & skirt in the bag. I seemed to be buying a lot of clothing lately!

That evening I just couldn’t get to sleep. In my conventional pyjamas, I just couldn’t get comfortable… and my mind was racing with images that were exciting and strange. More than once I got up and went over to look at some of the items in my shopping bags, and finally I brought the pink latex suit and the black rubber thigh boots over to my bed. The smell of the latex seemed to calm me somehow, put me in a better frame of mind. But I still couldn’t sleep. At last, I took the suit with me to the bathroom, found some talcum powder, and carefully pulled it on around my body. The legs weren’t too hard, but I had to tug and tug to get the latex tight enough to fit around my midsection.
I felt oddly better once I had figured out how to fit my male package – which was encased in metal – when did that happen? — into the right spot in the crotch of the suit. That gave me a working pussy, too. It took forever to get the arms and gloves on, and then I had to somehow get the hood lined up properly so that I could zip the whole thing up in the back. I had to take the upper part of the suit off several times just to look at it, but finally I was able to get everything on. Once the suit was on, it seemed to stiffen somehow and I again looked just like a blow-up sex doll. Even so, I was able to struggle into my thigh boots and zip them up…

And felt
myself again. What a relief! And I discovered that I was back in that wonderful sex-doll outfit. I didn’t recognize the rooms I was in, but no matter. I was dead tired, and a couple parts of my anatomy ached a bit from overuse. I laid down on the bed and nearly went to sleep right away… but something was missing. It didn’t take long to think of what! I went over to one of the shopping bags and found what I needed: a dildo gag for my mouth. With that positioned, I could suck and lick the night away, and I fell into a blissful slumber.

The next morning I woke up feeling refreshed, filled with anticipation

at what the day might bring, and very, very horny. I was hungry, too, but nothing looked very appealing to me. I was hoping for a nice firm banana but it seemed as though I hadn’t been to the grocery store in a while… I even considered mixing some raw eggs into a glass, thinking that the consistency might be like another item that I enjoyed swallowing. But finally I took a look in my shopping bags. Partly this was just
to enjoy the items in them… the leather skirt, the latex blouse, and the thick rubber bodysuit. And partly, I just enjoyed walking around in my rubber thighboots! The sound of my heels on the floor, and the knowledge of how my hips were swinging, all made me happy! But I also thought I remembered seeing a tin of something or other – and there it was.
Some kind of protein shake in a canister. There were instructions on the side. Basically one  scoop and a glass of milk. But I was hungry, so I used two scoops. It actually tasted a little familiar… but not like any breakfast shake I’d ever had before.

I wasn’t sure what to do next. I was still wearing my pink whole-body “sex doll” suit. I didn’t mind it – as a matter of fact, I kept glancing toward the mirror because it made me look so good! It was making me even hornier than before. But I wasn’t sure whether I could GO anywhere in it. Even though I could wear a coat over the pink latex, the sad fact was that my vision wasn’t very good through the eyes of the mask. I could see straight forward, and that was about it. And it was hard to bend my arms – which I would need to do if I were going to drive.

So regretfully, I carefully took off the latex suit, powdering it on the inside so it would be ready for the next wearing. My whole body had taken on the smell of the latex, which was a plus! I was a little surprised when I got the bottom of the suit off – the metal housing around my male “package” slipped off too. The latex had held onto it. I looked down there in disgust and a little fascination. There wasn’t really much there any more. The balls had shrunk, and the rest was limp. But the tip was still sensitive. I wondered how long it would be before I could swap it for a pussy!

I carefully wriggled into the heavy rubber bodysuit that I had worn the night before. It seemed to go on a little easier than before; maybe I had lost some weight! Except in the chest – it seemed tighter there.
Well, that was good news, right? Just to make things a bit easier, I put some more of the lube on my titties, which tingled nicely for a few minutes as a result. After I got the bodysuit on, I put my boots back on, fixed my makeup, and put my blonde wig on. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was fairly pleased. Not bad for what was only my – what? third try? I realized suddenly that I really didn’t have a very clear memory of the last few days, or weeks, or… I got a bit concerned about that for a minute or two, but then I began to obsess about a much bigger problem. Well, not bigger exactly. Just more critical. I could see just a tiny little bulge in my crotch where one shouldn’t be. I tried pushing it in but it kept coming back. It didn’t really show MUCH… but you know, when you’re a girl and you see something that isn’t quite right in your appearance, you just can’t let go of it, can you?

I remembered the saleslady at the store where I had bought the wig — “Transformations,” I think. Perhaps she could give me a hand. So I drove over there. I was happy to see that I was the only one in the store; it was almost too embarassing to explain what I needed.

“I have something down there,” I said, gesturing in a vague downward way.

The saleslady looked confused. “Well, I’m not a doctor, dear! What do you mean?”

“I mean… you can see a little bump there.”

She looked down, and then her expression softened a bit as she smiled.
“Oh, you have a cock, and you don’t want it to show!”

That was almost too much for me to bear. “No, I don’t have a cock! I just have a little package, and I wish it would go away!”

Now it was almost a grin on her face. “Sorry, dearie. Don’t be so sensitive! I’ve got just the thing for you. It’s called a gaff.”

I felt such relief – I’m sure it showed in my face. “I’m sorry to get emotional. It’s just … you know, right now, well, cock is what I CRAVE… and I’m scared that I won’t get any if my little equipment is showing.”

At that her eyes sparkled a bit. “Well, let’s get you into a changing room, and we’ll see what we can do to help you out.”

She led me into a changing room and produced a little slip of material and showed me how to put it on so that all of my remaining equipment was held in place. Then she helped me back into my bodysuit, expressing appreciation at how nice my curves looked once in it. Then she did something I didn’t expect: she sat down. “I can help you with your craving, too, dearie!” And with that she pulled up her skirt and pulled down the top of her pantyhose, exposing a thick, already erect cock. Greedily I buried my head in her crotch, happy that I had learned to take so much in my mouth.

She didn’t have nearly the stamina of my favorite leather-clad hunks.
She came in just a couple of minutes, in just a couple of big spurts. I sucked it down and licked her cock clean. At some point I had that funny feeling again… odd how I always had it when my mouth was full of cum, but now I knew what to do. After savoring the taste for a minute or so, I quickly unzipped my boots, then stepped out and back in to them, and zipped them back up. The saleslady looked at me a bit quizically, but the important thing was that the feeling passed.

After that… where was I supposed to go today? My brain was back in that same fog as before. I remembered the shoe store, and – that’s right, I was supposed to go to the side entrance for training! I headed on over, and sure enough, found the side entrance without any trouble.

The entrance didn’t look like anything special. There was a receptionist behind a window who smiled at me in a friendly way when I walked in.
“Are you here for training, hon?”

I nodded, and she asked “What’s your name?”


“Last name?”

Try as hard as I could, I couldn’t remember my family name. I wasn’t even sure whether I had one. But she saw the confused look on my face, made a notation, and went on to ask me my address. I could remember that one. After all, I had just driven from there! Then she asked: “We help people reach their full potential as sexual human beings. Is that what you would like?”

That was easy. “Oh yes!” She gave me a release form to sign, and that was all. She picked up a phone and had a brief conversation. All I heard was my name, and the phrase, “She’s more than ready!” Then she waved me through a door, and I found myself back in the rather clinical room I’d experienced before.

The nurse was waiting for me. This time she gave me a brief examination, expressing some surprise at how small my male package had shrunk, and
some pleasure at the size of my breasts, which were now nearly at “B” cup size. By the time she was done, Mistress had walked into the room.

“Well, Joanna, you’re doing wonderfully! You look so much more feminine! I think you are ready for the next stage of your training. Now, I need to ask you: do you sometimes have little episodes where you don’t feel like yourself? Perhaps right after you feel the most intense pleasure?”

She was right, of course! It seemed that every time I finally tasted cum and had a little orgasm, I would have an “episode”… and I wouldn’t feel right until I had put my boots back on.

“Don’t worry, it’s purely an emotional response, and we know how to get rid of it. Once we’ve done that, you’ll always be Joanna, slutty little latex slave Joanna.”

My heart beat faster at that! I loved being slutty… I wondered what was in store for me next. But at that moment, the nurse murmured something in Mistress’s ear. Her expression turned distinctly less friendly.
“You removed your metal sheath without permission!”

I was suddenly worried. How could I apologize? “I’m sorry, Mistress! It came off with my suit!”

Now she was really angry. “How dare you speak without permission?”

This was confusing. Was there a rule about this? But I kept quiet, and kept my eyes on the ground. This seemed to calm Mistress down. When she spoke next it was with a certain sly humor in her voice. “Well, perhaps your next experience will be a bit more extreme than you expected.
But it will accomplish the same task. Now, you are going to become 100% Joanna – you want that, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Good. Now… you will feel yourself having many “episodes” today. Each time, you must remember who you are! I promise that each episode will be shorter and shorter, until finally you won’t have them any more.” Then, turning to the nurse, she said “Clean her out, then put her in the cage!”

Before I knew what was happening to me, the nurse had flipped me over and was busy inserting something in my ass. I was accustomed to these intrusions by now, but this was an unusual feeling nonetheless. Whatever was sliding into me wasn’t squishy or even firm like most butt plugs, it was HARD. But it didn’t take long to figure out what was going on: a stream of warm water suddenly erupted inside me, filling me up to the point where it was almost uncomfortable.

Quickly, the nurse flipped me back over and marched me to a toilet.
“Don’t evacuate yet. I just want to avoid any accidents.” She kept an eye on her watch. I started to fidget, shifting my weight back and forth on my 4” heels as I became more and more anxious to let the liquid out, until finally she looked at me and said “All right.” Then I quickly sat down and let the water gush out of me. After I cleaned up, the nurse marched me back and repeated the entire process – not once, but twice.
Finally she was satisfied. She left the room briefly and returned with Mistress. Then she went over to the wall and pressed a button.

Down from the ceiling came a metal cage – but it was anything but box-like. It looked more like a sculpture of a person, or a frog perhaps, on all fours. It came to rest on the floor, and that was it – the nurse and Mistress both ignored it. Instead, they busied themselves stripping me and outfitting me in a rubber catsuit I hadn’t seen before. This was the best one I’d ever worn! It was a bright, shiny black and had enormous tits, filled with something like a gel. The nurse gently guided the crotch area so that a sheath fit into my anus, and when I looked down I had a latex pussy, with red lips… somehow my male package had been tucked in there. My hands were tugged into gloves that were attached to the suit. Before they zipped up the back of the suit, they smeared some cream on my little titties, which made them tingle again. Then they zipped the back up – wonderful tight feeling! And then my head was encased in a rubber hood, with mounds of latex “hair” on top. The hood closed stiffly around my neck, so I couldn’t look down. My gloved hands were held in front of me as they were inserted into hard plastic spheres, which were locked onto my wrists. I wasn’t
going to be able to do anything to extricate myself! Finally, my feet were put into thigh-high ballet boots. I couldn’t imagine standing up in them, but it turned out that I wouldn’t have to.

Now the nurse and Mistress supported me as they placed me, face down, into the cage. My hands and feet fit into special areas at all four corners; and then the top of the cage was closed over me. I was immobilized with my rear and my head both locked in place. The nurse quickly walked to the wall, picked out the largest butt plug I’d ever seen, lubed it up and popped it into my ass. I was amazed that it went in so easily.
I knew I had had some practice!… but I couldn’t remember anything ever so BIG.

Now the nurse went over to the wall, and a winch carried the cage a few feet into the air. My wonderful Mistress came over and stood directly in front of me. She didn’t say a word but simply dropped her skirt on the floor, where the nurse quickly picked it up, and pulled the cage slightly toward her, sliding her already-erect cock directly into my open lips. This was bliss! I worked hard to be worthy of Mistress’s cock, pulling it farther into my throat than I thought possible. Eagerly I sucked and licked the tip whenever she pulled out a bit, and just as eagerly I strained to fit her entire cock in my mouth and throat when she rammed it in.

Before long, I was rewarded with a spurt, then a long stream of hot cum down my throat. Even as I was enjoying it, I felt that familiar wrenching feeling, almost as if I was switching bodies. But I heard a familiar voice, almost chanting to me: “Come back, Joanna, come back.
who you are, Joanna. You are always Joanna.” And sure enough, with the taste of cum still fresh in my mouth, I felt myself again. I looked up at Mistress and she smiled. “Now whenever you feel like you are somehow “outside yourself,” remember that you can pull yourself back. After a few times, you won’t even get the feeling again. And now we’re going to give you that feeling enough times that you’ll get over it for good.”

Now the nurse operated the winch again, raising the cage enough to slide a cart underneath. Then she disengaged the cage from the chain it was on, and carried me out into the hall. From there it wasn’t far till we passed through another door, and suddenly we were in a smoky, loud room.

My mistress nodded to the nurse, who had accompanied us, and picked up a portable microphone. “Gentlemen, a rare treat for you today.”

The room quieted down. I could only see straight ahead, but I thought I could feel dozens of eyes looking at me in the cage. And then I felt something… delicious. First a small vibration started in my ass, pulsing inside the giant plug. Then I could feel a sort of circular motion on my boobs. Oh, this was heavenly! Involuntarily I began to arch my back, letting a little moan of pleasure escape my lips.

The nurse approached the cage and closed a little door in the front, which pushed a large dildo into my mouth. Greedily, I began sucking on it. A real cock would’ve been better, but anything that I could such on was a good thing! There was a funny taste on the rubber cock… it went away pretty quickly, though, and I found all my sensations were heightened. The sound of the room almost receded into the background and all I
could think of was the pleasure in my breasts and ass, and the need to suck, and lick, and suck…

Dimly I heard Mistress through the speaker again. It didn’t seem to make sense – something about quarters and dollars and coin boxes.

But before I knew it, I heard the “clink” of a coin and then the dildo was pulled out of my mouth. I was momentarily disappointed, but then a real live cock was in front of my lips! And not clad in latex either…
the taste was wonderful. Urgently I sucked and massaged the head of the cock with my tongue and lips, feeling an animal instinct deep inside me. This was all I wanted: cock and more cock, and my whole intent was to make it stiffer and bigger and more erect. Dimly I could hear some grunting, and then that gorgeous stream of hot cum went shooting into my mouth. The flavor drove me wild, and I sucked even harder… and then I felt that sudden shift in reality. It was so unexpected that I stopped for a moment. But then I remembered Mistress’s instructions. I just had to remember that I was Joanna – and sure enough, within a few seconds I was “back.”

At that point, the cock withdrew from my mouth; I heard another coin clink, and a new one appeared! I went to work on it … it tasted different, but before long I felt the animal desire within me. This time there
was a second interruption. I heard a more distant coin clink, and the plug was withdrawn from my ass and replaced by a “live” cock. Now I had that lovely full feeling and that constant movement in my ass, at the same time as I worked to satisfy the cock in my mouth! And again – before long, the cock in my mouth erupted. This time it sprayed all over my face, but I caught enough in my mouth and lips to enjoy the taste.
And again – the sudden shift, the effort to remember myself, and the return to normal.

This went on over and over again. A coin clink – a new cock – hot cum and the shift in reality, and always a shorter and shorter period before I came back to myself. Finally I stopped experiencing the shift completely, and I was able to completely give in to my animal instincts. It was a good thing I was in the cage, as otherwise I would’ve bucked so hard that I would have lost the cocks at both ends. That didn’t stop me from moaning and grunting as I completely gave in to the feelings of utter pleasure washing over me again and again.

Some of the cocks weren’t too impressive, but I managed to get them good and hard in my mouth anyway. And I thought I felt at least a couple of rubber-covered fists in my ass – and one or two dykes with strap-on cocks. I didn’t care – as long as they were there.

Finally the real live cock was replaced again with the rubber dildo. It was quiet outside the cage, and I felt tired. The nurse reappeared and wheeled me out of the room, back to the exam room where she gave me another enema (just to clean me out, she explained) and laid me on the examination couch to rest. Finally, Mistress came into the room.

“Well, you cleared about twenty-five dollars today. Not a whole lot, but then you’re just a two-bit whore, aren’t you?”

Somehow I knew what my only response could be: “Yes, Mistress.” I didn’t reveal the thrill I felt at being a “whore!”

Then she asked a funny question: “Now, whore, tell me your name.”

“Joanna, Mistress.”

“Just Joanna? Don’t you have a last name?”

“I only know Joanna, Mistress.”

“Good. Now what is your address?”

I didn’t know how to answer that. What was an address? I recognized the word but couldn’t remember what it meant. I was sure it didn’t have anything to do with anything I cared about. “I’m not sure what you mean, Mistress. Does it have anything to do with sucking cock?”

At that she smiled and happily popped a small dildo gag in my mouth.
“Well, Joanna, I’m happy to say that you are QUITE ready for the operation now!”

I thought that meant right away, but I don’t really understand these things. I just remember that I was allowed to sleep at my mistress’s feet that night, along with a couple of other latex-clad slaves. That was fun! After we all took turns satisfying Mistress’s every whim, she let us play with each other. I fell asleep with cum still in my mouth!

The operation – well, I don’t remember that at all. I think it must have taken a long time, or maybe I was out of it for a while. When I woke up, it HURT in all sorts of places. Let me count: my new pussy hurt, and the doctor wouldn’t even let me see it for a while, and then he wouldn’t let me play with it for even longer. My feet hurt too… the nurse said that they did something to make it easier for me to wear high heels (cool!). My titties hurt a lot, but on the other hand even under the bandages I could tell that they weren’t titties any more – they were BOOBS, at least size D. I was kind of mad that I couldn’t at least suck on them. And I think they did something to my voice, ‘cause it came out higher without me having to think about it.

I had to lie in bed for a long time, and it was really frustrating, you know? Nurse showed me lots and lots of videos… those were fun. They were mostly videos to give me ideas about how to dress up to look sexy, and then how to act and what to do, once someone said they liked me.
But they made me SO HORNY!!! It made me moan even when there wasn’t any pain. Luckily Nurse kept a nice big dildo gag in my mouth most of the time. And once in a while she let me suck her cock, too!

After a few days the bandages came off, and Nurse held up a mirror so I could see… first of all, my face looked better. My lips were fuller, and it looked as though my cheekbones were a tad more prominent. And I had been given permanent makeup! There was eyeliner tattooed into my skin. As I looked down, I could see that my breasts were now one of my best – and certainly my most prominent – features. I couldn’t help fondling them myself. Maybe it was their size that changed perspective, but it sure looked like my waist had shrunk as well. And below my waist… no more hated package, just a nice little pussy.

Nurse put my arms in shoulder-length black latex gloves, and then put my hands in heavy mitts, and chained them to the side of the bed. Then she added thigh-high pink latex stockings and knee-high ballet boots, spread-eagled my legs and chained those to the corners of the bed.
Finally, she took out a small dildo and carefully eased it into my pussy – to get me used to the feeling, she said. But she replaced the dildo gag with a big red ball gag. I didn’t like that – it just stretched my mouth without anything to play with inside. Then she turned the movies on again. Before long I was going nuts! My whole body tensed up, and I began perspiring from the sheer animal lust that welled up inside of me from the videos.

Every day that week the nurse inserted a larger dildo in my pussy, and before long she began re-training my ass as well. And three times a day, she removed the ball gag and fitted my mouth with a large dildo gag – which stayed in for about an hour. I discovered that if I squeezed it repeatedly in the right way, I would be rewarded with a little swallow of water or else a sort of runny protein drink. I didn’t get fed otherwise. Finally, she intensified the videos. By outfitting my head with a sort of helmet with video screens, all I saw when I opened my eyes was other girls in shiny, sexy outfits dancing around a pole, sucking cock, getting cum on their faces, or being screwed till they screamed. If my mouth hadn’t been filled with the dildo or the ball gag, I would’ve screamed too. As it was, I moaned and writhed on the bed, wanting desperately to feel a big thick LIVE cock in my mouth, my ass and my pussy.

Finally one day Mistress came to see me. Nurse took the video helmet away from my eyes, and I could see my lovely mistress view my new appearance. Mistress was dressed only in thigh-high black leather boots, long black leather gloves, and a black leather corset. Her enormous cock looked SO good to me, especially since the ball gag had been in for half a day. I desperately wanted to taste her again, and suck until she came over and over again. She looked me up and down carefully, not missing a thing, and finally said, “She is acceptable. Let’s see… what number are we up to?”

The nurse answered, “For triples we’re at number 26, so she’d be 3-27.”

Mistress came up to the side of the bed and looked straight into my eyes. “Joanna, you’re entering an exciting new phase of your life now. But first you must make a decision. Do you want to be my slave forever? Will you do WHATEVER I demand, no matter what?”

It seemed to me like there was only one answer to that question. I didn’t know what I would do without my Mistress, and I only wanted to please her. So, without breaking my gaze at her eyes, I nodded and said “Mmm
•    Hmmm” through the gag.

She smiled then, although it seemed less a smile of pleasure than one of superiority and conquest. “Very well, Joanna, I will collar you and you will be my slave forever.”

The nurse was holding a shiny metal tray, with a stainless steel band on it. The band had a tag on its front, with “3-27” engraved on it.
Mistress picked up the band and gently clasped it around my neck. It snapped together with an audible click. It was just tight enough that I could tell it was there but not so tight that I couldn’t breathe.

Mistress spoke again: “Let’s break her in, Nurse. Put her on the incline.”

Immediately the nurse and an orderly undid my restraints, picked me up, and transferred me to what seemed like a very narrow chair. Before I knew it, my hands were bound to the sides of the chair behind me, and my feet were pulled down and to the side, which had the effect of spreading my legs open. The incline was on a sort of metal framework that could tilt me back, and before I knew it, Mistress had positioned my head at crotch level as she straddled me on the contraption.

I was dizzy with anticipation, hoping that this meant I would have her cock in my mouth again. And sure enough, the ball gag was removed, and I felt the familiar taste  and smell of her crotch again. I was nothing if not enthusiastic – and was quickly rewarded with her raging hard-on. Before long she was fucking my throat, stabbing her prick into the back of my mouth. But just as I felt the first surge of hot cum shoot down my throat, she pulled out of my mouth, dribbling a little cum on my face as she went. I quickly licked my lips but then I gasped a moment later when she shifted the position of the “chair” and quickly penetrated my virgin pussy. It was a good thing that I had been trained with the
dildos, but it still hurt when she went in. Quickly, though, I began to feel that same animal sensation I had felt before – delicious and intense. I began to moan, louder and louder, until finally the nurse popped the ball gag back in my mouth. When
Mistress finally came, she didn’t pull out – she let stream after stream of hot cum shoot into my pussy, and within a moment I felt a wave of intense pleasure and release… and desire. All I knew was that I wanted MORE of it!

Mistress finally pulled out, still stiff, and motioned to the nurse. A couple of quick movements, and I discovered that the contraption I was in would flip me over as well. I was suddenly on my knees, arms still tied behind my back, ass in the air. Another moment, and Mistress shoved herself up my ass and I took another pounding until finally she came yet again. Then… just to illustrate how completely she could use me, I heard a rubber glove being pulled on, and she gradually inserted her fist up my ass. This was enough to make me lose my breath, but it still felt wonderful! And just as I thought the experience couldn’t get any more intense, a familiar smell wafted into my nostrils. There was the aroma of leather on a male crotch. Sure enough, a pair of leather pants swam into my field of vision. A pair of black leather pants with an open zipper and an enormous black dong hanging out of them. Happily, the ball gag was removed from my mouth and I went to work on my new mouth-filling opportunity.

When my mouth was again filled with hot cum, he stepped back. He was gorgeous – well built, tight abs, chocolate brown skin. He smiled at me.
“Well, your mistress was right – you ARE an amazing cocksucker!”

I was pleased to hear that, but I suddenly realized that my mouth was now empty, aside from the taste that I was still savoring. So was my ass and my pussy. I opened my mouth, trying to think of what to say. The nurse noticed my hesitation. “Yes, 327? What do you want?”

The words were hard to form, for some reason. When they finally came out, they were high-pitched and managed to sound both desperate and somewhat wanton at the same time. “I want cock.”

At that the nurse gave a short, hard laugh, looking at Mistress. “No need to worry about that, 327. You will get lots and lots of cock from now on. I can tell you will like that! But not just yet.”

And without another word I was removed from the incline contraption.
The nurse put me in a pair of thigh-high ballet boots and said with a smirk, “you’ll need to learn to walk in these.” With a little help I was able to walk to another room, full of video screens. The floor was covered in thick rubber, and there were tires and big inner tubes piled where normally there would be furniture. The room reeked of rubber, which only made me hornier. There were several other rubber-clad bodies in the room. Swiftly, I was lowered to the floor. Before I knew it, a short chain linked the heels of my boots together, and my arms were clasped together in a thick latex armbinder behind my back. Then the armbinder was chained to the ankle chain so that my body was held in position. I quickly realized that all the others on the floor were in a similar situation.

The volume was turned up high on the porn playing on the monitors, and it was really impossible to escape the images playing on them. Before long I was desperately horny again, and unable to do anything about it.
I began writhing about on the floor, until finally my head encountered one of the tires. I realized I could lick it. It wasn’t nearly as good as cock, but it was better than nothing.

At some point, the monitors went black and I fell asleep. The next day, I was awakened early – at least, I assumed it was early because the other rubbersluts were all still on the floor. My ankles were unlinked so I could walk, after a fashion. I stumbled in the ballet boots but gradually
got better at walking in them.  I was taken back to the room with the pole, and an attendant quickly swapped the ballet boots for pony boots.
in the ballet boots had been great preparation since my heels could never touch the ground in these boots. A lovely big butt plug with a long, swishy tail went in my ass, and I got to wear a pony hood. Finally, a big dildo was positioned at mouth-level to suck and to help me balance . Then they made me walk, slowly, around in a circle like before. I felt weak, but at least I was doing something familiar. Before long I was taken back to the room and another rubber-clad form was taken out for exercise. I expected to spend more time on the floor, but instead I was stood along the wall of the room, my arms behind me in an armbinder and my feet connected with a spreader bar. This was to help develop my muscles and train me to stand for a long period. When the second rubberslut was returned to the room, and the next one taken away for exercise, the second one was put in the same position. But when the
third one was returned, both the second rubberslut and me were placed on our knees, facing each other.

The nurse returned with a double-ended dildo, slid one end between both our lips, and simply said “You must kiss.” I suddenly felt an urgent need to touch the other slut’s lips, as if a powerful command had been planted deep within me. But the rubber cock was in the way… and I loved sucking on that dildo too. The only way to solve the problem was to pull the cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, down into my throat, as the other rubberslut did the same. I could see the desperation in her eyes; my eyes must’ve looked just the same. Luckily the dildo was not all that long, and within a half hour or so we were happily pressing our lips on each other as we continued to suck on the dildo.

When the fourth rubberslut was returned to the room, she was put in the same position with the third. The nurse then looked at us and told us “You no longer need to kiss.” And instantly the compulsion was gone, although we both continued to caress the dildo with our lips and tongues.
But soon the dildo was pulled out of our mouths and we were moved into positions behind the third and fourth sluts, with our asses facing their asses. And now a longer, bigger dual dildo was placed into position so that my ass was simultaneously fucking and being fucked by the third rubberslut. We all began to moan with pleasure and move from side to side as we tried to maximize the deep feeling of release we felt.

We hardly noticed when the fifth and sixth rubbersluts returned to the room, but suddenly we were shoved roughly apart, still shivering from the experience. Now half of us were led over to low benches. Briefly we knelt over them as our hands were released from the armbinders, and inflatable butt plugs were positioned in our asses. Then we were laid with our backs on the benches, and our arms and feet were shackled in a spread-eagle position. Then each of us was approached by one of the others. All of these looked to be a bit more muscular than we were ourselves, as if they had been trained longer. The nurse outfitted each of them with a strap-on dildo that also penetrated their pussies; then, their hands and feet were shackled in place with ours. All they could do was fuck us, and they started in with animal lust in their eyes. I arched my back as I began to feel the intense pleasure, and then I felt the butt plug begin to vibrate as well. My body was suddenly racked with the most intense orgasm I had ever felt, and it kept coming, in waves, for what seemed like an eternity. But it didn’t stop – the other rubberdoll kept pounding away, and I kept enjoying it.
I let my mind drift, and just enjoyed the feeling of unending pleasure. Gradually I noticed that I, like the whole room, had started grunting
and groaning as if we were all incapable of speech.

When the minders finally came to pull us apart, I had no idea how much time had passed. I just knew that I wanted it to keep up. It was frustrating when we were all chained on the ground again. This time I managed to gradually move across the ground until I was near another one of the rubberdolls, and I started to suck on the heels of her boots until she noticed me. Then she moved around so that she could put my rubber-covered tit in her mouth. That felt good! So we managed to position ourselves so that we could both fill our mouths with each other’s boobs, and we contented ourselves with that until the room darkened and we fell asleep.

This turned into a lovely, pleasurable routine each day. I started the day with a walk/run, before long moving to full rubber pony gear, with ponyboots on my legs, hooves on my hands, a big plug with a horse tail to swish between my legs, and a dildo-shaped bit in my teeth. My legs strengthened, as well as my lung capacity. Then I would return to the room and be put into different configurations with the other rubbersluts.
Besides being intensely pleasurable, that increased our endurance…
and created an environment where actively fucking took up most of our day. Whenever we had to stop, it created such a void that it almost physically hurt. And what we enjoyed the most was when all of our pleasure centers were being exercised at the same time.

Every week, we were taken out for a half hour, removed from our rubber coverings, washed and shaved. I really didn’t enjoy this very much at all! And once a day we received a “colonic irrigation,” which was actually rather nice. We entered a bathroom, positioned our asses on a set of nozzles, and received a flood of warm water inside, which we had to hold for five minutes and then evacuate.

This continued for some time as I gained strength, and then one day we were all pulled out of the room and put in new latex outfits. These fit just as snugly as before, but they gave each of us a different color.
The hoods now had cat-ears and feline looking eyes; and our hands and feet were converted into rubber paws. I was a tabby, another rubbergirl was a perfect white, and several of us were black cats. Even better, we were all given matching tails. These were more than butt plugs with long floppy tails – they had some kind of control in them, because not only would they vibrate and inflate to keep us excited, but we could control and swish our tails by clenching our butt cheeks! A little pressure in the right spot, and my tail would rise until it was fully erect behind me.
Release, and it would swing from side to side.

Our hoods had one other feature: there were molded pussy lips over the mouth opening, and there was a rubber insert that fit into both cheeks and over our teeth that re-molded the way our lips and mouth would form over an erect cock.  We could still lick with our tongues, but otherwise our mouths were turned into perfect pussies. Our handlers enjoyed asking us questions, but we couldn’t really say anything with the pussy inserts in our mouths. But we learned we could meow… I was enjoying the new experience, but it wasn’t enough – and soon the room was filled with the frustrated sounds of latex kittens who wanted something in their mouths!

When the sound had reached a crescendo, we were led down a hallway, and into a small dark room. When an engine started up and two doors were slammed in the back, I realized we were all in the back of a truck. At that point,
whoever was transporting us turned up the vibrators in our tails. That drove us
all nuts! But we couldn’t do anything else – our paws were too big to fit in our
mouths or our pussies. As we bumped along the frustration level grew higher and higher. We all started trying to catch each other’s tails, but they weren’t
rigid enough to get much pleasure.

When we finally arrived at our destination and the doors were opened, we exploded out of the truck just like a pack of stray cats. We all ran down the only hall we saw, until we found ourselves in a glass enclosure inside a ballroom.
From a loudspeaker came pounding music, which only made our need for release more severe. Outside the glass walls we could see a large number of men in business suits milling about, most with drinks in their hands. But within
a few seconds, we got their attention! They stared at us, slack-jawed and weak
with desire, many of them groping at their own crotches in an effort to relieve the
pressure they suddenly felt there.

The music suddenly went quiet, and was replaced by a familiar voice.
“Gentlemen, this is your special treat for the evening. Pussycats, on your paws.”

Instantly we fell to all fours. Try as hard as I could, I could only manage to
make my way around on my “paws.”

I felt the plug inflating and begin to vibrate violently, and as it did we all began to meow
and groan. The voice again: “You need cum. You need to kiss crotch. You must fill your mouth with cock.”
And then the glass enclosure lifted and we launched ourselves on the crowd. Most
of the men already had their hands at their waists, loosening their belts… but if
they weren’t quick enough about it, we helped. A few slowpokes found that our claws could rip through the fabric of their pants quite effectively. Very quickly every
one of us had her mouth full, desperately trying to swallow enough cock to plant our
lips on the men’s crotches, sucking and teasing those cocks to get them to release their precious fluid.

As soon as we had succeeded with one partner, another would be ready. But what really
got to be fun was when some of the men realized that they could lift up our swishing tails
and bury their prongs in our pussies while we were busy sucking off someone else. That
felt like heaven!

There was something about that night… even after I had swallowed ten men’s cum,
I was still thirsty for more. Even after I started to taste the juices of the other latex cats on the pricks I stuffed into my mouth, I needed more. Even when my mouth was sore from the 50th guy’s massive cock,
I needed more. If there wasn’t another guy ready when one pulled out, I would start to whine and whimper, which came out sounding an awful lot like a cat mournful meow. I was barely aware of the other cats but the same thing must have been going on for them, because every once in a while I would hear another meow, suddenly quieted.

We must
have finally worn out the men, because at some point – maybe # 90? — there was no cock available to replace the one that had just come in my mouth, and as I started to whine I heard all the other cats do the same. A fearful howl arose in the room, and then we heard: “Pussycats, you are satisfied. You may groom each other.” And immediately I felt a compulsion to lick my neighbor pussycat, who happened to be another tabby. She licked me back, and before long we both we busy licking each other’s rubber bodies clean. I especially liked it when she licked my titties, and I certainly returned the favor!

After a while
another pussycat made her presence felt, licking my sore pussy… that gave me the thought that there might be more cum in her pussy – which there was, so I spent a good long while cleaning her out as thoroughly as I could… A deep feeling of wellbeing crept into me. I was SO tired! And then finally we heard the voice again: “Pussycats, you may sleep.”

And we did – the next thing I was even aware of was waking up again in our usual room. I felt a bit sore! But I was excited when we were told that we would be able to continue as cats. It was lovely… we would go to sleep with the taste of cum on our lips, and when we woke up we would spend the day grooming each other, watching porn, or occasionally being groomed. Every night, one of the attendants would put a small cylinder in our ears, and then we could hear the voice of our mistress. She always started with  ”Pussycats, on your paws” and we would pad down the hallway, either to a waiting van or to a special room… if it was to the van, a few of us would eventually be put out on the sidewalk, each with an attendant dressed in severe black leather clothing. We weren’t allowed to do anything but “parade” until we heard the magic words. That gave the attendant time to make arrangements with the men who came up to us. Usually it didn’t take too long before we heard “You need cum” — it was as if a switch had been turned on, and we became insatiable cumsluts as soon as we heard those words. As soon as we heard “You are satisfied” we would return to the attendant.

was a lovely time… always in rubber, except for our weekly shaving rituals, and nearly always with something to suck on… I did have one small disappointment, which was when I was tested to see if I could be an attendant. I was put into a simple black latex bodysuit, with just a gag in my mouth. We were apparently supposed to keep our attention on the subject that was being trained. There were three of us: myself, an experienced latex slut whose number was 3-02, and a boy slut whose number was 2-20. He was clad in purple latex leggings and knee-high shiny silver boots, a pink crop-top exposing his firm little tummy, with elbow-length rubber gloves. When he turned around, I realized that he had been allowed a plug for the day – there was a horse tail swishing from it, but it was plain to see that the plug itself was enormous. He seemed barely aware of it – it seemed to be a completely normal part of him. I realized after a while that I recognized him
— it was Chip! He was utterly “swishy” in every way, seemingly unable to make a movement without striking a pose, and lisping when he spoke.

any rate, we were supposed to help dress a new recruit in her first latex bondage suit. Nothing terribly sophisticated – just a thick catsuit with a plug in back and a rubber pussy in front to begin training the novice’s little “package.” But I found that I was not very helpful … I missed having my pussy and ass full, and that plug looked SO inviting. I looked around, and when I thought nobody was looking, I wandered off to see if I could find a plug for myself. I had just located one and was reaching for it when I realized the room had gone quiet. Chip spoke first, in his high-pitched piping voice, with his arm on his hip: “Well, I see that someone doesn’t have any self-control!”

3-02 looked at me, caught in the act with my hand on the plug. “Yes, I will have to speak with Mistress. There may be a better use for this one.” And that was all – I felt mildly embarrassed, but frankly somewhat justified… how could they expect me to concentrate without even a plug in me?

Shortly after that, I had my first
experience in a new kind of suit. It happened after one of my weekly shaving rituals. We usually showered with a cream that took all the hair off our bodies, even our eyebrows, so we would be nice and smooth.
I expected to get back into my usual latex cat suit, or perhaps a plain “serving” suit, but instead I was led into a separate room where something different awaited me.

It looked for all the world
like someone had made a perfect latex sex doll. The skin looked almost real, and it was clear that this suit had been made for a purpose. The face looked vaguely oriental… not quite real, as if the artist who had made it wanted it to still look like a sex doll, but with a look of raw desire on it that would make anyone horny!

There was a
zipper up the back. Two attendants helped me put the suit on, which fit perfectly. There were no plugs in the suit, only sheaths in the mouth, pussy & anus. Once they had zipped me up, they let me look at myself in a double mirror… it was perfect. You couldn’t see the zipper at all, but I looked like a real live sex doll. They dressed me in a pair of black rubber thigh boots, a pair of long latex gloves, and a waist cincher. I was almost overcome with desire, just looking at my reflection. Eventually, I couldn’t help myself, and began sucking on the fingers of one hand while the other hand strayed down to my crotch.

Just then I heard a door open. My mistress walked in, together with a man clad in a white lab coat (although underneath the coat I could see latex leggings & a pair of thigh boots!). The man was explaining something to my mistress, which I didn’t understand at all.
But then he said, “Look, I’ll demonstrate. If you have her properly trained by now, she will normally fuck anything in sight. But when you get tired of that, a real sex doll doesn’t go off on its own looking for more… it just lies there, right?”

Mistress nodded. “Or else it stays in whatever position you left her in.”

The man said, “So let me show you. Why don’t you have her give you a blow job to start off with?”

gestured to me. “Come here, 3-27.” She raised her skirt and I immediately dropped to my knees and filled my mouth. It was as wonderful as it always was! As I went to work on her enormous prick, I hear the man say, “Now watch what happens when I immobilize her.”

I felt as if I was frozen in place. The suit around me felt as if it had turned to stone. I couldn’t even move my lips. Mistress took a step back, her skirt sliding over my head as she did. I still couldn’t move.
I saw Mistress looking at me with some amusement, and then turn to the man. He said, “It’s a special memory polymer, embedded in the latex.
You can either force it to go rigid in its current position, or you can make it go into any of several memorized “poses.”

He asked one
of the attendants to help, and they supported me while suddenly the suit around me moved! Now I was in a standing posture, head erect. The man said “This is how we store the fuckbot. We put it into its container, which has a port for their mouths and their anus, and a small vibrator for their pussies if they’re female. They can stay in that position for up to a week. Or, I can pose them on all fours…” and again the suit moved, and I was kneeling on the ground, my ass in the air. He and Mistress experimented with all the possible poses. He ended by putting me back in position under her skirt. He must have pressed another button, for suddenly I could move my mouth… but nothing else.
Muffled, I heard him say, “That’s for if ALL you want is a blow job.”

I heard Mistress chuckle a bit, after she came in my mouth. She left me frozen in place for a while, instructing the attendant to clean up and polish the rubber skin around my mouth. The attendant then positioned me on a stool, and suddenly I could move again. Then Mistress addressed me:

“Number 3-27, I understand you have a bit of a self-control problem, so we have decided to use that to our advantage.
This suit will let us rent you out as a fully functioning sex doll, what we call a fuckbot, for
the discerning consumer.

she pressed a button, and the suit suddenly went stiff, with my arms straight down beside me, my legs also straight. Two attendants came over and quickly picked me up and packed me into a container. The container went dark, but then a screen came on at eye level and began playing porn for me. As I had heard, there was a plug in my mouth, another in my anus, and a small vibrator in my pussy. I was dimly aware that my container was being moved, but I quickly surrendered to the fact that I couldn’t move, and just focused on the lovely images I saw.

Some time later, I heard the noise of a few latches being opened, and suddenly the cover was off my container. Strong hands picked me up and laid me on a platform of some kind. I still couldn’t move, but I could see a cluster of people hovering over me. From the snatches of their conversation I heard, they sounded like frat boys – or maybe twenty-somethings at a bachelor party:

“Dude, she looks almost real!”
“How much did this cost?”
“A lot – we need to take advantage of this all night!” “Dude – this is WAY better than a stripper!”
“How do you turn her on?”
“I’ll just unzip my pants, of course… oh wait, you meant … here, this remote control is supposed to do it.”

suddenly I could move my limbs again. Without even thinking about it, I began to lick my lips and spread my legs. I heard someone yell “that is so freaking cool!” but before long, one dick was in my face, between my greedy lips, and another one was probing my pussy. I was in heaven! I gave in to all of my animal urges and writhed in delight. That only egged the young men on, and before long they were experimenting with all sorts of different positions. They discovered that they could freeze me in positions that would have never worked with a “real” girl, and there was one blissful point where I was leaned up against one boy who was sitting on the side of a bed, sandwiched between him and another boy’s erect cock in my ass, while I sucked on a third cock – that boy must have been standing on the bed.

At another point, I was laid down with two pricks stabbing upward from a rug on the floor, one for my mouth and one for my pussy. As soon as I was put into position, a third one slid up my rear. The boys played with immobilizing my body parts until all I could do was swing backward and forward, which let us all fuck in rhythm. When first one, then a second, and then a third boy came almost at the same time, it was like fireworks for me.

The screen in front of my eyes only showed fuzzy images of whoever was in front of me, but whenever a cock was inserted into my waiting lips, I would get a clear image of either my mistress’s cock, or that chocolate-brown monster that I had enjoyed months before.  Whenever that happened, I automatically salivated and couldn’t help beginning to suck and caress it with my tongue & lips, almost as if I had been programmed to do that. At the same time, whenever I felt a cock going in my pussy or ass, the screen would suddenly show either my mistress’s, or else that same chocolate “hunk’s” body and face, as they approached me with their cocks fully erect and waiting to be inserted. The same sort of automatic response would result – as soon as I felt it in me, I would start to groan and buck and writhe, and I wouldn’t be able to stop until I felt that sweet hot jet erupt inside me.

The time passed in a blur. I only knew when I was sucking or being fucked… at some point, maybe when all the boys had gotten tired, I heard one of them ask for the remote and then ask the others to position me standing up. Then the screen lit up with the interior of a strip club, and my body responded – I was immediately doing a pole dance, even though there was no pole! That drew some appreciative calls from the audience, and before long they were back inside me.

And then it was over. My body went stiff again. I was lifted back into the container, and before long I felt my insides being flushed with warm water. I drifted off to sleep, dreaming of … cock.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I don’t know who wrote all those words up there. They look kind of familiar but I don’t know why someone would take the trouble to write about cock when maybe you could be sucking cock, you know? I get to do that a lot now. Mistress lets me stay in the fuckbot suit a lot, and she rents me out almost every day.

The only problem is the days when there are no customers. I get antsy when I can’t suck on a cock and feel those warm juices run inside me. So today Mistress gave me a choice to make. It was a little hard to understand.
Mistress uses big words, sometimes. But I think she told me that the problem is that I’m not a REAL rubber doll. I still have some self-awa…
something in my head where I know that I’m not a rubber doll. So she said that I can switch that off, if I want. She put some special thoughts in my head, so that once I make the switch, I will just be a rubber fuckbot, all the time, and when I am switched off – I’ll just be “off.” No thinking except when I’m turned on… and that’s ok, because I’ll be thinking about only one thing! But I have to make the deci-, the choice by myself.

She put a pair of thigh-high black rubber boots next to me. “If you put those boots on and zip them up all the way, your brain will switch to full-time rubberdoll. If you don’t want to do that, just don’t put the boots on.”

I remember those boots… they are my favorite boots in all the world, and I HAVE to put them on. A little part of me remembers that my brain used to think about other stuff, but these days I really just like to think about cock. And look – I didn’t even know I was doing it, but there’s the first boot on my leg, already zipped up. It looks so good, all shiny and sleek.
There’s the second one. I slip my foot in… mmmm it already feels nice and snug, but it would feel better zipped up. Mmmm zipping feels good, but you know what would really feel good right now? Co—-