Alison opened the door that led to the basement of her house, and turned on the lights. The room was dark, lit only by neon tubes in the ceiling. In the centre of it there was a gyno chair, and next to it a table with lots of scary sex toys.
Plugs, dildoes, vibrators, suction cups, enema plugs… All of the room’s walls were covered with wardrobes. Paula could see some of the latex clothing inside of one of them. In one corner there stood two coffin-like containers, and a big rubber bed was just next to them.

“Remove your clothes, dear”, Alison ordered. Paula smiled at Alison, and obeyed. It was strange, she felt naked as she hadn’t ever felt before, as she removed her clothes in front of this shiny rubber woman. She felt like shrinking. Now she fully experienced the power that Alison irradiated, and knew that soon she would feel that power in herself.

“Okay, dear, now go into the bathroom to prepare yourself”, Alison said, as she pointed with a riding crop to a door in the opposite side of the room. Paula walked to the door, and Alison followed her, walking slowly and ceremoniously on her platforms, her inflator bulbs dangling between her legs.

In the bathroom Alison took an enema plug and applied some lubricant to it. Then she ordered Paula to relax, and inserted the bulb in Paula’s anus. While pushing the plug softly, she massaged Paula’s naked breasts with her gloved hand from behind.
Paula felt Alison’s big stiff rubber cock rubbing against her back, and sighed as she felt the plug enter her ass. Alison then inflated the plug inside Paula’s anus, and prepared the enema for Paula.

“Now, dear, we’re going to clean you a bit.”, said Alison as she connected the tube from the enema bag to the plug, and she hung the bag over the toilet. Paula sat in the toilet, and Alison opened the valve in the enema bag. Paula gasped as she felt the warm water enter her rear, filling her intestines. She pressed her hands against her belly, while Alison stroked her face. She sighed as Alison silently counted.
When she felt that was time enough, Alison opened another valve and Paula emptied her bowels in the toilet.

Then Paula got into the bathtub, and cleaned herself. Alison took a bottle from a cupboard, and said – “To become a rubberdoll, you must have no body hair at all.
This liquid will permanently remove all of your hairs. Are you sure you want to go on?” Paula just took the bottle and extended the liquid over all her skin. It had a strong smell, and provoked a warm sensation all over her body. Then she took the bottle and dropped some of the liquid in her head, carefully. Alison looked at Paula in surprise. She had also removed her hair permanently, but it still was amazing that Paula, who had just had her first rubber experience the day before, was so compelled to do the same thing.

Soon all of Paula’s hair had gone. Even her eyebrows had gone, and no hint of body hair remained. She looked as a cute female mannequin with big green eyes. Paula showered again to remove all of the liquid from her body, and then she dried herself with a towel. They went back to the main room.

Alison looked at Paula, measuring. Both girls were almost the same size. She then went to a wardrobe, and took some items. She went back to the table in the centre of the room, and left the rubber garments there.

“Now the fun begins.”, Alison said, “Let’s see that you’re properly dressed, dear.
But first, you’ll need to apply some of this gel over your skin.” “What’s this for?”, asked Paula.
“This is a lubricant. It will aid you to get inside your rubber. It also has some nice properties, as it greatly reduces the transpiration, and cares your skin. The result is that you will be able to wear a rubber suit like this for quite a long time.”

Paula liked the idea, generously applied the jelly all over her body, under the amused stare of Alison, who tapped with the crop against her thigh. Soon Paula felt her skin softer, after the hot sensation of the depilatory liquid. Meanwhile, Alison lubricated the inside of the suit she had taken.

“Now, begin pulling this on.” said Alison, as she handed the rubber suit to Paula.
She took the legs of the suit, which had rubber socks attached, turned them inside out. Then she slid her feet inside, and began pulling the suit’s legs up. It was a little difficult, because the suit was heavy, and it had two layers of rubber. Paula was nevertheless enjoying the experience, as the rubber slid against her skin, embracing it.

When Paula had pulled the suit up to her thighs, she noticed that there was something at the crotch. She looked nervously at Alison, who smiled and said, “I’ll help you with those, dear. Please climb on top of a chair”. As Paula did, Alison took another tube of lubricant, and applied it to the big plugs. Alison said “Please relax, dear. This might feel a bit strange at first”, and reached for Paula’s vagina. Carefully she inserted a lubricated catheter into Paula’s urethra. The sensation was strange, and Paula squirmed when she felt the rubber gloved hands and the rubber tube inside her. “Now, relax your muscles, darling”. Paula just felt the lubricated plug start digging in her anus, and she gasped. This was quite a lot more she had ever taken. Alison had expected this, so she pushed the dildo very gently.
“Are you okay, darling?” asked, and Paula replied with a loud moan, “Yeeeeesssssss”.
Alison smiled, and continued pushing the plug inside slowly, carefully, until it was inside Paula. Paula was breathing heavily, her legs were shaking inside the suit. Finally, Alison took the last dildo and inserted it into Paula’s vagina. Paula’s muscles were shaking as Alison touched her labia, caressing it. Paula’s lips were very wet, but the dildo was also quite big, so it took a little time of moaning until it had slid into place completely.

Alison looked up to her friend. She was moaning, purring, trembling because of the pleasure. Alison was delighted. “Paula, please do continue dressing now, and don’t touch yourself. We’ll have time for that later”, she commanded, taking Paula for a moment out of her bliss. Paula opened her eyes, her hand had gone to her clit and had begun to stroke it. A bit embarrassed, she stopped and took the upper half of the suit. Now, inside the chest there were two rubber cups over her breasts, which Paula had to lock in place with a strap that closed over her back, just like the ones in a bra. Alison helped Paula with this. Then she slid her arms into the sleeves, and her hands into the attached gloves. Alison pulled the zip to the top, and the suit was closed with a little click.

“Now put this on”, said Alison as she handed Paula a rubber corset. Paula put the corset over her waist, and Alison laced it very tight. Paula had never worn such a corset, and she gasped as she felt Alison tugging at the laces. She nevertheless liked the constriction of her waist, the embrace over her body. The suit was hugging her more than anything she’d ever had. Paula ran her fingers over her waist, she loved the touch of the thick rubber through her gloves. “All right, dear”, said Alison, breathing deeply, “now I’ve laced your waist down to 22 inches. Pretty good, you’ve got quite a slender waist”. Paula felt very hot, and breathed quickly. She didn’t know if this was because of the corset or because the excitation. She couldn’t stop touching her compressed waist.

“Well, dear, do you think you will be able to walk on top of these?” said Alison as she handed Paula a pair of platform boots like hers. “I don’t know, but I want to try”, smiled Paula, and put them on. She had never tried before shoes this high. She tried some steps, it was difficult walking with these 7-inch platforms, but she liked it. The boots were loose around Paula’s calves, but Alison said, “That’s okay for now. Now let’s go for the final touches”. Paula couldn’t wait.

Alison gave Paula a rubber hood with transparent face, like the one she was wearing.
Paula unzipped it and pulled it over her head. She felt the rubber press her face, and as she zipped it, it become more and more snug, as the sound outside become a little muffled. She liked the thin rubber layer pressing her skin, and touched her face with her rubber gloved hands. It felt so good, enclosing her bare skin… It just came across her… She was completely enclosed in rubber, now! She had never thought that this could feel so good.

“And now hold up your head, darling”. Alison took the rubber posture collar, and placed around Paula’s neck. “Now, hold this up while I lace it”. Paula did as Alison asked. The garment slowly surrounded her neck and forced her head up. She couldn’t look down now, nor she could turn her head to the sides. She was forced to look up, and ahead. “Please don’t move, dear”, Alison ordered. Paula was quite surprised.
Although the collar was very severe and restrictive, is was also very comfortable, and Paula discovered that she liked the sensation of restriction very much. She was forced to stand up, her body rigid because of the corset and posture collar, her waist compressed, and her feet confined in the high platform boots, and she had never been so aroused.

“Okay, dear, come with me now”, said Alison as she took Paula’s hand and led her to the mirror. Paula looked at her reflection. Not bad, she thought. It was more the feeling than the looks. The suit was quite baggy, and the boots were too loose, but the corset was tight and nice, and the hood looked great. “Now the grand finale”, said Alison with a smirk, as she took the tube of what seemed a big air compressor, and connected it to a small valve in Paula’s shoulder. Then she started the inflator, and Paula heard the hiss of air going into her suit. Soon she felt the pressure growing around her, slowly filling her torso and arms, her legs and rear and breasts, as the baggy rubber suit became rounder and rounder. Her calves expanded, occupying all of the space in her boots, and her thighs inflated and grew round and wide. The pressure built on, pushing every inch of her skin, and forcing her to a straight posture. It was becoming difficult to bend her legs and arms, which were slightly forced outwards. Her tits were now huge, twice the size of her head and still growing. Paula couldn’t resist the temptation and started rubbing her body. It felt soft, but it was becoming firm and firmer, and rounder. She was almost as big as Alison was. But the most pleasure she found in the fact that the suit now was completely fitting, hugging her whole body in a firm, but soft embrace, filling every fold of her skin, every little hollow in her body, forcing the plugs inside her even a bit deeper inside her. She had never felt so good, and gave Alison a brief glance of deep gratitude and love, because she knew that Alison felt also this good, and had decided to share all of this pleasure with her.

The hissing stopped, and Paula asked “Already?”. “Not yet”, said Alison as she closed the valve in Paula’s suit and hid it under a little rubber flap. Then she attached the inflator to the latex bag that hung from the posture collar, and quickly inflated it to a wide, thick ruff, encircling Paula’s face in a white oval of rubber. Paula touched the collar, completely inflated around her neck. She then tried to touch her face, and she found that it was really difficult. She looked in the mirror, and now she couldn’t tell the difference between Alison and her. Then Alison removed the nipples of Paula’s breasts, which hid what seemed to be nozzles, and attached bulbs to them. She pumped, and pumped, as Paula moaned, grabbing her big round rubbertits. The cups inside her suit where sucking her own tits, forcing them into the rubber. Paula now understood why Alison loved to massage her breasts.
She found herself rubbing her big rubber breasts, too aroused to stop.

“Now, dear, inflate your dildoes”, said Alison.
“Inflate? But… but… They’re already very big!”, replied Paula.
“Not big enough”, she said, as she stood just in front of Paula, their breasts slightly touching. She grabbed the inflator bulbs and began inflating Paula’s dildoes gently, making her moan. Paula felt the plugs dig inside her, growing, penetrating her, fucking her deeper than she had ever been. It hurt a bit, but the pain was bearable, and she certainly liked being penetrated so deeply. Her vagina and her anus pressed against the growing intruders, and Paula rocked her hips back and forth in pleasure, wanting more. Alison had only pumped a couple of times when Paula slowly held Alison’s hands and took the bulbs from her. Then she began pumping herself, while Alison stared, smiling. “I knew you could take it, dear”, said Alison, as Paula, still pumping, smiled with her eyes half closed, overwhelmed by pleasure.

As Paula still pumped, Alison reached for a spray of rubber polish. She sprayed the liquid over Paula’s suit, who rubbed her new inflated body, enjoying the intense sensations she had just discovered. She polished the new rubber girl slowly, carefully, feeling the inflated body under her rubber fingers. She rubbed Paula’s tits from behind, enjoying the curves of her bizarre rubber friend. She rubbed her waist, and her hips, and reached for her crotch, for her inflated rubber vagina. She unzipped the rubber pouch, and took the limp rubber cock from it, and began squeezing the rubber testicles to inflate Paula’s rubber cock. As she did this, she pushed the little rubber nub that made the dildoes start buzzing inside Paula, who just could say “Ooooooooooh, yes, yes, yes, bigger, please”. Then she started the dildoes in her own suit.

Paula couldn’t believe it. She felt her own rubber body with both hands. She touched her breasts, so round and big, and her waist, so tiny compared to the rest of her body. And when she looked at the mirror, it was so exciting, being that extremely shapely, shiny rubber woman… And her cock, she had a cock, the biggest cock she had ever seen, and still grew bigger as Alison squeezed her rubber testicles. This was wonderful, she felt so filled with sensations all over her body… And Alison was just there, hugging, rubbing, kissing her, so hungry for all of her curves…
Suddenly, a crazy idea came to Paula’s mind. She took Alison’s hand and lead her to the gyno chair. Paula sat on it, pulled a lever and was just lying in front of Alison.

“Eat me, dear”
“Eat you?”
“Yes, eat me. I want you to eat my cock!”

Alison was pretty willing to do this. In fact, she had desired just this for a long time. But Paula was too excited, so she decided to give her some more rubber.

“I’ll eat your cock, darling, but first I want you to open your mouth”, she said, as she stroked Paula’s lips.
When Paula opened her mouth, Alison showed her a big butterfly gag which stuffed in Paula’s mouth. It had a strap which she fastened around Paula’s head, so that she couldn’t remove it. Then, she pumped as Paula moaned, looking at her with open wide eyes.

Paula felt the gag inflate in her mouth, expanding her cheeks as Alison pumped more and more. Paula wanted to suck it more and more, and tried to reach her face, but it was difficult. Alison noticed and cupped Paula’s cheeks with her hands, and tickled her lips with her rubber fingers, as Paula rubbed her body more eagerly. “You look beautiful”, said Alison, and Paula left out a tender “Mmmmph”. Then Alison went for Paula’s cock.

Paula could barely see what happened over the edge of her wide ruff and huge breasts, but she could see Alison taking all the girth of her rubber phallus in her mouth. She felt the tugging at her crotch, as Alison moved her head over the enormous rubber penis, tasting Paula’s juices which already dripped from the tip.
Paula grabbed with one hand her cock, and with the other she reached for Alison’s head, and stroked it and felt as Alison moved back and forth. As she sucked at her gag and moaned, she could feel her muscles contract over the huge dildoes in her suit, which still vibrated violently inside her, just at the brink of the biggest orgasm she had ever had.

And then, she came.

She felt Alison rub her corsetted waist, as all she could do was to caress her face.
The hand in her cock fell to her body, deprived of strength, as all her body trembled and shook with the first waves of pleasure coming from her crotch. And the vibrators still were running. The pleasure intensified, and she felt the massive gag inside her half open mouth, as she contracted all of her body, her head looking for refuge inside her rubber ruff which embraced her neck, as she pressed her waist, filled and compressed, and her breasts, which sucked at her nipples inside. Her body trembled stronger now, she could feel it, and wished it would never stop. She rocked her hips and body, inside the suit, trying to release herself from the rubber embrace, but never succeeding. The suit wouldn’t let her go, as it caressed her every bit of skin, and this made her more excited, and the orgasm grew stronger. And she moaned, and moaned, and moaned as she sucked her rubber gag.

Paula then closed her eyes, and let her go as the orgasms came. She couldn’t tell how much pleasure she just had, it was too much to be counted.

When Paula opened her eyes, she felt relaxed, relaxed as she had never been before.
Had she passed out? She didn’t know. The gag was still stuffed in her mouth, and she sucked it. All her body tingled, and she felt very well. She felt happy, and calm, and warm. She looked down, and she saw what looked as Alison. She also felt somebody between her legs. She reached, and felt Alison, breathing deeply, hugged to her body, and stroked her gently.

As she felt Paula move, Alison stood up and looked at Paula with a satisfied smile.
She also looked as she had had lots of pleasure. Then she took Paula’s hands.

“Hello, my love. Welcome home.”