Jennifer arrived home late as usual. The ever increasing hours spent at work, crunching numbers in order to create some sort of order in the middle of corporate chaos. Her worn-out body simply collapsed on the bed, not caring to shower or even strip. All that could be postponed until the next morning. She was actually so tired, she didn’t realize her bed was now of a completely strange consistence, and a very sweet rubbery smell.

Shiny rubber creatures fill up Jennifer’s dream world now. And not realizing that, she walks inside a rubbery maze, filled with faceless bizarre creatures, of unknown gender, some masculine, some feminine in appearance. All of them look at her, their minds, inviting her own into endless pleasure, but she knows she must move forward, she feels she’s been called upon a very dominant presence.

The silent call leads Jennifer towards an underground throne room, where a rubber Queen is sitting in its center, inviting Jennifer to move forward. Her whole skin is covered in thick shiny black rubber, a ponytail of splendorous rubber hair falls from the top of her hair, making the Queen a unique sight. All other rubber creatures, including Jennifer, and kept bald, sometimes, with faces that look like a crossbreed between an insect and a gasmask. Jennifer suddenly feels her body respond to the Queen with an unexpected wildness. Her nipples start growing harder at every step she takes, and her pussy, more and more wet, to the point her juices start to run down her shiny rubber leg.

The Queen talks to Jennifer, directly on the core of her soul. She tells Jennifer of a world of endless pleasure, endless rubbery pleasure, on an immortal body. Jennifer nods in submission, the heat taking her body and soul being too much for her to handle, the presence of the Queen, too intense for her simple human mind to deal with. The sheer presence of the Queen, makes her body explode in lust, overriding all her senses, overriding even Jennifer’s most basic instincts. Instead, some new ones grow inside of her, without her noticing that.

Jennifer wakes up from the wettest dream of her life. She’s still horny, but it seems her clitoris became senseless to her caresses. She opens her bottom drawer, beside her bed, and takes out a large vibrating dildo, with small latex spikes all over it’s surface, and starts pleasing herself. She moans and jumps on the bed, as the rubbery intruder makes its way inside her moist pussy, but still, she can’t orgasm. She can feel the most intense pleasure she ever did in her entire life, but all her efforts manage, is to make her even hornier, even lustier. Some new ideas roam her mind, without the usual fear and shame. She takes some lubricant out of the same drawer her dildo did sit in, and applies it on her ass. She never did anal, not even considered that, but now, all she wanted was that thick hard ribbed latex invader inside her ass. Looking at the ceiling mirror, she finds herself too hot to be true. She always hated that mirror the person who lived in the apartment before she did, installed. She also never bothered taking it down anyway. Now, she loved the idea.

Without the slightest sign of fear that would prevent the old Jennifer from doing it, the new Jennifer shoves the thick dildo into her ass in one single step, filling her body with a jolt of pain and pleasure, as she rubs her clit eagerly with her free hand. She fucks herself with the expertise not even a horny stallion would, aiming to a release that seems to be always an inch away from her reach… she pants and lifts her body off the bed, imagining a phantom lover taking her. Without realizing, at closing her eyes, this lover is a big rubber hunk, completely bald and faceless, with two big rubber cocks. His red rubber skin, shines under the room lights, as Jennifer also imagines herself with big rubber breasts, tiny rubber waist and on ballet heels, her mouth, open in a perfect O, ready to take in any cock available.

“_Yes my dear… surrender to us… let the rubber possess you…” a voice on the back of her mind, the voice of her Queen, echoes aloud.

All Jennifer does, is giggle at how wild this fantasy is, and why didn’t she enjoy such kinky thoughts before. She was such a prude idiot, but that was to change. The Queen, watching it all materialize, nods in approval, knowing how correct Jennifer is.

She pants and rocks her loins forth and back, jamming the giant intruder deeper and deeper into her body, still, unsatisfied and away from her prized orgasm. She opens her eye in desperation, and sees the rubbery face of her Queen, leaning back to kiss her. Uncaring if this is a dream or reality, Jennifer kisses her Queen, and a tremendous orgasm shakes trough her entire body… her body jumps up and down the bed from the spasms, her screams of pleasure, her desperate cry, invades the night. She feels something slide down her throat, something moving, covered in sweet wonderful goo, crawling into her body. She closes her eyes and falls fast asleep. Her neighbors keep complaining for another 15 minutes, telling Jennifer to shut up, but she doesn’t care. She will never care again.

The sunlight enters the window, and hits Jennifer in the eyes. She wakes up, and tries to raise her left hand to protect herself, but her hand refuses to move. Scared, she tries to get up, but to no avail. She’s paralyzed, and memories from the earlier night, where she had such a hard time to have an orgasm, made her worry if something is wrong with her. She tries to call in for help, screaming, but nobody seems to listen to her. She can’t even roll her eyes anymore, staring straight into the ceiling. From the ceiling mirror, she could see her body, and some sort of lust started to replace her fears. She noticed though, something was different… her pillows and bed sheets had disappeared, and her mattress was coated in a shiny red surface. Also, her mouth was open in a fixed “O” shape, much like a doll. She spoke again, asking for help, and right after she finished speaking, her mouth went back to the “O” shape, even if it felt to her like it was closed. She was also completely naked, even remembering going to bed completely dressed the previous night. Now Jennifer started to worry.

“_Good, you’re awake now. I never enjoy taking in new ones, while they are still dreaming, it spoils the fun”, the voice of the Queen spoke from deep inside Jennifer.

“_Who are you? What do you want?” Jennifer asked frightened, partially scared of being crazy, partially scared of someone being in her room. But deep inside she knew.

“_Ah, so you forgot me so easily, little one?” the Queen asked.

Jennifer did remember, and went silent.

“_Maybe I should make you feel my undeniable presence…” the Queen continued.

Jennifer felt as if rubber hands caressed her nipples and pussy. As if a dozen invisible rubber lovers caressed her body. The strong smell of rubber filled the room. She closed her eyes, and could see every one of those, wonderful bizarre rubber creatures, caressing her body. She was back in the throne room, with the Queen, high in her seat, in her Altar, smiling towards Jennifer. Jennifer opened her eyes again, and she was back in her apartment, but the lust didn’t go away. It only increased.

“_I want you Jennifer. You will become one of my playthings. Yesterday, I planted my seed inside your body. Now, it’s time to take you. You’re no longer human, not even an individual, only one of my rubber dolls to play with. I can make you into anything I want. So Jennifer, what should I make of you?” asked the Queen.

The burning lust into Jennifer’s loins continued, she wanted so much to just close her eyes and go away, drift into the real of rubber, but she must stay awake. Maybe she would find a way to end this. She was too scared of loosing control; she wouldn’t even blink, no matter how hard she wanted. And the caresses continued. The urges to rub her clit went on, but she also couldn’t move her arms.

“_So, you don’t want to talk? Ok, I’ll have it my way then. I already know what I want to make of you”

“_No, wait, I….” Jennifer was silenced by a wave of real, intense, burning pleasure taking her whole body. Suddenly, the sound of her ribcage shrinking could be heard, as an equally intense pain shook her. She screamed with her “O” shaped mouth, as she saw her waist reducing fast. Her skin started to turn into a pale white, and then into complete whiteness, as if made of plastic. The sensation of touch on her whole body went away, as she felt her skin become permanent white rubber. A corset started to grow from her ribs, as an exoskeleton. She would have cried, if she was still capable of shedding tears, so agonizing and pleasureful the pain was. Later, her hips started to inflate, expanding along with her breasts. She shrieked in pain, as nails and spikes grow inside her nipples, piercing her pink rubber skin and showing metallic spikes. Her large, silvery, spiked nipples looked so great on her growing rubber breasts. Her large breasts kept growing, until they were so big, she knew it would be impossible to ever see her feet again. But thanks to the mirror on the ceiling, she could witness all of her transformation.

The pleasure was so intense; Jennifer was in a deep trance, floating in rubbery ether, enjoying every inch of her body change. Her lips, started to blimp into inhuman size, they were now so big, and she knew her mouth would never move again to close them. She gave them a try, but she couldn’t close them. Her lips have become round rings of red, inviting, sexual rubber, a glory hole to be fucked and abused by anyone, on an impossible shiny gloss that made Jennifer want to fuck her own mouth.

Now, the pain brought her attention between her legs. Her pussy started inflating too, becoming that of a sex toy, shiny red, as her lips, against the pale white rubber of her skin. A thick, rich, rubber smelling ooze started to drip from it, and that smell alone, made her moan in pleasure. Very little of Jennifer remained in her mind now… every part of her body that changed, took away a bit of her mind with it. More and more, she simply became what she saw.

Her toes now merged into a single pointy boot. Her bones, if she still had bones, became one, and started to move downwards, forming a ballet boot… a shiny metal heel burst trough her sole, making her shriek in delightfully intense pain, as it grew, inch by inch, into a perfect ballet boot. Her legs, started to move apart, like a sex doll… Jennifer knew she would never be able to fully close her legs now, like she could never close her mouth, but she didn’t care, she would never want it to be closed either.

Now, her golden blonde hair started to shrink. Instead of falling, it simply started to become shorter and shorter, until it disappeared inside Jennifer’s skull, leaving a bald white doll’s head behind. Jennifer was in lust with herself, she kept staring in her eyes, not noticing it was becoming also rubber, rubber eyes, unable to close them, forever.

“_Stand!”, her Queen commanded.

Jennifer did stand. She could move again.

The door of her bedroom opened, and two female rubber beings walked in. Each walked to one of Jennifer’s arms, and held her hard.

“_Bring the new doll in”, the Queen commanded both. They raised the doll by it’s arms, and took it towards the door. All that was Jennifer was gone, possessed by this rubber being that now was doll. They passed the door, striding inside the rubber Queen’s own dimension, as if they have never been there.

For the years to come, legends would be told of the girl who lived on the 5th floor and mysteriously vanished, after a night of wild screams and sexual moans.

The end.