This is a story inspired by Benson Rubberdolls, and most precisely, by a girl who dreams becoming a Benson Doll I know of. This is also one of my big fantasies, so, I’m writing this one both for her and me, and why not, share it with you all. This story cannot be redistributed or republished without my previous authorization.


She arrived home late, as usual. Got inside the house, and threw all her mail over her desk, while stripping down and heading towards the bathroom. She was exhausted, so tired she couldn’t even get into the mood of fucking herself over with the wonderful toys she loves so much, like she used to.

She turns on the hot water in the tub, and turns on the computer to download her emails while she gets ready for a long, well deserved luxury. No new emails. At least none, if you ignore the spam she took a few minutes getting away of. She then checks her kinky account, and there is one email. It’s from a Master she met a few days earlier online. She talked for hours about her dreams and fantasies, only to find out she was pretty much all He wanted into a slave to train, and He was pretty much everything she ever desired in a Master.


I have given some though to our little chat, and I think it’s time for us to meet. I’m real and serious about what I do and how I conduct my life, so, I always want to be able to look my new slave candidates in the eye, to make sure I’m not wasting my time.

We will meet Friday, at 8pm, on the Hyperion Club. I expect you fully rubberized and wearing a red scarf around your waist.


That Email alone made her wet her private parts pretty fast. Not to mention, her clitoris, hard as a rock, begging for attention. She rubbed her hands on her own wetness for some seconds, before walking to the bathtub… re-reading the email over and over her head. This was still Tuesday; it would be a long week now. Master. M-A-S-T-E-R. What a delicious word, she didn’t have any other name for him, but she didn’t really need to, since Master was a ultimately sexy word, one that its bare pronunciation turned her on immensely.

She slid herself into the hot, soapy waters, and started to caress herself, her already large C cups, her awakened clit, until she climaxed not only once, but several times before she was too sleepy to stay in the tub safely. Within instants, she was in bed, sleeping, dreaming of rubber bondage and her body transformed into something useless for anything but slavery and sex.

Surprisingly, the week moved incredibly slowly, after that email. None came after that, nor was she able to locate Him online. But Friday, she got home early from work, and started her preparations. A long bath, followed by hair removal on every single part of her body, except her eyebrows and her head itself. Then, slowly, she carefully lubed her transparent latex catsuit, and started to slide in. It was a sexual sensation she hasn’t felt in a long while, while her legs crawled into her true second skin. Soon, she would be completely encased. As the zipper came up through her back, she released an involuntary moan, as the rubber started to compress her body already, her big augmented C cups tight against the thin latex sheet.

Next, was the black strict rubber corset. People tend to say rubber corsets aren’t made for training, and this was true for most corsets, but not for this one, since it was made with a steel body structure that confined her tightly. It was made on occasion for an imaginary figure she wanted to have, but didn’t possess… but after months of tight-lacing, this corset now fits her perfectly, taking her waist down to 25” and making her gasp. She had a special device built for this corset, for lacing it down, so she could do it alone, and within minutes struggling, she locks it down for the night, leaving the keys here on her wardrobe. She looks herself on the mirror, already feeling extremely horny from the rubberdoll looking back at her, but she knows she must look perfect for Master. She caresses her nipples, remembering He said they will be pierced before she could think about it, and got the heavy rubber hood with lenses over her eyes and places it over her head, struggling inside. Then, she laced the back of this hood, over the built-in one on the catsuit. She adjusted the eyes, mouth and nosepieces on their right places, and applied the bitchy red lipstick. She still hadn’t done her lips, as she prefers to wait for her Owner’s decision on that regard, but indeed, her whole head looks like that of a fuckable blow-up doll, with lips ready to take in any lover’s cock. Around her waist, she tied a red scarf, like instructed, and this time, a strict posture collar.

Now she takes the thick black rubber gloves, and after lubing her already rubbery fingers, she slides them in, taking care not to leave any bubbles inside. She smiles as it gets harder to move her hands, struggling to make every move. Now it’s time for the final piece, the latex boots. Fortunately, they are zip-up thigh highs, with 5” heels, in thick black rubber, just like the rest of her outfit. She gives herself one last look on the mirror, at the transparent and black doll facing her. She takes out a fur coat from the dresser, her purse, and strides out, for the cab already waiting outside. She had been to the Hyperion club before, but tonight, everything was going to be different.

The club is full tonight, but this far, nobody came to her yet. She was frustrated already, so horny for meeting her Master, but, in reality, just the regular subs begging to lick her boots, something completely the opposite from what she calls excitement. She had been here drinking water for some hours now, but resisted in going to the bathroom, in hope her Master could arrive at any moment and not see her, but right now, she had to pee. She rushed towards the ladies room, fighting with the crotch zipper of her catsuit, not to get her labia entangled. She finally relieves herself, and walks out of the room, when a strong rubbery hand grabs her arm. She freezes in fear and excitement.

“I was watching you, slave. Who said you could relief yourself?”

She froze… He was here, and no words could form on her mouth. She couldn’t even turn to face Him, ashamed, scared.

“Let’s sit down and talk. I approve how you dressed today.”

“Thank You… Master”, she said, shivering inside, the whole cycle of arousal starting in full gear now.

He led her ahead of Him for the whole length of the club, until they got to some private tables on a dark corner. He sat her, and then, sat facing her. She finally got a look at Him, exactly like the photo she had, big, tall, muscled, rubbery, strong and above all, male. He made her feel the little female slave, a toy for His pleasure, unlike how she feels at work, where she’s demanded of taking action time after time. She couldn’t help but feeling incredibly aroused, looking mesmerized at Him. He didn’t say a word, just seemed to examine her reactions, read into her mind. After some moments, He told her to fetch Him a red wine, merlot. He didn’t drink beer or other common drinks, only wine. He didn’t like getting drunk, or loosing control. And she, she loved every moment of Him. She went to the bar, as graceful as she could, and returned, with a glass of Merlot for him.

“Good girl, now, kneel by my side and remain still with your neck stiff”, He ordered. He took a sip of the wine as she knelt, and balanced the glass over her head. She froze… it was harder than it appeared, to remain static like that. And He knew it. It didn’t matter really if she failed or succeeded. And she did, indeed fail, letting the glass fall and crash on the hard marble floor. She looked at Him in panic, and received a fiery response. “Stupid slave! You want to be my doll, but can’t even serve me as a table?”

He slapped her face, and lifted her. She was begging for forgiveness, tears running down her masked face, saying she would do anything to be His. He looked at her, noticing this to be true, and threw her over the table, raising her ass for a spanking. He did hit her bare rubber buttocks time after time until He could see they turned from red into purple. Smiling, He noticed she didn’t stop begging during the whole spanking, not for forgiveness and release, but for punishment and discipline.

“You may kneel again by my side, slut. You won’t be a slave or a doll yet, you are too stupid and will need a lot of work done. And we must also do something about your body.”

“Yes Master”, she said, honestly, tears still inside the mask.

“You must understand, I’m very serious about this lifestyle. I currently own five dolls. You will be six, if you indeed want to proceed under the training. If I start your training, there is no way back, no way to give up. You will be mine, for how long I please. You understand, slut?”

“Yes Master”, she said, not fully understanding the depth of her words, but still, fully committed to them.

“I’m very serious about this… 4, kneel by her side”, He said, looking above her head. She realized a living rubber creature, gorgeous by all means, kneeling by her side. She had huge F cup breasts, that looked the real thing, not those inflatable bras, bound inside the rubber cups, to look like real blimps, but showing the pierced nipples on their points, nipples big as my mouth. And her mouth, kept at a perfect O shape, covered in what looks like red glossy rubber. She had no hair, no visible eyes, her neck, perfectly stiff in a corset that went down her back and fused with the corset on her waist, that showed no knots, ties or laces. She was a vision. “This is 4, your sister to be, if you are truly serious. You will never have a name again, not that I even bothered to learn yours. Now, you’re just slut, and when you’re ready, you’ll be 6. And I will be Master. And your life will consist of nothing else, just like 4’s. Do you understand?”

Her head was filled with lust and sex by now. She did want to look like the creature on her side. Not even the immense dildo or cock she had on her waist, shiny and rubbery bothered her. It actually made 4 even more perfect; no longer a person, but a doll, an object: the very perfection in rubber.

She was fighting a battle inside of her, between her common sense and her lust, fantasies, her libido, which was roaring. Her clit, swimming in her own juices, her ass starting to get wet, so we she was inside her catsuit. She was leaving a wet spot from her lube on the floor, something Master noticed and smiled, knowing He won. She simply nodded.

4 produced a syringe from her outfit and handed over to Master, who placed it over the table.

“Now, pay attention. This syringe contains some very special serum you must take by the time you get home. Think this over. If this is indeed the lifestyle you want, use the syringe and call for Me.”. After that, he left, followed by 4, disappearing in the middle of the dance crowd. She rubbed herself to an orgasm right there right away, before taking the syringe and heading home.

She was again in the tub. It must be already Saturday, but she didn’t feel like sleeping, or taking her rubber out. She was just floating in the warm water inside her rubber outfit, unwinding after the events of the night, the syringe by her side. It was no ordinary syringe, it was an old fashioned one, made out of silver, with a lock to prevent it from wasting its contents in the wrong moment. A thin glass strip allowed her to see the contents, a milky white fluid. This was very dangerous indeed… what if this was some sort of drug, or if it did kill her. But again, He looked serious… and thoughts of the night rushed her mind… again, His form, cast in rubber, dominant… all she expected Him to be. And 4… again, her sex urges started possessing her body and mind. She was once more lost in lust. She started caressing herself, moaning while succumbing to her darkest desires, when she again, saw the syringe, sitting quietly by her side. Lust once more took the best of her, and unzipping a bit of her catsuit on her ass, she injected herself, surrendering to the deep desire inside of her of being possessed by Master, uncaring for a moment for the consequences of her actions. After a few seconds, she took it out, and dropped it on the floor, moaning like a wild cat, like a mare in furious lust, and opening a close drawer, she shoved her biggest dildo in her ass, without caring for lube. She was hurting herself so much, she couldn’t believe the pain, but unable to push it further inside of her, she simply sat on it, letting the full weigh of her body push the monster in, the excruciating pain gave her the longest, most intense orgasm of her experience, imagining it was Master’s cock, shoved inside of her without warning. She helped herself out of the tub, took away her latex clothes, and collapsed in bed, completely forgetting about the syringe, now lying lifeless on the bathroom floor.

Her night was filled with hot sexual dreams. Alien forms and plants mixing with humans and becoming something else. Weird experiments by mad scientists giving birth to real life bimbo dolls. Pleasure coming from not thinking, turning into something else. Existing only to be a hole, fucked by all painful ways. And there, Master, the only true meaning of her life.

She woke up sore and groggy. Her head did hurt a lot, like she had a very bad dehydration case. She has had those before, and went to the kitchen to get some water. By now, she totally forgot all details of the previous night after getting home. She got the whole gallon of water, but didn’t bother for a glass. She was so thirsty, she drank it all, right from the bottle.

“Wow, I’m really thirsty… let me check my Emails to see if Master sent me something…” she said excited. The simple idea of Master seemed to change her headache into excitement pretty quick… and excitement into relentless lust. She sat on the leather chair, rubbing her already hardened clit, checking for emails. None. She checked again, and while at that, noticed her own reflection on the monitor, something was changed about her. She stood and walked to the closest mirror… it seems all her body hair had fallen the previous night. A pile of her blondish hair had formed over her pillows, and not even her eyebrows resisted. Her face, looked like a blank one of a doll. “How did…” and then she did remember shooting herself with the syringe Master gave her. She felt now a strange metallic taste on her mouth, and again, the headache. She felt dizzy and crawled to the bathroom, throwing up a greenish liquid that did really stink. She flushed it down, and stopped there on the cold bathroom floor, thinking about what she had done to herself this time. She stood up, and tried to reach the computer to send Master a message, when lust took hold of her body again… making her clit harden once more and her lubes flow… she now tried to gather her thoughts and focus, but nothing could be done, before she realized, she was rubbing herself wildly again into another series of orgasms, ramming her ass with anything cock-like she could find around her, in the most painful ways possible, not realizing her mouth moves as if sucking a huge cock in the air, shaped like an O, flipping her tongue at her imaginary lover. She plays with herself time after time, lusting after her bald hair, and her extra sensitive nipples, until she can barely stand, and collapses on her bed once more.

It’s night outside. She wakes up again with tremendous thirst, and rushes to the kitchen, putting her head directly under the sink, and turning the water on into her mouth. Once satisfied, she tries to recollect her thoughts on what took place, but Master comes back into her mind, sending her in a frenzy of lust. She caresses her now cock-like clit, and her now D cupped breasts, enjoying her body and how sexy it is. Lust replaces her memories and sense of what she was, and Master ignites her inner fire, like nothing else means but to feel good and sexy for Master. This is not a strange thought she has, but a conclusion she gets, on how good it feels to be sexy like this, and think on how to please Master. Thinking on having sex with Master, or simply pleasing Master in any way, makes her in a perpetual state of arousal, while trying to figure how this happen and what happened and what’s taking place, makes her dizzy and gives her a headache. With increased naturalism, her body changes her into what she should be, and modifies her behavior, and even if she notices, she doesn’t care anymore, just wanting to feel good, sexy and horny. But it’s getting harder and harder to have orgasms… she picks up a dildo and places it on her computer chair, and sits on it without pity for herself. The pain is excruciating, making her feel like her skin would rip, but it doesn’t, and she feels an incredible pleasure, but not enough for release. She knows what she needs, she needs Master, desperately, or she won’t be able to reach any pleasure anymore. Even if she can’t stop thinking of Him, because thinking of Him grants a perpetual state of endless arousal… one that doesn’t stop even if she had reached orgasms herself many times over, she needs more, now addicted to Him and His pleasure. And now, no amount of self-indulgence can make her climax anymore without His presence and giving Him pleasure. His pleasure, is now a key element on her pleasure, one she cannot deny, after spending hours and hours fighting against her body and relearning how things work now. That’s just simply who she is now… better yet, what she is.

She reaches the computer, and emails Master, with the dildo painfully buried inside her ass, and her cock-like big clit, oozing a creamy juice all over her lap. She notices her reflection on the monitor and her lips tend to stay open like an O now… she’s always thinking of Master’s cock and sucking it, she keeps licking her own lips, almost if suffering from thirst for him. She stays there, stroking her shecock and jamming the dildo up her ass while playing with her new, sensitive nipples, until someone knocks at the door.

She stands, the dildo buried so deep in her ass, it won’t even come out, and walks to the door, opening it. Two black rubber female forms walk in, shiny under the lights, carrying a rubber body bag. They silently open it, and look at her. She notices one is 4 and the other is 2, both having the numbers wrote in white rubber on their foreheads. 4 now has a big red gag in her mouth, and 2 produces a big dildo gag, coated in cum, from a jar. There is a tube connecting the bottom of the jar to the end of the dildo gag, almost like a hospital serum tube, to feed her. She knows what it is, the smell gets to her nose and almost turn her into a hypnotic state of arousal. 4 places the gag on her mouth, and then helps her into the body bag… once she’s zipped in, the bag is inflated, turning her into a moaning rubbery cylinder with handles on both sides, that the other two dolls use to carry her out.

And so is born 6, for a life of eternal lust and pleasure servicing Master.