The Mermaid – Part 1

“I waited for a few minutes and a lady said “Good morning Roland I am Svetlana and I take it Colin has forgotten the money again?” she said this with a laugh in her voice “Yes he has Svetlana so if you give me the details I can either send you a cheque or give you my credit card details which would be best for you?” I said “Credit card would be fine Roland” The way she said Roland with that very sexy accent really turned me on she had the most incredibly sexy voice “but you don’t have to give it to me now you can pay us when you leave” “Do you have many people leave without paying Svetlana or get the card rejected after they have left?” “Yes actually we do, not many but enough that with a small business it hurts” she replied “You will have to get tougher with people you must ask for a deposit and get a signed contract so that they can’t get out of paying later, so here are my card details please take out the whole fee”.”


“I lifted out several handfuls of soft rubber and a small bottle and placed all the items down on the table, where I could see them better. I sorted out six pieces of clothing; a catsuit, gloves, stockings, and hood, and then checked the contents of the bottle, discovering that it contained dressing lubricant.

Everything was glossy black, the gloves and stockings looking long and tight, and the hood was one of the open variety. The catsuit was exceptionally well constructed and I could see from the seams that it had been made to measure. I ran my fingers slowly across the rubber and noticed that the rear zip terminated not at the front of the suit, but instead next to a large reinforced opening.

From its position I quickly realised that the suit was crotchless. My excitement grew and I had to stop myself from opening up the second box, to see what I would be wearing next.”

Syringe Part III – Indoctrination

“The three dolls walked down a white tiled corridor, that ended in a descending cargo-style elevator, with collapsible metal doors to close it. Once in it, 2 pressed one of the first buttons, all white and showing deep sign of use, which turned red once selected; and within seconds and a small jerk, it started descending deeper into the complex. 6 was still heaving after the recent session, and still struggling with accepting what she has become. Her whole body was being reprogrammed, but her old mind was fighting back. Master knows what the end result will be tho, he always do.

Syringe Part II – Welcoming 6

“A van drives down the streets of a deserted neighborhood downtown; it’s darkened windows only reflecting the lights outside. There’s no living soul out at this time of the night, and there’s no living soul actually residing where the van is headed. Racing between abandoned buildings and warehouses, it stops facing a big green metal gate, where a white X was painted a long time ago. The gate opens slowly, activated by the driver, and the van moves in, towards what seems to be a giant parking space with spots marked on the asphalt floor with white paint. The gate closes, as two shiny black rubber female forms, with the numbers 4 and 2 printed on their foreheads walk out of the van, parked over an X on a corner of the warehouse, moving towards it’s rear door, and polling a moaning rubber cylinder from inside. They rub their bodies against each other, fondling and moaning for a few minutes, before returning their attention to the inflated body bag that carries a lustful 6, and taking it to a set of stairs, climbing it downwards, swaying their hips sexily as they do so, their every movement, translated into lust.

Syringe – Part I

That Email alone made her wet her private parts pretty fast. Not to mention, her clitoris, hard as a rock, begging for attention. She rubbed her hands on her own wetness for some seconds, before walking to the bathtub… re-reading the email over and over her head. This was still Tuesday; it would be a long week now. Master. M-A-S-T-E-R. What a delicious word, she didn’t have any other name for him, but she didn’t really need to, since Master was a ultimately sexy word, one that its bare pronunciation turned her on immensely.’


“Jennifer wakes up from the wettest dream of her life. She’s still horny, but it seems her clitoris became senseless to her caresses. She opens her bottom drawer, beside her bed, and takes out a large vibrating dildo, with small latex spikes all over it’s surface, and starts pleasing herself. She moans and jumps on the bed, as the rubbery intruder makes its way inside her moist pussy, but still, she can’t orgasm. She can feel the most intense pleasure she ever did in her entire life, but all her efforts manage, is to make her even hornier, even lustier. Some new ideas roam her mind, without the usual fear and shame. She takes some lubricant out of the same drawer her dildo did sit in, and applies it on her ass. She never did anal, not even considered that, but now, all she wanted was that thick hard ribbed latex invader inside her ass. Looking at the ceiling mirror, she finds herself too hot to be true. She always hated that mirror the person who lived in the apartment before she did, installed. She also never bothered taking it down anyway. Now, she loved the idea.”