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    It was so humiliating to be caught in the men's bathroom, placed in bondage and used.  
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    I just adore this photoset, she looks incredibly hot with the gasmask in her "Space Trip".
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    Sexy Slavegirl Anna Rose in her "Bed Time Games" new Photoshoot.


This is the International Chlorination Reference Table, just an idea for a quick reference table for rubberists all around the world, to check which product/concentration combination has previously worked in their country. This is a growing list, that will be constantly updated with your help, as a community effort. I do hope to count with your help!





When I first read about the chlorination process, I felt it was too good to be true. But I gave it a shot, and after reading Gord's excellent white paper, and asking a lot of questions to friends who have tried, it was time to give it my own shot. Here is the step by step process I did, with photos.



This is the integral White Paper from Gord about how to properly and safely Chlorinate your rubber items. Exposing latex rubber to chlorine gas causes the chlorine to attach to sites on the rubber molecules, which has the effect of reducing the friction at the surface of the rubber. In practical terms, rubber garments which have been properly chlorinated are much smoother and can usually be worn without the need for talc or other lubricants. This document sets out to describe a process for chlorination of rubber garments, together with safety notes and other possible methods.

This is published here under authorization from the author, in the hope it will help many more like it helped me to properly treat my garments for use.




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