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  • Toilet Slave
    It was so humiliating to be caught in the men's bathroom, placed in bondage and used.  
  • Space Trip
    I just adore this photoset, she looks incredibly hot with the gasmask in her "Space Trip".
  • Bed Time Games
    Sexy Slavegirl Anna Rose in her "Bed Time Games" new Photoshoot.

Rubber Sissy

"Both hands are enclosed in heavy rubber inflatable mittens, useless for anything but to provide support to raise the object’s wiggling, inviting ass, begging for even more of the abuse its rubber bound body so much needed. Its feet kept in ballet-heeled boots, preventing it from even getting up for anything more than a few uncertain steps. Under the sensual strictly corseted rubber skin, a series of inflation and suction devices, coupled with electro stimulation and torture ones kept the doll on a permanent state of torment. The stallions, with hard wet cocks surround it, looking down on its feminine wiggling moaning doll form, seeing nothing but a pair of rubber holes begging to be fucked. The doll would beg, if it could still think. But now it’s nothing but an object of need and desire for its Mistress, capable of nothing more than act on the behavior its Mistress programmed slowly in its dolly mind.

It no longer has a mouth and an asspussy, but holes. Cunts. And it knows those are holes, undifferentiated, fuckdoll holes. Always open, always ready for cocks. Holes to milk horny rubber stallions in the back alley of this club. It has become nothing but holes. Nothing but a set of gapping wet cock sleeves waiting to please, so those studs could leave their seeds in its body. It was transformed into an object, a rubber thing created by its Mistress to please cocks. So well trained and addicted to a unique form of pleasure and release, its mind being too far gone to even consider anything else."

Trying to get back on the saddle, so to speak, this is a new experimentation on writing a new series of extreme heavy rubber fantasy stories, a bit based on some fantasies and some experiences, but mostly letting my imagination go crazy and have fun. All feedback is welcomed to see if I am going in the right direction ;)




"Master is smiling in the control room, with Candy's warm lips sucking his rubber covered cock. He would love to know what Fifi is thinking right now, how Fifi is feeling. Of course he could just erase her brain and override everything, but what's the fun in that? No, Master wants Fifi's body and mind to become her new training ground into a perfect cocksucking rubber sissy. So that someday, you could turn off the chip, and Fifi would be identical to the sissy doll in the chip, a complete programmed slut, shaped over the years and trained and indoctrinated every second of her life.


With this idea in his mind, he presses the start button on the LCD screen, and the machinery in the room come to life. John of course, can't listen to any of it. He only sees a darker shape come over his immobilized head, and feel something that tastes like cum against his lips. It's the chip implantation system, starting to do it's work.


First, it's metal arm descends from the ceiling, and a tube made of shiny pink rubber, with “Sissy Lollipop” written in white on it's sides, slides in, oozing a variation of the sissy juices, both to lube it's entrance, but also to induce a drug high on the sissy. This variation of the juice also makes the sissy mouth become numb and sterile. The tube keeps feeding the sissy until it's floating in sissy heaven."


This is the first chapter of The Slut Chip, a hot saucy story of a sissy in his late 40's transformed by a strict rubber Master, into the perfect cocksucking slut rubber doll, named Fifi. This story involves non-consensual transformation, pain, enslavement and kidnapping. I hope you all enjoy it!



The clicking sound of your high heels around me is the only indicator You’re still with me in this room. I’m completely blind, and cut-off from any odor but that of latex, due to the heavy gasmask over my face. At this point, my knees and shoulder hurt deeply from the eternity knelt for you, my arms bound tightly behind my back, and my hands tied to the heels of my boots. Ballet heels, by the way, nothing less for your cock-hungry slut.

A very strict Victorian corset constricts my waist. It’s a very heavy, made of satin and steel boning, and later, wrapped in rubber for a final glossy look. That’s very much in Your nature, Madame, to pick something vanilla, and pervert it, wrapping in black shiny rubber, until it’s whole nature is turned into the ultimate kink. Everything in serving You is pain and pleasure, both together, never one without the other. You warned me so, on my first day serving. My ass would be so enlarged, You would be able to fuck me with a fire hydrant it You so pleased. My mouth would be so disciplined; I would never be able to close it, when you told me the magic words. My body and mind would become Yours when you were finished with me. After that, my every weekend is spent like this, in never-ending training at Your dungeon near Munich. And still I come, knowing I cannot resist You.


"A pink faceless rubber creature walked out of the door, effortlessly walking in ballet heels. It was bald, and had a huge number 14 painted in white over it's forehead, but as far as Clark could tell, the hood went smooth over it's face, almost like the visor of a biker, and the only anatomical part to be seen, was an oversized red mouth, open with a tongue moving inside. It looked rubbery, had red and engorged lips, always open. Clark considered this could be part of the hood, but something way more bizarre should be going on, as he noticed the lips twitched. This poor wanton creature had it's lips injected with silicone, to become huge cocksucking lips. 14 could moans, or say guttural sounds, but anything requiring usage of her lips was impossible. Not that 14 tried anymore. It's teeth were removed and replaced by pink rubber ones, and it's mouth, surgically altered never to close. The hood meets the flesh smoothly, to create the illusion of a single doll face. The tongue had 3 big ball piercings, to provide extra stimulation, and, not visible to Clark, 14's mouth had been fitted with special paddings, to create the perfect fuck hole. On each side of 14's head, Clark could see small handlebars, that Master could use to get a proper grip of the slut's head while fucking it's mouth. That mouth altered just for cocksucking and nothing more, and no sound came from the doll, except from the sound of a gasmasked breath."


By your request, here's the Part 3 of "Rubber Sissy Panties"! :) Enjoy! :)



Clark woke up at work. He was dressed in the same clothes as in the previous day, shaven and the clothes were clean and ironed to perfection. He looked at the clock on his computer, and it was 7am, way earlier than anyone else would be hanging around. He raised himself off his chair and walked to the W/C, ready to relieve his full bladder.

Not noticing his own behavior, he lowers his pants and sits down on the toilet, and points his sissy clitty downwards, and that’s when Clark notices his sissy clitty is covered in rubber. In pink wonderfully smelling rubber, with a pink tube running inside his urethra. He notices now that his whole loins are also encased on the pink rubber panties, and they encase his skin completely, acting as a second one. His curiosity makes him explore his ass cheeks, to find the frills he knows by instinct are white, and the anal tube that intrudes his body in such a comfortable way. Clark feels a miss of surprise and heat strike his body… his sissy balls ache and his sissy clitty starts getting harder… he notices he is totally hairless from the tip of his nose to the point of his toe.


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